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Oregon Republican Party Chairman Abandons Convention - Congressional Districts Vote to Continue and Complete Delegate Elections


Edit (Jun 27 23:52 PDT):
Oregon for Ron Paul has released a press release regarding the events of Saturday's Oregon Republican Convention.


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Definitely a good accounting

Definitely a good accounting of the day's events...shared on FB and Twitter.

As a new PCP I was disappointed, but not shocked, by what transpired last Saturday.

Please Oregon GOP - use the PCP alternate votes to appoint !

The Oregon GOP leadership gets to appoint our alternates on Saturday. Please let them know that you insist they uphold the clearly expressed will of the PCPs at the conventions on Saturday, and that they make the appointments based fairly on the votes cast for alternates.

Link to the Cd4 voting results: http://imgur.com/7lpTK

ORP executive board:
Donna Cain - Oregon national committeewoman
Allen Alley - Oregon GOP chair
Solomon Yue - Oregon national committeeman

CD4 leadership (newly elected)
Josh Robinson (vice chair, son of Art Robinson)
Wendy Frome (chair)

You can also contact: (They don't get to vote on appointing alternates, but have influence)
Cd4 Alt.Chair – Lee Golder
Cd4 Alt.V.Chair – Loren Later
Cd4 Treasurer – Mary Johnson
Cd4 Secretary – Lela Trope

contact info available at http://www.oregonrepublicanparty.org or http://www.lanegop.org

Each CD has a chair & vice that along with the 3 executive board members will be appointing alternate delegates on Saturday.

Does anyone have contact info (or names) for the newly elected chair/vice in the other CDs?

CD5 Chair and Vice-Chair

Please keep in mind we need to act diplomatic.

Please urge the executive committee to the appoint the Alternate Delegates based on votes from oregon PCPs

CD5 Chair: Tyler Smith : tylersmithis@wbcable.net
CD5 Vice-Chair: William Post AKA Bill Post : billpost@kykn.com

Oregon state:
Chair: Alley Allen : Allen@AllenAlley.com
Vice-Chair: Tim Smith : tim4429@sbcglobal.net
Treasurer: Rob Kremer
Secretary: Darlien France : dfx2@gorge.net
Nat. Committeeman: Solomon Yue Jr. : ultrasealglove@msn.com
Nat. Committeewoman: Donna D. Cain : DonnaDCain@charter.net

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Great Article - I hope that Rosebud Beacon is widely read

That's what you call journalism.

The article states that Art

The article states that Art Robinson is a Romney Delegate. Art's website claims that he was endorsed by Ron Paul. Can anyone verify if he was actually endorsed by Paul? I haven't seen a statement from the Ron Paul campaign concerning the endorsement.

Art is definitely with us

I don't know where to find a statement from the campaign this year, or if there was one, but I know Art was endorsed by Ron in 2010.

I wasn't there so someone who was can answer better, but I think the article calls him a "Romney delegate" because he filled one of the 18 slots that are bound to vote for Romney. And like in other states we wanted our people to hold as many of those spots as possible no matter who they are bound to.

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Alley intends to run for

Alley intends to run for Governor I think he may have cut his own throat. He will pay dearly for what he did last weekend.

Only if this information is

Only if this information is widely disseminated!

In Eastern and Southern Oregon CD 2

We voted to extend the convention to complete the business of the Convention and we voted for the At Large Alternate Delegates and our CD 2 Alternates.

129 people voting at that time, but apparently the decision of the Executive Committee is to disenfranchise all of the voters of the 2nd District by appointing their choices for these positions!

CD 4 also voted to extend the meeting and voted all their ballots. CD 3 and 5 were adjourned under protest so they took their meetings out into the parking lot and completed their voting.

Only one District of the 5 was unable to complete, and yet their "rules" were designed to disenfranchise ALL of the conventions--

What is the final delegate count?

does anybody know or has it been lost in space?


Oregon Republican Party

Oregon Republican Party Chairman, Allen Alley had called them and told them to stop the election of alternates and shut down the convention.


A rat has been detected.

Allen Alley at a Romney fundraiser:

Pic: http://mittromneycentral.com/2011/07/14/portland-oregon-romn...


I remember that guy. He was quite upset after RP candidates were winning the delegate slots and started talking in hushed tones to some people in the hallway. We are going to have to remove him at the first chance we get.

Update: I "made some improvements" to Allen Ally's wikipedia page.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allen_Alley#Political_campaigns (check out the bottom)

perfect summary in wikipedia

good job.

I am about to write to him and tell him that he should be ashamed to call himself an Oregonian and demand that he resign from his position.

His contact info is listed above in a post by RP_nexus

Is the Alley cat a rat?

Passing around the romney slates

Is this the one who was passing them around?

I heard the plan is to

Disenfranchise the votes of those who did complete the business of the Convention.

Oregon needs to elect a new

Oregon needs to elect a new chair like they did in Iowa, Maine and Nevada. Does anyone know when the next opportunity to do this would be?

Alley Just Started This Year

Unfortunately he was just voted in by the state central committee this January for a two year term. I'm not sure if there's anything that can be done before then. Although if there is I'd think it might work since it seems even non-RP PCP's are upset at what happened.

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vote. of. no. confidence.

vote. of. no. confidence.

stuff like this is why

stuff like this is why electing liberty candidates is so crucial. We can't stop electing our guys after the RNC or we lose everything we've worked for


And continue to get involved in the party so that we can replace these establishment officers. I missed out being a PCP by one vote this year but I'll definitely be there for 2014.

I'm actually more encouraged by these kind of actions by them. It means we are growing and are at a level to actually make changes, and they're scared. I'd be more discouraged if we had a fairly run convention and just lost because we didn't have the numbers.

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Nice Article

That's a pretty good article with detailed breakdown of what happened in CD4. Hopefully it helps get the word out that our people weren't the ones causing a problem, we just wanted to finish the vote. It was them, including the state chairman, who wanted to shut it down so that they could appoint their own people as the alternate delegates.

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Yeah Jackie, It Seems To Be Their New M.O.

RamRod, Close Up Shop, Disqualify RPers......Appoint Good Ole Boys.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!