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SC Solicitor condemns me for voting for Ron Paul in Public!


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While watching, I had to

While watching, I had to wonder. If the GOP is so concerned about the sanctity of our votes, so much so that we must keep our own vote hidden from our sight or memory, one must ask the question.
Why then, is the GOP not actively and publicly pursuing charges against Romney, Preibus, the RNC, and all of their operatives across the country for racketeering and election fraud? It is a crime syndicate. One would think that the FEC and FBI would be all over it. One would think that the media herd would be racing to be the reporter and network who breaks the biggest election fraud and racketeering story in the history of this country. Where is the media?

Imagine. Wouldn't it be something to turn on the news and see Romney and Preibus being charged. Romney disqualified. They saying that vote flipping against Ron Paul has been proven. They show screenwide shots of the algorithm charts and their expert explains it in layman's terms.
Flash to shots of multiple Ron Paul rallies with thousands of people.
Flash to a screen listing state by state, incidences of election fraud, intimidation, violence, voters by the thousands turned away from being allowed to vote, Romney people stealing ballots and being caught - forced to return them, delegates stolen by deceptive convention practices, all perpetrated by Romney.
And then they show Romney's links to Bain, to Scytl, to Goldman Sachs, even to the media.
And then they announce, Ron Paul is the last man standing and nominee by unanimous vote.

In a country that respects rule of law and civil liberties, this would happen.


RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home



I was told today by a landscaper i subcontract for ...

That I can no longer work on city property with my Ron Paul Pick up truck ... I guess I got some complaints by the NYC commuters with the big END THE FED sign and the Bernanke Traitor picture ... LOL

A picture of my truck can be viewed on my FB News site here


Patriot News
Stand up For your Civil Rights




Could be discrimination




reedr3v's picture

Nice graphics




thanks 100%


That's Awesome!!!!!

I would hire you in a heartbeat!

Tell them to kiss your muffler.



you da man

got em excremating in dey britches and der brain...........luv it!


I guess we can next expect a video from you telling us that you broke some law by showing us letters from those 3 stooges!
Keep strong, my friend! You are fighting the good fight!

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

letter issue

how much money and time to compose that letter?

Why don't they just phone you?



they did waste a lot of time and money

That's insane

makes me sick how bloated our government has become.

Hey Bfrank ...

I didn't know you were given a reprieve.

Stay away from the "blacks and mexicans should be deported out of South Carolina" comments and you should be all right.

Carry on.

I am about to open a gold and silver buying store

Tomorrow I sign a lease for my new Gold buying store in Spartanburg, SC! To many gold buyers have been ripping off to many people far to long. We need an honest gold buying store in the Upstate so soon you all will have one. Make My Gold Merchant, your Gold Merchant!

I was thinking about, on Wednesdays, to have my hispanic friend help me have Wetback Wednesdays. do you think it will go off well?

Just Joking!

what is wrong

with transparency, thumbs up.

Our new governor

Nikki Haley(Nimrada Randhawa) is all about "transparency"

oh yeah

I couldnt stand Perry for the same reason!


way up.Its your voice/vote.Glad you believe in the message.God Bless you and yours.

thank you

we will need it!

Isnt that crazy?

I think it is time all of us video tape ourselves voting!

all voting tape

good idea