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Letter to Congressman Pete Olson In Support of HR 459

*** Here's my letter to my Congressman. Do you have your letter ready? Let's get HR 459 passed to the Senate! And you bet I'll be calling on him. Note: Rep Olson has not yet cosponsored this bill. ***

Dear Congressman Olson,

I am only one of the millions of Americans stuck in the traffic of day-to-day life, amid the bustle of a big city, and working hard to make ends meet. My father was a blue collar man who eventually started his own business but died at 44 years of age, when I was 19. He was sick for about 10 years before that and so it was mostly up to my mom to take care of and raise the family during those challenging years. Consequently, I know what it means to make my own way in the world and earn my own living.

It is with sincere concern that I write to you today. I hope to be heard on an issue that is of the most interest to me, that is, the upcoming vote on HR 459, the “Federal Reserve Transparency Act.”

How many hours do we spend every week thinking and talking about the economy? How often do we discuss the need for funds, the waste of taxpayer dollars, the irresponsible legislation of Democrats or the need to reform taxes? How long have we discussed balancing the budget and our climbing debt? How long have we complained about gas prices and the increasing cost of living?

How long will we allow the instability of our economy to continue? When will we allow ourselves the opportunity to be responsible for the management of our wealth, so that we can stop worrying about the economy and begin producing prosperity? Isn’t that the America we all know and love?

For nearly 100 years, we have placed our trust in the Federal Reserve Banking System. We have followed its monetary policy and allowed it to make important decisions about our money. Yet today we find that our U.S. dollar is losing its purchasing power, that money is created out of thin air and that even though we pay into this reserve banking system the bank’s affairs remain private.

What is the power of the Federal Reserve over our economy? Are we to allow the control of our nation’s money with no transparency? Is that the America we all know and love?

Our debt and spending as a nation are at an all-time high, and the job market continues to suffer. Does it matter that interest rates are so low to encourage loans when there really isn’t any money in the bank to spend?

Representative Olson, I am strongly in favor of the Federal Reserve Transparency Act. Please consider the urgency of this situation and vote “Yes” on this bill when it comes to the house in July. It’s time we put an end to overbearing regulations on our economy and begin responsible oversight on the management of our money. It’s time we begin to have a serious economic debate about the fundamental issues and the quality of our monetary policy.

I want to work smarter and not harder with my money. As a country, as the United States of America, we can and will provide the conversation and the solutions to a stronger, more prosperous economy once we can be accountable and responsible with our money. Please help bring transparency to our central banking system, please vote yes for a full audit of the Federal Reserve.

Thank you very much for your time in reading this letter, and for your consideration in support of HR 459. I look forward to hearing your comments regarding this bill.

Sincerely from your constituent,
Pearland, TX

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Great work!

Great work!