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Primal Eating - Please help me out!

Hi everyone, I've been following the site for a while and am a lover of Doctor Paul's ideas and Austrian economics. Some of you may remember my front page post back around Christmas - My Journey to Ron Paul, from a former Neocon.

I recently discovered Tom Woods' video on losing weight with the Primal Blueprint. Giving it a try, I decided to do it and have seen great results in just the last month.

In doing so, I've jumped in feet first and have found that the way of thinking in regards to liberty and freedom and Austrian economics is very similar to the Primal/Paleo lifestyle. I've started cooking meals more frequently and actually enjoying doing so. In any event, that's just a little background. I'm currently in a contest on Facebook from a local market to win a BBQ and I'd be grateful if anyone would spend the 30 seconds or so to vote. Should I win, anyone is more than welcome to come over to my house in the Portland, OR area and celebrate with a nice meal! Here's the direct link to vote for me - Vote for Anthony

Thanks for your time!

PS - On a side note, I just finished listening to Peter Schiff's latest audiobook and thoroughly enjoyed it. The only suggestion I would have to make it better is if Peter read it himself. Check it out if you have time.

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Mark Sisson is awesome! There

Mark Sisson is awesome! There are some really great articles, not just about health, but about Big Agra/Pharma/whathaveyou on his website. Good stuff that helped me see what the real world was like.


changed my life.

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