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Performance in the role of President and the People's Right to National Defense

In his treatment of the Trayvon Martain case, we saw that Barack Obama was nothing less than a bigot. In dealing with the Supreme Court's Arazona decision, we saw that Barack Obama was nothing less than a megalomaniac. This translates to the qualifications required for a full blooded tyrant. The Greeks knew about tyrants and had some means for dealing with them. I fear that the Founding Fathers planned well but had nothing worse than King George in their list of references. King George was a gentleman by comparison with Barack Obama. At least, King George (though mad part of the time) played with the established bag of tricks. Barack Obama threw away the bag and ate the tricks. All of which is to say that when the GOP comes to power some very serious thought must be given to limiting the office of the president. It has been said that, if re-elected, Obama could destroy the country as he would very much like to do now. Wild dislike for the Constitution should be the signal which terminates a president's time in office. I never realised how wise the Founding Fathers were in limiting the powers of the president, and I am greatly disturbed that they did not go far enough. Items of proof of eligibility to perform the role of president of the United States should be an on-going law at any time within the four year terms, and any properly constituted forum of citizens should be able to call the president on performance with the penalties being either a citizen's No Faith Warning or Termination of that president's time in office.

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