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Should State Governments be Small Too?

In Ron Paul's speeches, he speaks out against the Federal Government and Central Planning and seeks to convince the listener that central planning does not work and that the many powers unconstitutionally usurped by the Central Govt. should be delegated back to the states.

My question to the posters here is:

"Do you think any legislation such as socialized medicine, bailouts, income tax should be out of the purview of the state govt. as well?"

If no, then other than greater local sensitivity to issues and more choice for people who can afford to move to other states, can you explain how this helps the libertarian-minded as they are still under the tyranny of 'a' state if not 'the' state?

And this state has its eyes and ears, not in Washington, but right in your home.

I'm looking for specifics rather than links to Youtube explaining Anarcho-Capitalism thanks :D

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Self-government, a constituency of one,

strikes me as about the right size.

What if 5 people in your

What if 5 people in your neighbourhood decided to gang up to rob your house?

We need government. A set of individuals who have the sole prerogative of employing force. The question for me is where should we draw the line in their ability to exercise this power.

It is the burning issue of the day in my opinion. There are so many intrusions of government in everyday life that honest citizens who have not hurt anyone can end up in prison. There are so many laws on the books that you and I could probably be arrested on some pretext today if someone in the corridors of power so desired unless we could afford to pay a good lawyer.

Some kind of unprecedented step is needed. Something like if you decide to become a lawmaker, each and every word you utter, every little thing you buy, every step you take will be monitored. Punishment for all crimes committed must exceed standards that are applied to the ordinary citizen. That is a way to get the most dedicated and riteous people in the legislature. We have tried ordinary democracy and it has failed all of us terribly.

If you take up the power to take away rights, you must first forego your own. Something like a holy oath. That is what we need to restore faith in government.