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This is why you should never hire an Attorney: Because when you do, You are considered a WARD of the STATE!

Here it is, right in the Corpus Juris Secundum: Volume 7, Section 4:


You are about to learn why an Attorney cannot and will not help you the way you've always been led to believe; they cannot do that, and here is why:

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Here was my call for help, guidance, or advice:


Here we go:

When You Hire an Attorney, You Are Considered A Ward of the STATE ... An Imbecile, An Incompetent

The reason you are considered a Ward of the STATE is because your Mother signed your Record of Live Birth as the "Informant", ultimately acting as the Trustee of the Executors (Fathers) Estate. In doing so, she unknowingly signed away the property (the Child) of the Executor (the Father) to the STATE. If married, she's acting as the co-Executor of the Estate, or in the capacity of a Trustee; one with authority to sign over property.

Your Mother Abandoned You At Birth. Have you noticed the Mother's address is already pre-typed in one of the boxes? Have you noticed there is no address for the Father on the COLB? Have you noticed, it's the address of the Mother's "MAIDEN" name in that box? And have you noticed they had the Mother sign as the Informant, and not the Father?

Look here what I found: The STATE of OKLAHOMA'S very own Instructions on Completing the Birth Certificate:

"Signature of Parent

Have parent review the Certificate of Live Birth for accuracy, read the statement contained in this section and sign this section certifying the accuracy of the certificate.We suggest that you ask only the mother to sign the birth certificate. Never have a parent sign a blank or incomplete certificate."

Now why would the Dept. of Health and Vital Statistics teach Doctors, Nurses, and Hospital Administrators to 'coerce' the Mother into signing the "Certificate of Live Birth" instead of the Father, who is the Executor of the Estate? ..... Because the Executor is the Highest Office of the Estate, and the STATE does not care to deal with Him; they would rather go after the Informant/Trustee instead.

Attempting to Administrate an Estate without written-authorized consent of the Executor is very costly; people go to prison, but if they can 'coerce' the Mother/Informant/Trustee to sign over the property, then they have a legal leg to stand on.

Here's David Clarence explaining the Executors Office and what they are doing to you via the Certificate of Live Birth:


Here's some transcript/text explaining it on paper:


Here's a few videos of interest:



NOTE: An Estate must come before a Trust. The STATE issued the Child a "Certificate of Death" which created a new Estate; the legal-fiction, corporate YOU, in which They, were the creator of.

1. The Womb-man is her own Estate in which she's the Executrix if she has reached legal age. If not, her Father is the Executor of her Estate until that time.

2. The Man is his own Estate in which he's the Executor once he comes of legal age, or marries. Until then, his father is the Executor of his Estate.

3. When they get married, it forms a Trust.

4. The Womb-mans Estate now becomes property of the Man.

5. The Two of them come together and have a Child.

6. Women cannot own offspring, only the Man, therefor the Child is property of the Executor's Estate until he/she reaches legal age.

7. The Father is never made aware of this fact.

8. The STATE coerces the Mother into signing the Record of Live Birth as the "Informant", acting as the Trustee.

9. By doing this, she is acting as the Trustee of the Executors Estate (the Father) and giving the Child to the STATE, ultimately abandoning the Child.

10.The STATE runs an add in the local paper announcing the birth and abandonment of the Child (they leave out the abandonment wording).

***** That Was Public Notice and Due Process of Law *****

11.The Executor (Father) never shows up to claim his abandoned property, so the STATE takes ownership; they fulfilled due process by way of public notice in the newspaper.

12.The Doctor sends the Record of Live Birth to the STATE Health Dept. and Vital Statistics.

13.Now the Child is an Orphan; a Ward of the STATE; abandoned by it's Mother, via the birth announcement she signed as the Informant.

14.The STATE sends the Record of Live Birth to the Registrar's Office, where a New Estate is created and now placed in Probate.

13.The STATE takes the Record of Live Birth and hides it away in the vaults, never to be seen again; now to be used a Security Instrument to back the Nations Debt; The future labor of the Child, which is now One Stock Share in the foreign corporation: UNITED STATES.

13.They split the title and create what's known as the "Certificate of Live Birth", and send that newly created Office (The COLB) to the Child in the mail; it's his/her new identity, and when the Child reaches legal age, he can now become the Occupant of the Executors Office of that newly created Estate, but is never made aware of this.

NOTE: The STATE cannot do business with, or enter into contracts with a living-breathing human being. This is why they created the "Certificate of Live Birth" aka "Certificate of Death", which is the Office of a newly created "corporate" You; the fictitious entity and presumption in law You. They had to turn you into a corporation so they could control you by way of contracts using Trust-Estate, and Probate Law.

NOTE: The CESTUI QUE VIA Act of 1666 made us all dead at birth; cast beyond the sea; lost at sea; dead to the world, and if one day we were ever to return from sea and announce that we are alive, we can take our lawful throne as Executors of our own Estates.

Here it is on the UK's Government website, with complete instructions on how to announce you are now alive; occupy the Executors Office.


14.Now the Child grows up and remains an incompetent Ward of the STATE because he/she never steps up and assumes their proper roles as the Executor/Executrix of their own Estate once they reach legal age.

15.The now adult uses this COLB as their sole source of identity, even though the STATE advised not to use it as identity (can you say incompetent?)... Just as they say not to use the SS Card as identity.

16.The now 'incompetent adult' aka 'Ward of the STATE', uses the COLB to get a drivers license, social security card, checking account, etc.

17.Now the adult-incompetent is masquerading around town, using this Certificate of Live Birth as identity to get into other adhesion contracts, and basically acting as an agent of the foreign corporation known as the UNITED STATES and is now obligated to pay an income tax; and excise tax; a property tax, and ultimately be subject to the STATE. Now you are obligated to abide by their statutes, rules and regulations.

NOTE: There is a catch to this #17: They are 'presuming' you're an employee of their corporation, but if you are not receiving a paycheck, and there was no employment contract, and they cannot provide proof of pay, then what do they have? Do you work for free? Can they compel you to work for free? That estate is an Office; you are the Occupant of that Office (the corporate-fiction you), and as the Occupant of that Office, shouldn't you be paid for your services?

18.You have lost your Inherent Rights and have been "granted" rights and privileges instead ... 14th Amendment US citizen!

I wrote more on this here:


Daddy never showed up to claim his property, and the STATE took it upon themselves to 'adopt' the Child; take it in as their own. The Child is now considered a Ward of the STATE; an incompetent bastard Child with no Father, and the Mother abandoned him/her.

The "Certificate of Live Birth" has a STATE Seal and Registrars Signature, which is certifiable proof the Estate is in or has been in Probate. The Registrar is the court of Probate and Probate deals with Estates of the DEAD, hence the legal fiction name (NAME or Name) on the "Certificate of Live Birth" ... the presumption of law, the other You.

To the courts we are dead; legal fictitious entities; wards of the STATE; bastard Children; Orphans, and they do not wish to deal with us directly. This is why they want you to speak to them (the judge) through one of their own (BAR Attorneys).

The BAR Attorney has a Superseding Oath to the BAR aka British Accreditation Registry; their first loyalty is to the court. They are there to lead the sheep to their slaughterer, the Undertaker in the Black Robe. The judge is Administering the Estate of the incompetent, and his main objective is to make revenue for the STATE, which is acting as the Beneficiary of the Estate, and You and I are being put into the Trustee position of our own Estates.

Now you understand why the Lord said "Woe unto Ye Lawyers".

BAR Attorney's first allegiance is to the Crown, not you. They are there to make you believe someone is fighting for you, but the truth of the matter is: They are there to help the presumed Administrator of your Estate (the BAR attorney wearing the Black Robe-Undertaker)make as much money as possible for the court, him/herself, and the STATE.

Read it again at the top of this post, right out of the Corupus Juris Secundum ... You are a WARD OF THE STATE, an IMBECILE, A MENACE TO SOCIETY, and INCOMPETENT, and that's the truth, take it as you will.

NOTE: I am not saying all attorneys are scumbags that are intentionally trying to harm you. Some of them know what they are doing, and some of them probably truly believe they are doing the best they can to help their clients. But, it's all about the Estate; it's all about the money, and it's all about your slavery and unjustly enriching the STATE in the end.

It is a Constructive Fraud upon you from birth, and that's my heartfelt opinion; take it as you will.

Disclaimer: This is not legal advice, do your own due diligence and study the law and make your own determinations as to the validity of this post. This is my opinion from what I've learned from others, and am sharing it with you so we can have a discussion on the topic at hand, and that is not legal 'advice'.

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Two farmers

Two farmers each claimed to own a certain cow. While one pulled on its head and the other pulled on its tail, the cow was milked by a lawyer.

The Constitution is a Trust : http://www.The-Legacy.Info

This should seal the deal for the BAR flies:

Now the general public has at their fingertips the information they need to understand what is really happening in these court rooms (I mean shareholder meetings).

When the majority of Americans wake up and realize these Judges, BAR Atty's, DA's, AG's, any and all supposed elected officials are nothing more than private contractors that only hold authority within their own agencies, the Chit is going to Hit. The. Fan.

And when the majority of Americans realize these shysters have been meddling in their estates, the Chit is going to Hit. The. Fan.

When theses shysters bring these statutory charges against anyone other than gov't employees, they are not - are NOT bringing charges against the living man/woman (ie: John Q. Public), they are bringing charges against that persons corporate name (ie: JOHN. Q. PUBLIC), because the STATE OF *** or the UNITED STATES can't bring charges against a living man/woman because those entities are corporations.

A Judge and Prosecutors worst nightmare is when the living man/woman enters his/her "Certificate of Live Birth" into the court filings and announces they are the beneficiaries of that trust/estate the STATE or UNITED STATES is bringing charges against, and informs them they are to discharge this matter immediately, because without John Q. Public's authorized and written consent to hold a shareholders meeting against JOHN Q. PUBLIC, they are now in deep doo-doo for meddling in that estate.

John Q. Public is the executor/executrix of his/her living estate and he/she is the beneficiary of the JOHN Q. PUBLIC estate.

Same name - two different jurisdictions! He who creates owns; the government created the COLB; they own it, you control it.

And when you become of legal age, the living man/woman becomes the grantor/beneficiary (takes place of the parents).

Now we switch from Trust Law to Corporate Law because now you are of legal age, which means you can contract.

Now the living man/woman are shareholders in the Trust; and shareholders appoint Directors to make sure employees provide maximum amount of return possible for investors-beneficiaries, which is YOU; the living man/woman.

The trustees (gov't) are to perform for the Director for the "legal person" aka JOHN Q. PUBLIC.

Here, let Dean Clifford explain it to you:

You should watch this seminar first, so you understand the birth certificate issue and how they are using it against you:

Part 1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2pMJyIikCk
Part 2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvKu2UNHQpA
Part 3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2GaxlGTyAE

Then to help you understand what I explained above concerning the Trust/Estate/Corporate Law issue and how to enforce your rights against the criminals, watch his other seminars:

Series 1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARPj0S9cBxU&feature=relmfu
Series 2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNptDhGCLJ8&feature=relmfu
Series 3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kV7li4wQPb0&feature=relmfu
Series 4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSZWocd3CLA&feature=relmfu
Series 5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQ39uDvxU98&feature=relmfu
Series 6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evD2oT6qaVs&feature=relmfu

There is no such thing as a "License" to practice Law:

The practice of Law is AN OCCUPATION OF COMMON RIGHT! (Sims v. Aherns, 271 S.W. 720 (1925))




And any Judge or BAR Attorney that refuses to let someone who is learned in the law - practice law, is in violation of the Taft-Hartley Act (running a closed union shop), as well as the 1940 Smith Act.

Some Notes for those interested : On Secondary Authorities.

Please be aware that CJS deals with interpretation via Case Decisions. Sophistry at no additional charge.

Corpus Juris Secundum: Complete Restatement Of The Entire American Law As Developed By All Reported Cases. 163 Volumes including indexes.
Below from : Indiana University R.H. McKinney School of Law



There are two large legal encyclopedias for the United States as a whole: Corpus Juris Secundum published by West Pub. Co. and American Jurisprudence, 2d series, published by Lawyers' Coop. Pub. Co. The articles are narrative in form and read like the text of a book or article. Footnotes provide cites to court decisions. Although West has changed its editorial policy somewhat in recent years, there has long been an important difference between the two sets. C.J.S. claimed to provide footnotes to ALL relevant cases since 1938. Pre-1938 cases are found in the footnotes of Corpus Juris, the now mostly out-of-date first edition of C.J.S. On the other hand, the articles in Am.Jur.2d cite only the major or landmark supporting cases. If you are using Am.Jur.2d, additional court decisions can be located by using the American Law Reports, another publication of Lawyers' Coop. Pub. Co. (See: Pathfinder Finding Cases through the A.L.Rs.) West encyclopedias also provide cites to Key-Words & Numbers used in West digests. (See: Pathfinder Digests - How to Locate Cases with Digests). Note, however, that C.J.S. chapter-names & section-numbers are not the same as the key-words & key-numbers used in West digests. In contrast, Lawyers' Coop. encyclopedias will refer one to the other units of the Total Client Service Library (such as A.L.Rs, Am.Jur. Legal Forms, Am. Jur. Trials, etc.)
Below from : West Law, Publishers.


Cited and quoted as authority in courtrooms across the country, this national legal encyclopedia covers all state and federal legal topics. General rules of law are summarized in "Black Letter" headings and expanded upon in the text. Also provides the limitations and exceptions to the rules where appropriate. Since the citations and the supporting cases involve both state and federal courts, the user gets a full perspective of the law in a local jurisdiction as well as across the country.

All cases fully referenced to West Key Number System®. Annual pocket parts are published to supplement the volumes with relevant new cases and statutory changes. Cited more than 90,000 times by all levels of courts throughout the United States. Complete citations and relevant histories of each case help you locate the law you need. Multi-volume general index and individual topic indexes take you quickly to your answer

CJS is an authoritative American legal encyclopedia that provides a clear statement of each area of law including areas of the law that are evolving and provides footnoted citations to case law and other primary sources of law.
Below from : The Law Library of Congress

Guide to Secondary Legal Resources



The materials used for legal research are generally divided into two broad categories: primary sources and secondary sources. Primary sources are statements of the law from a governmental entity such as a court, legislature, executive agency, president, or governor. Secondary sources offer an analysis, commentary or a restatement of primary law. Secondary sources are used to help locate and explain primary sources of law. These sources may influence a legal decision but they do not have the controlling or binding authority like the primary sources of law.

There are a variety of secondary sources, including:

Legal Dictionaries
Words & Phrases
Legal Encyclopedias
Annotated Law Reports
Legal Periodicals
Legal Treatises, Hornbooks and Nutshells
Loose Leaf Services
Legal Directories.

The Library has an extensive collection of legal treatises and other commentaries. To locate items of interest to you, start with an online catalog search, available at: http://catalog.loc.gov. If you have any questions, ask for assistance at the reference desk (202) 707-5079.

The Constitution is a Trust : http://www.The-Legacy.Info

Thank you!

And now, back to the books.

You and I both...


"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win!"

"The belief is worthless if the fear of social and physical punishment overrides the belief."

Please please keep this kind of information coming...

this is how we become free...by not playing their games. We've been duped big time and it's time to disentangle ourselves.

bookmarked 4 life

invention of copper wire - 2 lawyers fighten over a penny !

Bump for awareness

and discussion, thank you for sharing this.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

Where did all the BAR flies go?

I wasn't done beating you up yet; come back! What's wrong fellas? I mean you're so trained in the law and all, can you not rebut the laws in the comments below?

Can you not rebut the comment above in the OP about the estates you weasels are attempting to administrate in the states behalf?

Can you not rebut the fact that you BAR flies, the judges, the state prosecutors are all receiving public funds; that you're all working for the state as officers of the court, and no one in that courtroom is actually representing the victim aka client?

Do we have a conflict of interest here? Who's representing the client?

Come on now; you can come out from under your rocks you sneaky-slimy little rascals you :)

I won't beat you up too bad, I promise.

You guys aren't any fun to play with anymore; you take a few knots on the head and Zooooooooooooom, you're gone.

You sure don't mind stealing other peoples money; sending innocent people to prison on a daily basis; twisting and distorting the real LAW with statutes and codes to make a buck, but when someone pulls your punk card, all of a sudden you don't want to play anymore.


See you tomorrow, I've got a date with a hot lawyer tonight. For once someone besides the innocent victims (client) is going to get screwed.

ROFLOL, That was a darn

ROFLOL, That was a darn good one liner! Wish I had thought of it, but with my age.....

Patriot Mythology

Get a lawyer. Get a jury.

Senator Peter Schiff 2016


I am asking for your opinion regarding: http://www.dailypaul.com/259174/free-the-planet-by-morning and my comment: http://www.dailypaul.com/comment/2792279

If you have any time to spare, I would appreciate your opinion: Is this viable or a waste of time?

Great, more of this sovereign citizen nonsense...

I suppose if I make a fuss about gold fringes on a flag in a court room, the judge will say "Damn he got us! Now I have to drop this case!"... or maybe sending a magic piece of paper to the IRS will make them say "Well, guys the jig is up, this guy sent in the magic paper, I guess we all have to pack up and go home now."...

The State operates by force, no amount of word games you play with it is going to keep it from using violence against you.

If they already completely ignore the Constitution, why would they bat an eye at ignoring some obscure legalese you conjure up?

If the State is gunning for you, you had better get a lawyer, and a damn good one.

Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at LFJournal.com

"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

Look at what happened to

Look at what happened to Irwin Schiff. I think he was in the right, but he's a political prisoner nonetheless.

Not "Sovereign Citizen Nonsense", it's the Law - Perhaps you

should spend more time learning it and less time butting into a topic you know nothing about.

It's not about the gold fringe on the flag; it's about jurisdiction.

So in your scenario, the state accuses some "person" with a charge; said "person" rebuts the charge; challenges jurisdiction; informs the state there is no injured party with first hand knowledge; informs the state they were not performing a function of gov't at the time of the complaint, informs the state it would be in their best interest NOT to meddle in said "persons" estate without written consent, etc.

And the state calls in the National Guard; all combat helicopters; tanks; sheriffs, and 4,000 foot soldiers to kick down your door and blow you to smithereens, all because you challenged jurisdiction and stood up for your Inherent Birth Rights.

Do I have this right?

The Law is the Law, and if you know the Law, you can put state officials in a real bind if they get out of line. That's not a threat, it's just a matter of truth. These supposed state officials aren't even true government officials, they are private contractors enforcing their will and statutes on the people.

It is tax fraud and embezzlement.


Note: People with your attitude should continue to get on your knees and bow to the state; it's in both, your and the states best interest that you continue to do so.


I am asking for your opinion regarding: http://www.dailypaul.com/259174/free-the-planet-by-morning and my comment: http://www.dailypaul.com/comment/2792279

If you have any time to spare, I would appreciate your opinion: Is this viable or a waste of time?

As someone who is taking the

As someone who is taking the BAR soon, these are the ramblings of an insane man...either that or I can look forward to sipping tea with the Queen fairly soon >:D

Ventura 2012

The current debate aside, I

The current debate aside, I wanted to wish you "best of luck" when you take the exam ! I hope you ace it the first time out.



Ventura 2012

Enjoy the tea !Pull up the

Enjoy the tea !

Pull up the Congressional record for the last time that Social Security was "overhauled" and right there on the first page it will tell you who ordered it and why she did so.

Clay, you're asking a BAR fly to actually do research; have you

learned nothing yet? ... LOL

Here you go BAR fly:


NAAAA, I was just putting out

NAAAA, I was just putting out a fly strip and waiting for him/her to tell ME to provide the proof. Then I was going to retort with a VERY good one-liner that I have been saving for so long it's killing me. Now I guess I will have to go to bed unfulfilled for the day ;(

You present a good link, but I like the Black on white from the Congressional Record.

Do try and give him a break, surely the BAR instructors would not lie?...or tell a half truth?

Question: Who writes and publishes all the books that our schools/colleges use?

Ramblings of an insane man? Umm, have you not seen this?

BAR attorneys are prohibited from representing anyone other than employees of their own agencies; public officials, etc.

From one of Rod Class' court filings:

All BAR attorneys are prohibited from representing John Q. Public; can only represent gov't officials and employees within their own agencies, their own BAR Charter says so.

1. This Court is operating under the Commerce and Trade Clause.
a) This Court's intent to collect fines and court costs in the form of Federal Reserve Notes which are debt instruments under the Commerce Clause.
b.) This Court is listed as a corporation on various stock exchanges and on the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). (Code Number 922110)
c) This Court is also located within a Corporation Limit.
d) This Court and its officers come under diversity jurisdiction as they are Federal Citizens under the 14th Amendment, section 3.
e) This Court and its officers are required by law to to have given up their State Citizenship and have taken on Foreign Citizenship as Corporate Persons.

2. This Court and its officers holds a Charter of a Federal Bar, a State Bar or a County Bar Association which, by Federal Statute or State Statutes or Codes, is a Corporation or an Agency of any of those Governments. See, Title 36 USC, Chapter 705, or State statutes and codes such as North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 84, or North Carolina Administrative Code, Title 17, or other States such as Texas Chapter 81, Oregon State Bar, Chapter 9, etc.
a) This Court, and its officers, by its charter, comes under restrictions.
b) This Court and it officers, by it own Statutes or Codes, can only operate within an administrative jurisdiction of that government.
c) The Bar Association lacks; 1) subject matter over a natural person as defined under P.L. 1, 48 stat C1; 2) The Bar Association lacks personal jurisdiction over a natural person as defined under P.L. 1, 48 stat C1; 3) The Bar Association only has jurisdiction over "persons" listed as corporations as stated in P.L. 1, 48 stat C1 and under the ruling of Eisenberg v. Commercial Union Assurance Company, 189 F. Supp. 500 (1960). d. This Court nor any Bar Member, by restriction of either Federal or State constitutions or by its Bar Charter, holds authority outside of its limited administrative duties. To do so is Grounds for Disqualification. “— An individual may not be a member, director, or officer of the corporation if the individual—
(1) is a member of, or advocates the principles of, an organization believing in, or working for, the overthrow of the United States Government by force or violence; or
(2) refuses to uphold and defend the Constitution for the United States.”
e) This Court nor its officers can violate, with impunity, the Taft-Hartley Act or the 1940 Smith Act. To do so would violate the Bar charter and the Constitution. To do so is grounds for disqualification and removal.

3. This Court is aware that its officers are operating under diversity of citizenship and complete diversity.
a) The STATE OF __________________ became a “corporation” under the Act of 1871, An Act to provide a Government for the District of Columbia, because the States were forced to give up their sovereignty and swear allegiance to the D.C. Federal Government because of the provisions in the Reconstruction Act of 1867.
b) Those who hold Public Office volunteer away their State citizenship to come under the Washington, DC Constitution's 14th Amendment, section 3 re: citizenship. c) This Court and it officers of the Bar are under the jurisdiction of the United Nations. (See the International Organizations Immunities Act, December 9, 1945.) United Nations jurisdiction comes under the Diversity of Jurisdiction issue.

For your reading pleasure: More egg on the BAR; the IRS; The court system; the so called public officials who are nothing more than private contractors impersonating real gov't officials.


Now who's insane? Me for spreading the truth, or you for being dumb enough to be duped into a profession where you can only represent employees within your own agency?

Sucks to be you.

You have absolutely no clue

You have absolutely no clue what you are talking about.


How about you educate me on the subject then?

I can't wait.

Here's the kicker: I and

Here's the kicker: I and anyone else who has any experience practicing law or working with lawyers knows that this is utter crap!

Ventura 2012

deacon's picture

can any laywer,attorney,judge

hear any case that is judicial,when they are
administrative,handling only administrative
color of law?

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Admin judges hear only admin

Admin judges hear only admin cases. Trial court juges or appeals judges can usually hear admin cases on appeal. A lawyer/attorney can participate in admin cases.

Ventura 2012

And now you know, South. He

And now you know, South. He utterly and concisely has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are wrong. After all, he "practices law". You just can't get better hear say, um, I mean proof than that!