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First, Remove the Fathers

First, Remove the Fathers

By: Gerald L. Rowles, Ph.D.

First, remove the Fathers. It’s not Shakespeare (First, kill all the lawyers) but it is a drama that rivals Oedipus in its parallels and impact.

It started out as the “Great Society” and, 30 years later, became the “Welfare State”.

In that same span of less than one generation, the black family was decimated and the State became parent to 70% of its black children. How was this accomplished by the Great Society? Simply by throwing money at black women for having more babies and, “no man in the house”. That was the basic tenet of the welfare contract. “We will support you and your children at subsistance levels as long as you remain unencumbered by the male parent...................”
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This goes along nicely with:

A post I read earlier by "The South" on why to not hire a lawyer.


Within that post I followed links and read allot on the law and why children basically become a ward of the state at birth.
I have watched for decades the separation of the family and while I think it is a horrid thing, I can see how it works to the benefit of no one but the state.
Twice I have been placed in the position of someone trying to remove me from my children and only through shear determination and my love for them, have I kept them with me. I fought the nasty lawyers and the system and quite frankly, I would be reasonably comfortable retired man. As it stands, I struggle to know how I am going to make it from one month to the next.
But for my children, anything.
The youngest will be 18 in a couple of months and the oldest spends his days taking care of his very elderly grandparents. Both are good honest decent men that I am proud of and I know it would not have been that way if I had not fought with all that I am to keep them that way.
Just sign me "Dedicated Father"

I love my country
I am appalled by my government

Fathers are sooooooo 1950's

As a schoolteacher of 28 years I could guess within 99 percent accuracy students who had no dad at home. As a general rule students raised by single moms were undisciplined and unmotivated. Dad's are usually the ones who do the pushing to do their best and dole out the consequences. Mom's are all about doling out the unconditional love.
Either one, alone, leaves children without an integral part of what they need.

Oh well, the government will take care of them if the parents can't or won't.

It Takes A Village, People

"... Children will be taken ... at birth, as one takes eggs from a hen."


Village People


Village of the Damned


And they got rid of a lot of white fathers by convincing the white females to go to college, support themselves and single parent if "father" didn't please them. Actually, there are black and white on both sides of the coin, but planned or not, it has occurred to the detriment of the American family.