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LibBerte: ‘Let’s Take It Outside’

We have AT LEAST 2 important months left to take Ron Paul’s campaign message out from your mama’s basement and into the streets.

[ Yet, time is short before the Convention, so I’m going to do something very un-conventional. As usual when I post I byte off more than even I can eschew to obfuscate. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Obfuscation) Let’s start masticating so you first get a taste of what’s on this plate. I will update with links when the kitsch’n is ready for the server. Bon appetite. ]



Garbage Disposal -- Throw In Da Kitsch’n Sync


THINK – (Take It ) OUTSIDE THE … Kitsch’ n Kaboodle OctoBOX …


Time enough to brainstorm ideas and means to provoke gainful talk with red meat eating republicans. There are, of course, other factions we must focus on as well. But for purpose of this example, in the run up to the convention, let me illustrate the challenge partly inspiring the title of this thread, by considering the kulture behind the mind set of foreign policy hardliner ‘Mericans. Can we get them to wonder at a new image – ‘A TRUE American Bad Ass’ …?

Pwn the Paradigm.

How do we introduce and exalt the TRUE Grit that the best of our movement represents in order to supplant one, in this example, invented to benefit FAUX News and the Military Industrial Complex which Bad Boy/ Bad Ass Whol- …ly Owned Subsidiaries serve?


Artist: Brantley Gilbert
Song: Take It Outside:

"These days things have changed
A lot of talk
Lot of pushin' and shovin'
Well if you wanna walk the walk
Let's have some respect
Got girls in here
Just pay your tab
And lay down your beer
So let's take it outside
Take it outside

It's man to man
Toe to toe
You know we need to go
Where nobody's gonna break it up
Not until we've had enough
And if you think you've got the guts
Then let's take it outside
Well if you think you're man enough …"

As a vanguard I advance this article to start what I think is a salient discussion of where the rEVOLution heads from here. I now plug a notion I’ve come up with to raise awareness as funds are raised for a kulture war effort. Coincidentally, it fosters the hand to hand, which in my opinion, this nxtfaze of the engagement requires.

I have an idea to instigate a 'Talk With Me About F R E E D O M' campaign … to prime the conversation encouraging people to share how they feel about freedom. In my view, this is no time for low profile.

I intend to launch a blog [Here’s the work in process, by all means, all help is welcome]:

[Wordpress link to follow]

So here’s the concept:
A modest blog to hopefully continue as an adjunct of my participation here at DailyPaul. I’m open to colleagues; I invite suggestions, support and critique. The idea would be -- cultural/art/alt market /off grid/natural/philosophy/history/economics/esoteric/fringe research/ and only a bit of politics in our closet away from the good china. I envision it as a haven for pirates and those of us in the resistance inclined towards gorilla (sic) tactics to garner sustenance to best carry on Kulture warfare … ‘outside’ where there is always less risk of embarrassment to polite company that may visit our parlor to sip tea which might tip and spill when the elephants in the room drop by in order to soil our doilies.

I have a friend with a print/embroidery co. who can produce front and back printed apparel, … T-shirts etc. to be offered turnkey at better than retail pricing in manageable quantities. We’ve set up a net store [to be linked on a DP ad and linked to the new blog] to help underwrite this blog effort at the same time it promotes an anarcho-capitalist activist response to our r’Evolutionary moment in history. I’ve quickly pulled together some designs for gear and priced some turnkey packages that I hope might encourage rEVOLutionaries to rapidly disperse to the fields and parking lots like Grateful Dead tailgaters (ironic, huh?). My intension is to help streetwalkers for the Liberty message stumble into remnant, stir the SLEEP-walkers and, at least flank Zombies on the march, if you can’t stop them dead in their tracks.

The concept is: Go to events (gun shows, festivals, flea markets, sporting events, picnics, reunions, conventions, etc). Resell to get gear in the streets showing that the rEVOLution lives. You’d be right to say I’m being shamelessly commercial as I would encourage each of you true believers in free market capitalistic solutions to be. Unflinching … without timidity, nor apologetic in our principles and ideas. We must respect ourselves and our cause if we are to receive respect.

Here’s the spiel:
Declare Independence … YOURS - this 4th of July weekend. Declare Independence from the domineering model of the summer soldiers donning the sham patriotism of the dying paradigm … Let’s hasten it’s demise and leave the scoundrels no last refuge. This 4th of July, be a one man [or woman … ] parade … or, better yet, one on one, bandwagon the bystanders who can’t side step elephant droppings because they tag along distracted, tantalized by costumed clowns. The point is when the band strikes up, your different drumming may cause some tired marchers to stray from lockstep with those in the familiar uniforms.

So I say, it’s no time for grassroot underground activism. ... Sunshine !!! PATRIOTS ... RISE and SHINE ! Strip the Sleep-wear. The activism I propose is we ‘eschew’ uniformity. Don’t fall in line. Don’t march off in any single file direction. Stay close to our respective communities, in fact … – plant and cultivate. We bear fruit this autumn by seeding and working our own gardens this summer, in the work clothes/business casual/sportswear of unbowed, insurgent rEVOLutionaries.

You want to get out there and protest? OK … OCCUPY YOURSELF - outreach within your reach. Would you sell the shirt off your back for RP's message? ... So ‘just do it’ ;-) ... Good thing you'll have a spare to put on and head right back out on your walkabout for The F R E E D O M message.

Here's the deal:
-- Front and back printed 12 different front designs to start --pick'em
Or get the wholesale 6 dozen or 12 dozen price and promote them at festivals. [ front & back – 2 – basically retail price; 1 or 1 ½ dozen -- good price. ( 2 different front slogans); 6 dozen – wholesale price. ( 3 different fronts) ; 12 dozen – best price. ( 4 diff fronts) ]

Raise some spare hope, while you promote some real change, promoting real hope, raising spare change, in time for the Battle of Tampa.

One more thing: I encourage that we open source and share ideas. If yours are good, and we select it as the right stuff, with your permission, I’ll add it in the lineup, have some produced for order and send you a couple free shirts in your size. And so I ask: What might we promote, and for that to work, I mean ‘market’? What do you think is hot cake for this summer, preTampa and beyond ? Let’s Talk. Indeed,
“Will You Talk With Me About F R E E D O M ?”

P E A C E and P R O S P E R I T Y for one and all.
Ironic, don’tcha think?

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Did anyone see this?

Did anyone see this? http://www.dailypaul.com/241631/city-of-ormond-beach-fl-war-... I think it's way past time for the people of Ormond to take it outside. I think we need more signs outside in Ormond....more Take it Outside T shirts outside.. and I really liked the idea someone had of making your mail boxes look like Ron Paul signs.

Actually, there is a company that makes waterproof covers for mailboxes. I almost bought one with a golden retriever on it once. There are several sources on the web. Here's one: http://www.qcsupply.com/850068-mailwraps-magnetic-mailbox-co...

What if I write them and see if they can quickly come up with a Ron Paul graphic? Maybe someone on Daily Paul has the resources to do this? Let me know.

How to hit Romney so hard he will never recover or be nominated

I'd like to see this in Tampa during the convention.
Can the grassroots make this a reality?
This is a slight takeoff of the Ron Paul Blimp from the 2008 campaign and would be much more cost effective.

2 hot air balloons in proximity where all the delegates and conventioneers cannot miss it or avoid it attending the RNC convention.

1. One with lettering: Ron Paul,Vote Your Conscience, the Revolution logo,wording:Most Honest Man in Washington,Peace,Liberty,Prosperity.Will End Wars Not make Idle Promises,Will End The Fed,,Voted Taxpayers Best Friend,Has Largest Military Support (Airforce,Marines Army),Campaign Funded by Individual Americans.Ron Paul Can Beat Obama Mitt "I can't beat McCain" Cannot, Flying above Mitts balloon.You get the picture.

2.Mitt Romney balloon will have the truth about him plastered all over it.
Corporate sponsorship logos such as Goldman Sachs and all the other giants that support him and Obama. Also slogans such as Mitt supports NDAA, is pro war,wrote Obamas healthcare bill basically written by him as Gov. that the SCOTUS just upheld.This would finish him.

Could this be done in 60 days? Would you support it?
This would be the ultimate gesture to the criminal RNC for what they have done to Rons delegates this election cycle and I don't even think the media could avoid it. We would have to rent space on PRIVATE PROPERTY to tether the balloon to for about 5 days.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

It's A Big Plan

Don't many small plans aggregate to big.

One might ask - 'How do you eat an elephant?'

Answer -- 'Many small bytes will Konsum-ate the Big Plan. '

Exactly... I can't wait til


I can't wait til after Tampa.
I think a lot of people and a lot of groups will be throwing down with the establishment. They're all waiting to see if Dr. Paul can get in and do his thing first.

If Dr. Paul doesn't get what he deserves - the nomination, it's going to be a brawl.

I agree with what you're saying, your posts are awesome. I appreciate it!
Thank you!!

Are You Ready ...

... to bring great fierce determination to bear ?


The Octoboxer Rebellion --

The Octoboxer Rebellion -- Resistance To Imposed Opiates


Are Golden Opportunities The Quick Silver Lining Shining In The Nimbus ?



You Have To Have It Inside ...

... to take it outside.



(I've begun calling it that now. I have heard others call it that recently as well, which felt good.)

LibBerte - I love your idea. I'll be back after thinking.

Jefferson's picture

I have been thinking along

I have been thinking along the same lines. (I think)

My biggest questions are

What is the endgame for Tampa?
What are the priorities? (Throwing a party, or persuading non-Paul delegates?)
Will we even have the plurality in 5 states to get him on the ballot?
Does RP even want to BE on the ballot?
If RP doesn't think we have the numbers to get him the nomination, and is not going to go for it, should we pursue it anyway?

As you know I have been dealing with some personal issues and haven't paid enough attention to have all the answers to the above questions, so please forgive my ignorance.

I like blimps and festivals, but am equally happy just hanging out around a campfire with someone's car stereo playing in the background.

I would rather see the potential hundreds of thousands of dollars that would normally go into some festival or blimp, going toward laser like focus on a potent and refined message, strategically placed for all the "non-Paul" delegates to see. Our resources are obviously limited, and I would like to get as much as possible out of them.

BTW, sorry I haven't responded to your last email. I've been in the hospital for over a month now, and will hopefully get to go home in the next couple of days. I would enjoy skype-ing with you at some point once the dust settles.

I had a wonderful nurse from your neck of the woods the other night, and thought about you as she was telling me about where she came from. Looking forward to speaking with you soon.
Hope all is well.

I Can Always Count On You To Bring Your Best Game

Jefferson: Sorry to hear about you being laid up; but I’m glad to hear you are provoking conversation among the hospital staff. No doubt revolting discussion is instigated every time your bed pan gets changed. [Scatology is an almost talismanic remedy for too much kitsch. I had a grade school teacher who was a dairy farmer. She called it 'barn talk' as she pointed to the door. 'Take it outside'] ;-) Definitely, let’s confer.

I was going to link your thread, my friend. It helped instigate my thinking that we, the DP community, need to think in such post campaign directions, as has really been the point all along.


But you are also right that we should make the most of things. It’s still game on. So …. Let’s bring it!

I had you in mind when it occurred to me that a campfire in the great outdoors might be just what we need as we DPers stare into the abyss on the edge of the swamp.


Swamp ;-)


God bless! So sorry to hear this. Sending a prayer for a speedy recovery and release.

Jefferson's picture

Thanks LT

I'm waiting right now to go into the OR (@ 1pm) for a final procedure, and then hopefully will escape tomorrow.

I received a wonderful prayer quilt from Donna Paul a couple of weeks ago. She and some of her friends from her church made it. Every knot that is tied in the strings represents a prayer that was said for me. It has not left my side except to go into surgery.

She is releasing a book about her life and working with RP. I plan to make a post about it when I get some time. She and Wayne are both inspirations.

Thanks again for the prayers.

So Jefferson ...

... Be sure and let us know as soon as you are able that all went well with the surgery. It's just about to get exciting around here.

Jefferson's picture

Thanks LibBerte

I made it through, but am in excruciating pain. It's almost hard to focus.

I will be discussing staying here a couple of more days to make sure my condition is stable before they boot me out.

Will keep you posted.

Focus On Your Immediate Wellbeing ...

... The revolution will still be here when you are ready.

HOLY MOLY. This is not your

HOLY MOLY. This is not your father's usual Daily Paul thread. LibBerte. You're back! It looks like you are here to help me enter the R3volution's next phase and show me a new road. If this post is any indication of what lies down this road, I want to be along for this ride. If there's one thing I love, it's a drive over a 11,000 foot mountain range.

BTW- How do I find out more about these Tshirts? I have my county fair coming up. I will be manning the GOP booth there at times. I would love to be wearing a Tshirt that says, "Talk to me about freedom." OMG. That ought to open some eyes and mouths there at that GOP booth. Ha!

holy moly is RIGHT!

it's not 'your' father's usual thread. but it is *my* father's (eh?)typical avant garde kick in the ass of the general DP consciousness. I'll be in Tampa with some (DOZENS!) of shirts. This idea is the real deal, RealDeal. You're welcome to join me on any mountain trek which I embark.


That sounds like so much fun.

That sounds like so much fun. I hope you sell tons of Tshirts in Tampa.

I have to tell you about what happened at my small rural county fair with your "Will You Talk with me about Freedom?" Tshirts. If you have ever sat at either the democrat or republican booths at your county fair, you know that fair goers aren't interested in politics while attending a fair. Last Saturday I was signed up to sit at the GOP booth for a 2 hour shift. As I expected, most fair goers walked by with barely a glimpse at either the democrat or the republican booths.

But this fair had some notable exceptions. 7 young teenagers stopped abruptly when they spied the T-shirt I had strategically hung in front of the table. I displayed it so that the back of the T-shirt showed the Ron Paul R3volution emblem. I had the other T-shirts stacked on top of the table. The first 2 young teenagers who stopped by were all excited about the T-shirts. They wanted to know if they could buy a T-shirt for their father who loved Ron Paul. I ended up giving them a T-shirt because they didn't have enough money.

Later on, a couple of 17 year old girls came into the building where the booths were. One of the girls yelled, "Ron Paul! Awesome!" She said that this would her first presidential election and she would be voting for Ron Paul. By then 3 more teenagers stopped by to watch. I asked the girl who clearly loved Dr. Paul which t-shirt she liked best. She said she liked the one that hung from the front of the table with the R3volution symbol that said, "Will You Talk with Me About Freedom?" I told her that it was on the back of both the 2 available T-shirt styles. She said she liked the white "Abide by the Constitution" T-shirt with Ron Paul on the front wearing cool sunglasses. I told her I was going to give it to her as a gift but she had to take a pocket Constitution with her too. Her face glowed. I kid you not. She said she would treasure it forever.

Then I said a couple of things about the young people being our future and they would save our Constitution for us... blablabla. LOL. The other teenagers standing there looked at me like I was the coolest person who ever lived. Seriously. I can read people. And the looks on their faces were genuine. Maybe I should have given them all a t-shirt. But none of the others asked if they could have one, too.

I noticed you put an ad on Daily Paul today. The ad looks great. I hope you sell hundreds and hundreds of T-shirts. Have the time of your life there in Tampa, SonofLibBerte. I'll be rooting for the R3volution. Send us back reports.

You Wouldn’t Want Someone Like Me On The Button

I just went ahead and launched this intro to the project and told my team, (including my son who is busy, but is the one who prodded me to finally do a blog), a little John F. Kennedy story, probably apocryphal. (imagine that)

Anyway, at least Kennedy grew up to have a sufficient steady hand to sit out the Cuban Missile Crisis without pulling the trigger. So the story is the young JFK, came to a high fence on some outdoors adventure with his buddies. He and his friends paused. Kennedy grabbed the hat off one friend's head and tossed it over to the other side with the words: 'Well, now we gotta go over'.

Let's go gang.

I'm told the rough outline of the blog and the first half dozen or so designs are going on the website later today and we'll be operational within 24 hours.

But I would appreciate any and all discussion of the concepts I introduce in this post and what collaboration the DP community thinks we can come up with going forward, possibly in part, in the direction I propose. What do you think? Talk with me. ;-)

Elektable Kould Kause Kultural Komotion ...

... 'Kuz kitsch kan kombust konfronting kreativity.

So I'm always anxious to see the best that our freedom inspired minds kan kome up with.

Yet while waiting for the big splash to kause the big wave that will 'swamp' the empire's armada I thought to offer this reflection on bigness: I'm konvinced our objective should never be to appeal broadly to the lowest kommon denominator in order to hope to garner viral popular response by design. Kontroling response should never be the konniving focus. I don't mean to suggest the 'Elektable' team fits this remark, my comment is more about our expektations and intent. We should never aim to cheapen the worth of valuable ideas in order to attrakt krap konkokted of, by and for the superficial.

So I will await the teased world premiere of what is plugged as a Big Plan for the r3volution of epik proportions, and yet I'm reminded why the skale of handikrafts (konstructed with the dignity and respect of truth and love) fits more my patient Kontentment in the intimate plans of Providence. [BTW, our blog and promotion will launch, when it launches, by and by]. ;-)

How about a T shirt or tank

How about a T shirt or tank top that the Tampa delegates could wear under their regular clothing? At a prearranged time, the delegates could all take their outer top off to reveal a magnificent living breathing billboard that would make a real statement. What is the gestapo going to do about 500 or so delegates using their power of free speech amidst a crowd of zombies? ;-)

"Slaves you were, ...

... and slaves you remain ..."



[ Gadsen flag yellow ]

That's it! Yellow is not my

That's it! Yellow is not my choice, but I understand why you chose it.

......... "I'd rather be here, a free man among brothers, facing a long march and a hard fight, than the richest citizen in Rome: fat with food he didn't work for, and surrounded by slaves." - Spartacus