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Paper Ballots

If each of the last couple elections had unprecedented voter (official) fraud what is this next one going to be like?

Most of that documented fraud involved paper ballots. The media coverage of this seemed to be just enough to get people a bit frustrated with paper "dangling chad" ballots and willing to accept more modern efficient electronic systems. Next year there will be many more electronic systems used which are more vulnerable.

For these past elections this was done by one of the parties against the other party. These were in elections that were between establishment "lesser of two evil" candidates.

Assuming Dr. Paul gets the nomination, there will be large groups within both parties that would be interested in seeing Hillary win (including George W.). It would seem like a sure thing that even if he gets a sufficient majority of votes, those will not show up in the "official" tally.

I think our best hope is to get as many verifiable paper ballot machines used and do all we can to be sure the election officials are held responsible for a proper count.

Is anyone involved in any of the groups that are getting support for staying with paper ballots and getting rid of the electronic machines? What can we do?


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