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The Dangers Of Homeschooling

The Dangers Of Homeschooling

“You’ve all heard about homeschooling, but few people are aware of the dangers that accompany this lifestyle. This is a fact we intend to correct.”

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bump, well done


Why Home School when you can Library-School?

Then the parent can go and do things!

9-11 was a panda job.

I loved it too

There is one danger and that is the risk of government schools and social services butting in a causing problems. Always a good idea and well worth paying the yearly fee to join Home School Legal Defense. Just being a member is often a deterrent for the roaches that may want to invade you home or your curriculum ;) A monthly magazine with reports on cases around the country and great stories and ideas from other home schoolers. It has been a while , but I found it helpful and enjoyable. I also got my children's official graduation certificates from them :)


..You mentioned Home School Legal Defense. My daughter is going to home school her 11 and 14 year old this year for the first time. She is in Georgia which has been tightening up. She and her husband also do not vaccinate their kids.

She is certified to teach public school in Georgia and has taught school in Michigan, but she has never done this! I am going to make sure she is aware of Home School Legal Defense. Do you feel confident they do not collect and pass on information?


Loved it!

Thanks for posting.

"What would you do if you knew you could not fail"