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Judge Roberts "flipped" for Romney!

The rhetoric machine's been cranked up at the MSM sites... "...conservative Judge Roberts took the side of the more liberal wing of the Supreme Court with his deciding vote to uphold..."

In reality, Roberts danced quite well to the GOP's tune. Finally! Romney has solidified his rallying cry! We must repeal Obamacare! The Astro turf tea partiers will come to the rescue and breath some neo-con nutjob energy and life into the corpse that up to this point has been the Romney campaign! It's all coming into focus now... Rand 'the tea-partiest of the tea partiers' Paul endorses Romney. The tea-partiers from Utah- Lee and Chaffetz, 'Crazy Eyes' Bachmann and tea party Boobio Rubio lined up behind Romney like a gaggle of geese, just to name a few of those tea party freshmen from the "wake up call!" 'fiscal conservative' 2010 elections.
The co-opting of the 'tea party' by Romney and the neo-conned is complete. Millions of severely ignorant Lee Greenwood loving, tri- cornered hat wearing, yellow ribbon sticking, mad-at-stuff but don't know why voters will rise with Romney and shout in unison "Repeal Obama-care!" and Benny Hin will give the rallies' invocation, and Thomas Monson will give the benediction... and everything's going to be all different and better.... ah, doesn't that feel good? Now is the meeting over? 'Cause I gotta get home to my sports games and tv dinner..... dirka dirk dirk....

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