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George Bush on the Constitution - "It's just a expletive deleted piece of paper"

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funny to hear all the neocons yelling unconstitutional

today about obama care
when they suppported all the unconstitutional acts below by thier man bush
there is no compromise when it comes to the constitution
thats why republicans should support ron paul instead of mandate man romney care

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The yelling "troll" everytime you don't like something

is getting tiring.

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we know

george bush wasnt the greatest president and was pretty unconstitutional his entire reign. is this really news? cmon we have better things to talk about. troll

Can't see "trolling" in this.

In fact, it should serve as a reminder that, while you were sleeping, your government has been hi-jacked by people who spill the blood of the sons and daughters of the USA for their own agenda, rob the tax payer for their own profit, and callously disregard the "piece of paper" that was wisely written for YOUR protection.

its a reminder-as todays obamacare ruling can be blamed on bush

as he appointed justice Robert-not sure why that characterizes the thread to troll status

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Bush also brought us:

-The Iraq War
-the Department of HomeLand security
-The TSA

and Justice "its not a mandate its a tax" Roberts

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you meant george obama


George Bush on Prescription Drugs

George Bush on Homeownership

Have the federal government pay down payments with tax payer money so people can buy homes


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