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My town is covered with Ron Paul signs

I live in abilene texas, a small town in west texas with a population of roughly 120 thousand. There are ron paul all throughout abilene, the support seems great i just joined the meetup group here, ill take some pictures. On the way to my house there is about 10 signs.

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Abilene sign on back of 18 wheeler

A coworker of mine who was traveling to Abilene Texas and I were talking on our cell phones. I was in Dallas at the time. This was it! I finally got a chance to bring up Ron Paul in our conversation, and he told me he had never heard of him.
We live in Texas. You would think everyone knew of him but I guess not. Anyway, while I was telling him about the good doctor. He said, "Hey, you won't believe this but there's an 18 wheeler in front of me that has this sign that says HOPE FOR AMERICA RON PAUL.
I started laughing. I thought I was going to crack up!
He said, he's got Illinois license plates.
This is out in Abilene in the middle of nowhere. Thank's be to the Illinois Truckers.

See you never know when you might plant a seed.




I moved from the repressive town of Brownwood to California. I hope there are people placing signs up and spreading the message there. It is greatly needed! Brownwood is pretty close to Abilene. Heard of it? Any Brownwoodians out there?


I always see on various message boards "my town is covered in Ron Paul signs". I have yet to see a single person in the DC area with a Ron Paul sign or bumper sticker. Maybe its cause I am in the lions den where the removal of various government departments would mean lots of peeps will lose their jobs in this area.

just went home to dc last weekend

and saw plenty of homemade (though for the most part well done) tyvek RP signs hanging from the chain link on overpasses on I-66 and the beltway. There was a snarky little piece in the Wash Times editorial mocking us RP supporters for not driving Mercedes, Lexi and other wasteful status symbols and how we're less of republicans and also less human as a result. They're frightened. They're not used to seeing Average Joe get off the couch and give a hoot.

for completeness, though it's digg rating suggests you know which story i'm talking about: