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Got Camel Milk?

Camel Milk: Healing or Hype?

November 15, 2011 Categories: Autism Diet & Implementation, Autism News, Food & Nutrients, Scientific Research by Julie Matthews

Drink camel’s milk? Really? And, for those who cannot drink the milk from a goat or cow, is it possible camel’s might be for you?

As a nutritionist for children with autism for 10 years, my research and clinical experience indicate that most children with autism cannot adequately tolerate dairy. Particularly, their bodies have challenges digesting the protein casein. Even when milk is raw and contains A2 beta-casein (not A1), experience shows that most children do not tolerate it.

So, imagine my delight (and skepticism) when parents approached me and shared personal stories about the healing properties of camel milk, and how its fundamentally different than any other milk on the planet.

As I began to research it for myself, I heard from autism parents who told me that camel milk has helped their children tremendously, with not adverse reactions to this “dairy.” (Thank you Randi, Jessica and Nicole – I learn so much from you parents on the front lines.)

Camel milk may seem obscure, but the more I research and read personal anecdotes from parents and clinicians the world over, the more amazing I think it may actually be at helping recover kids with autism – and many others with gut issues, immune system challenges, nutrient deficiencies, and more!

If you’re following the GAPS Diet, gluten-free casein-free, or any healing food strategy intended to improve the body’s chemistry and functioning, you should be curious about camel milk.
Camel Milk’s Healing Power

Research and experience from an increasing number of people around the world demonstrate that camel milk facilitates healing in our bodies. Camel milk has many unique and amazing properties.

Here’s some quick research:


Camel's milk may treat Aids, cancer

Nano-particles in Camels’ urine may help treat cancer

Just google camel milk!

Supplier of Raw Camel Milk:

Please, feedback would be appreciated on the supplier, because I'm thinking about getting some. Just a quick look at the website would be appreciated.

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A plea...

for parents with autistic children, or lactose, or gluten intolerant children, and pregnant women.
Please read "With callous disregard" by Dr Andrew Wakefield, the whistle blower about the MMR (measles, mumps rubella) vaccine.
This is serious reading about the effects of a triple vaccine on babies immune systems. It is not anti vaccine...just anti over loading a brand new immune system.

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we switched

to goats milk,but it gives me a sore throat
not sure why

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

A bump

for those seeking alternatives to health care....