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I want to ask the liberals what they see is so good about ObamaCare. Does Obama have his own forum?

I am not looking to argue but this seems plain stupid this mandatory health care, Why is forcing someone to have this good? does obama have his own forum i would like to hear what they say because this Obama care is just crazy and there has to be at least 1 person in this world trying to defend it

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this is not a liberal vs conservative or gop vs dems discussion.
We need to get off of that. You're wasting breath arguing this around obama.
you seriously think romney wouldnt have done this if he got elected?

this is 100% about forcing the healthcare companies to fail and spinning this obamaromneycare as a savior to secure 30 million voters in the process.

Once the healthcare companies fail, the fed will come in and take them over.
NOW, the fed government will control YOUR HEALTH!!

Who is sitting in the oval office has ZERO to do with this topic.

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson

It's primarily made to enrich the bankers.

Because the system will go into huge deficit spending, and the bankers will then lend the gov't that much more money, and the whole country will be forced to participate in the "debt spiral".

No, no, no...

It's a "tax"! Everyone knew that, right? Wait, what...?

It's Romneycare. Not Obamacare.

Start calling it that.

I like the term...

I like the term "OBAMATAX", call it what it really is!



is the best name! :) I like it... and it is so truthful....

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

Start the t-shirt press!


there were 5 people who defended it...
But I agree with you in that I can't think of one reason "why" the people would find it beneficial.

Can't be for the poor & aliens - they already have welfare (medicaid).
Can't be for the elderly - they have medicare.
Can't be for the middle class - they already have insurance.
Can't be for the small business owners - they can't afford it.

WHO is it actually helping? Hmmm...let me guess.

Julia is just confused...

All those programs existed long before Obama - Kindergarten, Pell grants, private insurance with employers, small business loans, or medicare -
Obama is going to destroy them.
Poor Julia.

the illegals

and the government to control everything we do.....

i like how they try to portray obama as so compassionate. While he stomps on all of our rights! that man makes me feel ill.

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

Obama did it.

Everything he does is good.

That's why they like it.

Obamadidit can at least be

Obamadidit can at least be proven, unlike Goddidit.


Does every comment you make have a direct connect with racism, anti- religious or gay content? Sheesh, what a small mind you have - it's like a little hamster running around on a squeaky wheel - repeating itself over and over. What's so comical - is that the hamster thinks he's going somewhere - kinda like you thinking you are so "broad" minded when you are actually "narrow" minded. LOL

Nice try...

It can be proven that God did it, by the mere fact that Obama exists.

Obama is god, so that makes

Obama is god, so that makes perfect sense.

God does not exist, God Is.

It is by divine rights from the god Obama that Obama can do it.


Good God!

I kind of agree, in that they

I kind of agree, in that they should've just jacked my taxes up to 40% and given everybody Canadian style coverage, but I guess we're stuck in the stone age because some racist with a bible might cry socialism...

Liberals were brainwashed...

Michael Moore's film, Sicko, is what made them want this and they believe everything in that propaganda film. He is The Leni Riefenstahl of the Left.

Speaking of the Fatty from Flint

It was really a devil's

It was really a devil's bargain between liberal social engineers and insurance companies to cover the poor, infirm and line the pockets of the main government and industry beneficiaries.

Two words...

Wealth transfer.


Is that really whats

Is that really whats happening? sickening. i truly cant stand liberals. if i had money i sure would be pissed at the goverment saying "hey good job but now its ares for the lazy"

Piss us off and we'll give

Piss us off and we'll give you dental insurance next!