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Ron Paul to Hold Major Rally on Sunday, August 26, 2012 at the University of South Florida’s Sun Dome in Tampa Ahead of RNC

Ron Paul to Hold Major Rally in Tampa Ahead of RNC
‘Champion of the Constitution’ to welcome, address supporters at University of South Florida Sun Dome

LAKE JACKSON, Texas – 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul will hold a major rally with thousands of supporters ahead of the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

The event will take place at noon on Sunday, August 26th at the University of South Florida’s 11,000-seat Sun Dome. Yesterday the Ron Paul campaign signed a contract to secure the venue with the approval of the Republican National Committee.

Details of the event are as follows. Time is Eastern.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

12:00 p.m.
Ron Paul Major Rally
Sun Dome
University of South Florida
4202 E. Fowler Avenue
Tampa, FL 33620






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Approved by the Republican National Committee?

If securing the venue was approved by the Republican National Committee (RNC), then we have to assume that there was some preconditions involved including no attacks on Romney, no mention that Ron Paul is still in the running for the Presidency, no appeal to the Romney delegates to switch sides, and no pep talk for the Ron Paul delegates. In any case (I could be wrong) I hope Ron Paul does the opposite of what I just mentioned: attack Romney as if the campaign just started, state that he (Ron Paul) is willing to be the Presidential nominee if the delegates vote him to be the nominee, make a direct appeal to the Romney delegates to nominate him and vote for him (Ron Paul) instead, and encourage all delegates to the convention to campaign for him and get his name on the ballot using every lawful means possible.


This is the "Fest" to go to!

Whatever anyone else does THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE!



Why not the Paul Festival?

I'm surprised no one has posted this (unless someone has elsewhere and I missed it). It would be a fantastic last day for the fest and it definitely has the space, and the parking. Located just outside of Tampa proper so traffic will be less of a problem.

Just my .02



It's a Paul Fest in Name Only! It's really a ploy to get Ron's supporters to a Johnson Rally. That's why.

We should all be focusing on Ron's official rally.

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!

So now Ron Paul is hijacking the Ron Paul r3volution? What Next?

...entertainment provided by RC Victrola and the Rotations...???

Tweeting occasionally as himself @cudnoski on the twitter.

10,400 limit for people

This thing probably is too small simply because we have so many people flying in from all over the United States to see Ron Paul for probably the last time they'll ever get a chance to see him in this type of an event.

Not only that but they're probably going to be a number of people flying in with their families from Europe, as well!

When people bring family members and sometimes children plus older adult children, the numbers add up real quick so we need a bigger venue Dr. Paul. Can you look into this? I think you will have an extremely successful farewell event for you. Remember a lot of people live on the East Coast in densely populated areas. I can envision a lot of those people coming to this farewell event, so it is not impossible that you could easily have huge numbers at your stadium.

Standing room only,

I'm sure!

P.S. Parking is going to be terrible. I recommend parking at the University Mall on Fowler less than 1/2 mile away and walking (hopefully there will be shuttle buses). I know the area well (got a 2nd Master's degree there).

As we get closer to the date, I'll scout out some more areas for public parking and post them here for my fellow Paulites.

take a ronvoy...

Someone needs to get this to Ron Pauls campaign:

He is going to need a much bigger venue, this is Florida and the culmination of his career. The tampa bay Bucaneers stadium holds 65,857. Can we please get that instead lol. Pretty sure we can fill hit, USF is the largest student body in Florida, UCF in orlando is very close and will draw a crowd. IF YOU BUILD IT THEY WI>LL COME. We can pack it full and make real history. Can you imagine 70k people yelling end the fed or president Paul at the top of thei lungs? I can.

We have offered Ron Paul and the campaign

our entire facilities for Sunday at Paul Festival. We have the Florida State Fairgrounds reserved and can easily fit over 50,000. We will have both indoor and outdoor stages. I encourage everyone to write the campaign and ask them to use Paul Festival's facilities. They can have the entire day to do what they want with it. We have over 20,000 parking spaces, camping and RV parking on the grounds. We will have a kids activity area, beer garden and food vendors.

Would have been great.....

Except Paul Fest isn't Paul Fest. There are more people promoting the fact that Gary Johnson will be there...And Johnson himself sent out an email saying he would be targeting Ron's people. It should be very obvious why this is a huge problem and why Ron is staying far away.

We should all be focusing ONLY on Ron's official rally. Let's fill every one of those 10,000 plus seats.

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!

Give it up,

Hoot. Dr. Paul has made his decision. Maybe he will still make a brief appearance at Paul Fest, but he has much more information about what the Paul Fest organizers are doing than most of us, so I would say it's time to change the Paul Fest marketing strategy and the name of the gathering (how about "Liberty Fest"), and go with that.

Many will still come to hear Tom Woods, Peter Schiff, Michael Sheuer, and the great bands. I will. I might even attend Gary Johnson's speech if it isn't on Sunday.

But please back off of trying to entice Dr. Paul to Paul Fest. He must have his reasons for organizing a separate event.

If you're smart, you'll accept that these PAC organizations are not supposed to coordinate with candidates, because if you refute that, then we will all be curious just exactly WHY Dr. Paul would NOT choose to align himself with the Liberty Unleashed PAC.


That would be powerful. Which is probably why there isn't a chance of the RNC releasing it.

Maybe He Could Book It For

...long enough that there could be a mini one afterwards for all those who can't get in. And, make certain there are big screens set up everyplace for those who can't get in. Speakers perfectly operating.

And, if we could find out what foreign press will be coming...send them an invitation!!!

News we needed today as Ron Paul threw out the ball to start the game after attacking the Fed!!!!

Now who else has a day like that?? Just what we needed to hear.


Bugs in the machine's picture


After the RNC? No way.

I would think that would defeat the purpose of making one last stand for liberty and momentum going into the convention.

By claiming there is no conspiracy, you prove to those who believe in the conspiracy that you are part of the conspiracy.

Pretty sure

that fonta meant Dr. Paul could host two gatherings, one right after another, at the USF Sundome, to accommodate more people.

I guess it depends on how many people show up. If we get 20,000 people who RSVP for this event (I hope he sells tickets and makes some money for his campaign), then that sounds like a very good idea.

Of Course I Didn't

...mean after the convention.


totally agree! ;)

totally agree! ;)