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Ron Paul is NOT Anti-Israel...

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The plotters behind 9-1-1 ..

...and most of the nefarious ops that were created to raise FEAR in all of us and send us repeatedly into WARS. They have done exactly what Franklin and others warned us of even when America was still mostly wilderness they were already firmly ensconced in Europe and OWNED ALL the banks so nations were driven to them to beg for LOANS
and more LOANS

This is from an exchange between another and me in 09.

Think on this. Note the writer was the guiding force in Britain for many years ( and IMV Krauthammer looks just like a skinny version of hem lol )

Just verified the quote. Would love to see the context it's in, but Amazon has restricted the searches.



here is the context for the quote

A very famous figure of history is the 19th Century Prime Minister of the Late Great Britain and also leader of the British 'Conservative' Party, Benjamin Disraeli. Disraeli once wrote a political novel titled "Coningsby". John Birch Society members and the other moral cowards of the Black Helicopter crews are very fond of quoting a single sentence of Benjamin Disraeli's "Coningsby" as a proof text that high politics are not as they seem: "So you see, my dear Coningsby, that the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes."

Here's the real context of that sentence of Disraeli's from "Coningsby":

"A few years back we were applied to by Russia.
Now, there has been no friendship between the court of St. Petersburg and my family. It has Dutch connections, which have generally supplied it; and our representations in favor of the Polish Hebrews, a numerous race, have not been very agreeable to the Czar.
However, circumstances drew to an approximation between the Romanoffs and the Sidonias. I resolved to go myself to St. Petersburg. I had, on my arrival, an interview with the Russian Minister of Finance, Count Cancrin; I beheld the son of a Lithuanian Jew.

The loan was connected with the affairs of Spain; I resolved upon repairing to Spain from Russia. I traveled without intermission. I had an audience immediately on my arrival with the Spanish Minister, Sefior Mendizabel; I beheld one like myself, the son of a Nuevo Cristiano, a Jew of Arragon.

In consequence of what transpired at Madrid, I went straight to Paris to consult the President of the French Council; I beheld the son of a French Jew, a hero, an imperial marshal, and very properly so, for who should be military heroes if not those who worship the Lord of Hosts?...

The consequence of our consultations was that some Northern power should be applied to in a friendly and meditative capacity.

We fixed on Prussia; and the President of the Council made an application to the Prussian Minister, who attended a few days after on our conference. Count Arnim entered the cabinet, and I beheld a Prussian Jew.

So you see, my dear Coningsby, that the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes."



When Disraeli wrote about hidden rulers manipulating affairs behind the scenes he was talking about JEWISH hidden rulers.

The lesson above is not about what's going on now.

Almost any idiot (except for JBSers and Rapture Cultists)
can see what's going on.

black, mexican & arab newspapers write about it every day.

The lesson is about why the hard right, paleo-conservatives,
JBSers and other non-Marxist GOPers keep losing.

The fault lies not with the power or intelligence of your enemies. The fault is in yourselves, specifically your own moral cowardice.

I never cease to be amazed at the Byzantine, Machiavellian rationales you folks dream up to justify self-censoring yourselves.

What good are you to anyone if you are so morally weak you won't even quote former British Prime Ministers in context?

You won't ever out Jew the Jews at deception, although you come real close in your self-deceptions. Plain spoken truth is your winning sword, fearless conscience your invincible armor. But these you refuse to touch.

You just can't fool Mother Nature.


Taken from FAEM.com



Pagans are tolerant by NATURE.





just the very fact that there is even any political importance placed on whether somebody is "pro-Israel" or "anti-Israel" in this country simply serves to highlight that there is a GLARING problem.
An associated GLARING problem is that there seems to be a widespread contingent of Political Correctness Police who seem to think they can tell other people what to think and what to say, and the only things "allowed" are things which favor them and their goals.
Another associated GLARING problem is that these Political Correctness Police, and their agencies such as ADL and SPLC, actually infect our Federal Law Enforcement agencies with "policies" which THEY write, and become enforced by our police. Against US.
Of course, another GLARING problem is that a foreign spy agency, which is euphemistically called "AIPAC" has a stranglehold on our Congress, which seeks to control our lawmaking and domestic and foreign policies.

Naturally, there are at least thousands of other egregious and disgusting affronts to the US population by "Israel", but I just listed a few of the more GLARING ones above.

I agree with AtlantaIconoclast

Ron Paul might not be against Israel but I sure am. People like Abraham Foxman talk about how the African migrants ruin the Jewish "character" of the state of Israel but when it comes to the illegal immigrants in America, they must be given rights!

If Americans Knew--ifamericansknew.org

No one makes Israel take foreign aid. This is the typical type of crap they pull. They lobby for the money; they take the money; then they complain about having received the money, and make it seem as if someone forced them to take it and pretend as if they wish they could stop this from happening. These are very, very f@%ked up people; they cause hugely and disproportionately so many of the world's problem. I don't think they can control themselves--somehow it simply seems to be part of their nature. We have to watch them closer and make certain they stop getting away with these slimy tricks and games that they play. We must defend ourselves!
ifamericansknew.org--take a look and pass it around on the WWW as much as possible. The world must be made aware of Isael's actions.

well, Ron might not be, but I

well, Ron might not be, but I am.

How can anyone justify all the crap Israel does? They have occupied another people since 1967! There is no excuse. Israel could end all this by offering the Palestinians in the occupied territories equal citizenship. That means one man, one vote, but nah, that might endanger the "Jewish state."

It also has Jewish only roads and Jewish only racial colonies. Jews are not allowed to marry Palestinians. Israel's settlers harass Palestinians on a daily basis, burn their crops, terrorize them.

My beef is not with "the Jews" but with Zionism as applied today. Plus, Israelis were arrested on 9/11. One had a truck packed with explosives. This FACT is not going away. I don't blame Israelis for this any more than I blame the CIA on all Americans. Still, Israel has a lot to answer for.

arrested on 9/11

"...arrested on 9/11..."

there is no end to the corruption and malfeasance of these ones

Just got this VERY INTERESTING email

shows up clearly when its laid out like this:

Subject: ### What happens when you step on Superman's cape? ###


A long list of people who were trying to expose the truth of 9/11 have met with untimely, suspicious deaths. Barry Jennings, the deputy director of Emergency Services Department for the New York City Housing Authority on 9/11, appears to have been murdered after speaking publicly about explosions he witnessed that partly demolished World Trade Center Building 7 on the morning of 9/11. (The demolition of WTC-7, begun in the morning, was completed shortly after 5:20 that afternoon, after WTC owner Larry Silverstein and colleagues “made the decision to pull” the building according to Silverstein's own statement.)

Another 9/11 truth advocate and eyewitness, Dr. David Graham of Shreveport, Louisiana, was murdered - apparently by the FBI - for writing a book about two of the alleged 9/11 hijackers, who were obvious intelligence assets controlled by people at Barksdale Air Force Base. Graham was poisoned with ethelene glycol (antifreeze). The case is discussed in Sander Hicks' new book Slingshot to the Juggernaut.

It might be objected that Jennings and Graham were murdered because they were eyewitnesses to a State Crime Against Democracy, or SCAD, not because they were dissidents. Is there any evidence that the US government (or a rogue network infiltrating it) is “disabling the purveyors” of dangerous ideas by killing or otherwise physically harming them, even if they are not eyewitnesses?

Mike Ruppert, the original leader of the 9/11 truth movement, writes that his office was attacked by microwave and/or EMF weapons after he began publishing critiques of the official story of 9/11. The attacks may have contributed to Ruppert's poor health and distraught frame of mind, which led him to quit the 9/11 truth movement and temporarily flee the USA in 2006.

Another early 9/11 truth advocate, publisher Byron Belitsos, told me that he and many other 9/11 truth organizers in California were targeted by EMF or microwave weapons during the first years after 9/11. Belitsos says the weapons were wielded by men in plain white vans that would park in front of the victim's house, and that victims suffered immediate and sometimes extreme health effects including headaches, ringing in the ears, nausea, vomiting, severe depression, dizziness, and loss of consciousness.

It does seem that bad things have happened to far too many of the most trail-blazing, prestigious, and/or effective 9/11 truth leaders. Justin Raimondo, the pioneer investigator of Israeli complicity in 9/11, was warned away from the subject - and after he disregarded the warning, he suffered a severe heart attack, despite his relative youth and excellent physical condition. Since his mysterious heart attack, Raimondo has stayed away from the subject of 9/11, and has remained in good health.

David Ray Griffin, the world's leading voice of 9/11 truth, suffered a partially-disabling stroke in the summer of 2010. While he has recovered sufficiently to continue to write and research, the stroke left him with a slight aphasia that has ended his career as a prolific public speaker.

Dr. Bob Bowman, the former head of Star Wars under two US presidents, has had his 9/11 truth efforts slowed by his struggle with cancer.

Even more tragically, the most prestigious scientist ever to take up the cause of 9/11 truth, Lynn Margulis, died of a stroke November 22, 2011. When I last spoke to Lynn, less than a year before her death, she told me she did not want to speak publicly about 9/11 any more, because “politics is too dangerous.” She sounded scared - like someone had warned or threatened her.

"Disable the purveyors": Is US secretly liquidating dissidents?



Pagans are tolerant by NATURE.

Look at who knew...

...and when


some comments:

Wonder how soon after this his attempted assasination was???

Gov Reagan also said to AIPAC lobby & ADL, "Next time you guys make another holocaust claim, try bringing some facts so somebody will believe you" - Gipper runs of stage and laughs & waves to the shocked crowd.

They showed him day 70 at 70yrs old, bush's & Hinckley having a nice dinner while Gipper bleed out from his chest

euro944t in reply to annieladysmith 1 day ago


SEE the great lie and those who perpetuate it.

Pagans are tolerant by NATURE.

You are

preachin' to the choir here.


RP: Ending Foreign Aid Sets Israel Free

Ron Paul is a tolerant person, he believes in all Peoples right to exist in their OWN lands, but not to be supported by other nations or taxing people who did not choose to be under their rule. Thats a reasoned and logical view, very Pagan in concept, and once the masses know this real view and not the anti-israelblather foisted n him by the MSM his immense support will even increase This is why the MSM hides him.

Do a search for Ron Paul on israel and find a dozen "HE HATES ISRAEL" links and only one or two by supporters that tell TRUTH.

Better open our eyes and SEE who is our enemy.
Kick that 40 YO kid out of Americas basement and off our jobs, food and shelter for Americans budget !

Read this EXCERPT from the http://www.ronpaul.com/2011-08-14/ron-paul-the-most-pro-isra...

Ron Paul Will Allow Israel to Blossom

With hundreds of nuclear weapons in her possession, Israel has become the most powerful state in the Middle East. She could easily take on her neighbors and eliminate any and all threats to her existence.

Ron Paul would not stop Israel from defending her interests in any way she saw fit. When Israel attacked a nuclear reactor in Iraq in 1981, almost the entire U.S. Congress voted to condemn the act. Ron Paul was one of the few dissenters: he voted against the condemnation and in favor of Israel’s right to self-determination.

Ending Foreign Aid Sets Israel Free

Ron Paul has also been criticized for wanting to “end foreign aid to Israel.” He had in fact called for an end to all foreign aid in general. Foreign aid acts like an entitlement: eventually the recipient grows dependent on it and will do everything in his power to continue the flow of funds. This might even involve spending some of the already-received payments to “lobby” for more money.

Ron Paul believes this is a bad thing. Not only does foreign aid lead to corruption on both sides; it is inherently immoral. Ron Paul said that “foreign aid is taking money from the poor people of a rich country and giving it to the rich people of a poor country.”

If foreign aid to all countries were stopped immediately, Israel would be the biggest net beneficiary. This is because the U.S. pays much more foreign aid to Israel’s enemies combined than to Israel.

Like a discouraged unemployed person whose welfare payments are about to run out, Israel would finally have the motivation to take care of herself, for example by ending socialist domestic policies within Israel. This in turn would make Israel much stronger and more independent. Ending all foreign aid would indeed set Israel free.

Iran Is a Big Nobody

Iran is a large country, but from a military point of view they are a big nobody. They are surrounded by nuclear powers, they have no air force, no navy, and they are even incapable of producing as much gasoline as they need. Iranian officials are relegated to grudgingly hoping that “the Zionist regime will collapse”, which is the real meaning of Ahmadinejad’s infamous phrase frequently mistranslated as “we will wipe Israel off the map”.

It is understandable that Iran wants to gain the international respect they deserve as a country of 75 million people. But according to U.S. intelligence reports there are no indications whatsoever that Iran is actively working on creating or obtaining a nuclear weapon.

Israel Can Do What She Wants – But Leave America Out of It

If Israel believes that Iran might one day become a nuclear power and that such a development would be against her interests, Ron Paul would not stop Israel from doing whatever she deemed necessary to defend herself. Israeli assassination squads are already operating within Iran, and several Iranian nuclear scientists found themselves torn apart by mysterious explosions over the past few years. Ron Paul did not interfere. In fact, he would not even prevent Israel from initiating a devastating nuclear attack on Iran.

However, neither would Ron Paul allow American lives to be sacrificed for Israeli interests. If Israeli officials knew that American kids will not throw themselves into the line of fire whenever Israel feels threatened by the boastful words of some wannabe dictator, Israel will act more responsibly when dealing with her neighbors – and grow much stronger for it.

Ron Paul Will Allow Israel to Blossom

Like it or not, Ron Paul is the most pro-Israel candidate out there. His wise policies – not by design, but by pure logical consequence – will permit Israel to grow and blossom as a truly free, independent and powerful state.

This article does not claim to represent Ron Paul’s official position on Israel and Iran. It’s just a summary of how we – as his grassroots supporters – interpret his statements on the issue. Please post a comment if you believe we misinterpreted Ron Paul’s position.



Pagans are tolerant by NATURE.

Try telling that

To Israel firsters like Debbie Schlussel, Pamela Gellar or Robert Spencer!

For The Power of The Republic!

Slow down my friend...

I realise that you are passionate about what you speak about, but....take a breath!

Perhaps this one will suit you better..

Ron Paul is NOT Anti-Israel...

Here is a vid and much DESCRIPTION text on this topic

Ron Paul Vindicated on ISRAEL (Zionism Reality Check)


and have a 10 second look HERE:
RR from 1967


Know your enemy!


Pagans are tolerant by NATURE.