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The Massachusetts Perspective: Epic ObamaCare rant by a man with a growth on his neck

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Hey Allegory the doctor is in

In you. You don't need the government. You don't need a doctor. You just need the proper tools. The growth on your neck is something trying to get out. Agree? It's a bump right? Like a volcano? Something is trying to get out. Organs in that area are your thyroid and parathyroid. You don't want to mess with them. You don't want to mess with any organ.

Here is what you can try and it will work. Stop eating processed foods. Stop the bread and pasta. Chips, pretzels, candy, cookies, etc. Eat real food that your body needs to get the nourishment it needs. Eat instead eggs, butter, coconut oil (not water or milk) unprocessed meats, fish, elk, deer and well cooked vegetables. I would stop any stimulants (think caffeine) and drugs (of any kind) and watch what happens. The extra fat you will be getting in butter and coconut oil as well as the meats will chelate the toxins from your body and that is what is in the bump.

It doesn't happen overnight and you are young (younger than me and it will work) but you have to do something. You have to do it. Not the state of Mass or Obama or a doctor. You will then notice the addiction caused by junk food. Start with only 2 tablespoons of coconut oil per day. Don't over do it.

Good Luck