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Nullification Starts Now!

UPDATE: I emailed this idea to Tom Woods to see what he thought, and he thinks it's a good idea so far. This, plus all the warm comments I've already received, actually encourages me very much to move ahead with the idea. Thanks! Now, before I do, I still would like more input from you folks so I can get a better idea of what you think will make this a huge success! If you haven't read the original post yet, here it is...

Dear concerned fellow Patriots,

Due to the Supreme Court's horrendously un-Constitutional ruling on ObamaCare/RomneyCare, I see only one peaceful resolution left: Nullification! I see this as the only way left to set the clock back on Big Government through the grassroots.

This post is designed as a "feeler" to get feedback on how much support there would be for a Nullification Movement.

I'm an internet marketer, so I could build a website and get lots of eyes on it and it would serve as a central place for people to get educated on the subject and help spread the message to those who could help.

To do this, I would need to arrange a small moneybomb so I can work full-time on building the site and doing the initial marketing.

I would invite everyone to contribute to the site and line up experts on the subject for interviews and articles. I could set up an email list and make the site viral through social networking.

In closing, I welcome your questions and thoughts. If you feel this isn't the best idea, please come up with a better one and we'll work together.

If you're not familiar with what Nullification is, here are some links that keep the subject quite simple and easy-to-understand...



Thanks for reading,
Michael Smith

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I just need to know how to start it and I will have sigs in no time.


For wanting to help?

New Official Facebook Page...

Let's get the Nullification Now Movement started. Simply click here and "like" the page... then start spreading the idea of Nullification and the 10th Amendment...

Then feel free to post your favorite Nullification & 10th Amendment articles. This will be a great way to begin gathering content for a future website that educates people on this subject in a compelling, persuasive way.

Click Here to "Like" the Nullification Now Facebook page

Instead of nullification, maybe we should all be contesting the

STATE issued "Certificate of Live Birth" as fraud, and be done with this BS?

It does not matter what the STATE of *** decides to do, or not to do. The STATE of ****'s, rules, regulations, statutory codes, do not apply to you if you contest the Certificate of Live Birth and Declare yourself a Non-Resident of the STATE, as in the corporation STATE of ***

This is how these people are presuming control over your lives: You used that fraud Certificate of Death aka Certificate of Live Birth as an ID to get a drivers license; to get a social security card; to get a checking account, etc. and these people are 'presuming' you're an employee of their corporation because you have THEIR ID CARD in your wallet.

Two very informative links you might want to see:



Just because you're carrying their ID card, that lets them presume you're one of their employees, does that mean you're actually employed by them?

Is the STATE of *** sending you a paycheck on the 1st and 15th?

They created the Certificate of Live Birth by splitting the title of the original Record of Live Birth. Look at the damn document, it has a STATE seal and Registrar's signature on it .... LOL

It's DEAD; it's a legal fictitious creation of the STATE; another you; a corporate you, so they can do business and contract with you. The STATE is a corporation, it cannot do business with a living-breathing person, only another CORPORATION!

Look at your drivers license; notice anything funny about how your name is typed out? Is it in all CAPITAL LETTERS, or is it in Capital Letters?

JOHN T. JONES ......... Is a corporation
John T. Jones ......... Is a living man

It's the damn Certificate of Live Birth, and every contract you ever got into using that document can be null and void, even the social security application, all the way back to the day you got it in the mail .......... NULL and VOID!

Who give a $hit what these STATES do or decide? It's a corporation and has nothing to do with you. The Governor of the STATE is just the CEO of that corporation, and he's under the presumption that all the Citizens of that state are his employees.


Because they are using the STATE issued Certificate of Live Birth as an ID card.

But, that ID card is only 'part' of the employment process. You got your ID card; you got a checking account; you got an SS card; you're ready for employment. There's only one thing left to do:

Sit down with your new boss and discuss the terms of your employment.

1. What's my pay or salary Mr. Governor?
2. What's my insurance coverage Mr. Governor?
3. What kind of company vehicle do I get Mr. Governor?
4. What's my sick leave conditions and pay Mr. Governor?
5. What's the Insurance Policy for my family look like Mr. Governor?
6. What's my Christmas Bonus going to be approx. Mr. Governor?
7. How many weeks a year do I get off work Mr. Governor?
8. What's my dress code Mr. Governor?
9. What's my hours Mr. Governor?

Are you getting the picture yet? Getting those ID's were just part of the employment process, now we need to sit down with our new boss "Mr. Governor" and work out some details in this employment contract if you want my services; I mean I don't work for free Mr. Governor, do you?

Where's my valuable consideration in this employment contract Mr. Governor? I mean, I've already got plenty of Inherent Rights, I don't need a bunch of useless obligations attached to my Rights, which is a breach of Trust ..... unless of course I'm getting paid for it.

Folks, it's the Certificate of Live Birth. It's a Constructive Fraud perpetrated upon you from birth, for no other reason than to steal your identity; bound you to statutory rules of a corporation; and unjustly enrich the STATE.

Everyone needs to learn to start Administrating their own Estates and put these corporate leaches back in their box. If these people want to do business with you, then maybe you need to present them with a fee schedule?

If they want your services; if they want you to act in the capacity of a corporate/government agent or employee; if they want you to perform in that office (the Certificate of Live Birth is an Office), then they need to pay you. Unless you like to work for free.

Sooner or later this information is going to move out of "Off Topic", and when a few people around here actually wake up and start to understand the REAL reason they are being controlled, imprisoned, fined, coerced to compel certain functions by the STATE, is because the STATE is "PRESUMING" you are one of their "EMPLOYEES" because you used that damn Certificate of Live Birth they sent you as an identification card.


Maybe if we bought copies of

Maybe if we bought copies of Tom's book, Nullification and gave them to our own local and state power structures. Like the local judges and politicians, mayors, maybe even state representatives and former representatives, etc.?

See I think the idea of nullification is too strange and foriegn right now for the American people and the best thing we can do is to educate our local leaders and influential people about this doctrine.

I also think it's pretty much our only hope as a nation. And please don't let them call it "states rights" states don't have rights they have powers and the term states rights already has a negative connotation.


I totally encourage that and would have links to his books and materials on the site. The idea is to make this as big as possible.

Good Luck With Your Venture

I read your ideas with interest.

One of my MAJOR goals is to see liberty seekers earn a living while spreading the liberty message. Tom Woods is an example of someone who is building a life around earning a living while promoting freedom. Ron Paul is another example.

As it stands, however, almost every one of us must work for the beast and use whatever pennies and minutes that we have remaining to promote liberty.

You ID yourself as a marketer. For that reason, I am sure that you understand that you must build credibility before you ask for donations.

My suggestion. It will probably take time to get started with almost no money. Build a site - perhaps a blog with a template if you do not want to design from scratch. If you need to pay for server space and a domain name, you might try to start with a $50 chip-in to start. Tell the donor prospects exactly how you will use the money. But you will probably be better off working at Wendy's for five hours to pay the start-up costs.

On the blog, write articles on your plans. What are the steps involved in achieving success with your nullify ideas? How much will it cost to win a nullify venture? What types of people would be needed and how much would it cost to pay them? If you can find volunteers to help with your blog or political initiative, that would be good. Use your marketing talents to find contributors to your blog. They will probably come with some excellent ideas.

I fully realize the desire to start making a living full time in the liberty movement ASAP. But unless you have the income sources already lined up, you will probably need to bootstrap this thing from a part time all-volunteer endeavor. There are no big banks or unions looking to buy you.

Maybe, if you are lucky, you will come up with the right ideas needed to get enough donations or sales early in the game. That would lighten your load but don't count on it.

Either way, most importantly, spend as much personal time as possible brainstorming ideas on how to increase your cash flow. If you build a large enough following, they will be your key to going full time into the liberty movement.

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.

I hear ya...

I understand the concern and this really isn't about making money, it's more about not going broke while doing this project. I make my money helping other people sell their stuff. I do all the work myself, unless if it's something that depends on mindless drudgery that someone else who is less-skilled could be doing while I'm doing something more important.

All the things you mention is beginner stuff... but what good is it if you get no traffic? See, I know how to get traffic. I get paid to get traffic for people. I know how to build sites. I know how to create products. I also have established people who want to work with me on this.

Yes. It is About Making Money

You have to create a positive cash flow to prevent going broke. The "beginners stuff" is more important than anything else at this time. I have been involved in many startups over of the past forty years. Some succeeded. Most failed. The reason for the failures was the failure to consistently apply the "beginners stuff". The successes occurred due to years of groundwork and NEVER giving up.

You cannot change the laws of the nature.

If you have a lot of money to start, that would be better. With a lot of money for startup, you can build a Rolls Royce like Campaign for Liberty did. They started with five million dollars and built a Rolls Royce which they offered to their existing followers. In a few months they had 30,000 members and a lot of traffic. At one point, they reached 200,000 (I think). They had the credibility of Ron Paul and a first class product to offer their established market.

Without the stash of cash, you must start out step by step.

You have to have something to sell. Start with a website, maybe a blog. Knock on doors and give out business cards or home made flyers. Build lists on line and off line. Keep in regular contact with your lists, even by phone or in person. Get others involved, online and off line. Never spend more than your regular cash flow permits. If that is only ten dollars per week available from a part time job, that is all you should spend to stay alive. You must assume that it will grow slowly, although it is always possible that it might take off.

It is the chicken or the egg. How can you develop traffic unless you have an attractive product to offer? But how can you have a product unless you have traffic? The solution is to build slowly, starting with a simple web site. As your product improves, you will have a more attractive reason for visitors to come on board.

I've seen it over and over. The occasional lottery ticket instant success cannot be banked on but sometimes occurs. The persistant turtle has a better chance of winning the race.

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.

Involved with startups?

Whoa! You must know everything! Teach me, teacher. Don't know why you think your appeal to authority is going to impress anyone... I'm not impressed. I see what you're doing, but why waste your time? Since you know SO much, why don't you take some action, troll? I'm not selling a product, I'm offering my time, skills and battle-proven knowledge to keep the movement growing. But thanks for sharing, although your incoherent theories about internet marketing hold no water. And you've only proven you haven't read the post correctly.

I like it

I'd suggest also pushing a movement to make the house pass a bill to allow religious exemptions...loosely defined so that anyone can exempt themselves. That would make this monster collapse under its own weight. Dr. Paul always reminds us that millions of phone calls still works. There are enough people against this bill to force enough Senate Democrats to vote for it. Maybe the bill could be timed to fall on the desk of the new president in early 2013. Republicans talk about what they believe, but rarely use their power to do something about it. It is up to us to make them.

Either way, I am behind you. Thank you, thank you, thank you for thinking big and taking action!

Best Comment of the Day!

I like your idea and this is all about unifying to spread focused messages to empower the people... before they shut the internet down on us.

Nullification inadequate

All that the States can do is refuse to implement the mandates. The feds still retain the power (the IRS and federal marshals) to force isolated companies and individuals to comply. I move a friendly amendment to strike "nullification" and replace it with "widespread civil disobedience."

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

Oh yeah?

We'll all be right behind you... you go get it started. You seem like a real go-getter, so we're depending on you, champ!

Advocating constitutional remedies is ignorance at this point

Like the guy said below, do you think the states are going to protect us from federal stormtroopers? No they are not. The state governments are just miniatures of the Fed and just as wayward and corrupt. In case you haven't got the memo, the constitution is dead.

You're right.

We should all just lick boots and not do anything. Educating the masses and trying to influence local government is a bad idea. Gotcha.

You can lick boots if you want too

I don't see how that helps. And I don't see how doing nothing accomplishes anything. So I don't know why you say I'm right since I didn't advocate either of those paths.

I'm just telling you that "(YOU ARE STUPID)" if you think that the constitution has any relevance any more. And your ignorant comment just solidifies my opinion.

I Gotcha.

Must be great to know

Must be great to know everything and live to bring people down with your super-specialized super special inside knowledge of how the world works, Eeyore. Just because you can't understand plain and simple language doesn't mean everyone else is stupid. They should have taught you that in grade school. Now stop going out of your way to impress me... it's so tryhard.


How would the States nullify this law? If the Feds are implementing a tax, and enforcing that tax, then how can this be nullified?

States are above the Fed...

State nullification is the idea that the states can and must refuse to enforce unconstitutional federal laws.

Just because some guys in black robes say something is Constitutional, that doesn't make it so... and the States have a right to challenge it.


Hopefully this helps you...

State's Rights are already in use, there just needs to be more awareness among the people and the people we elect.


No I understad

I understand that broad point of yours. But you are missing my point. The FEDS enforce Federal tax policy. The Feds collect the tax via the IRS. So how can the States intervene?

I want to know how in the practical application Nullification would work.

I am curious as well. So my

I am curious as well. So my state will stop the federal storm troopers from freaking into my home for tax evasion?


After talking to Tom Woods and getting encouragement from him, I've decided to set up a ChipIn page to get things going. I'm not sure how much to ask for at this point, but I'll have to put a lot of time and money into this, since I'll have to pay people to help with the SEO and traffic generating drudgery.

I'll just ballpark an amount at 10k -- not that I expect to get that much -- but that would get thing moving quickly.

Here is the ChipIn Page for now:


I'll probably make a new post later to get a "Nullification Starts Now Moneybomb" cooking, but at least this can start the seeding process for now :-)

Tom also suggested I talk to the people at the Tenth Amendment Center to see if we can work together somehow, so this thing could get pretty big fast!

All ideas are welcome, so feel free to post them here in the comment!

No thanks

You shouldn't ask for money before having something to show for it.

No offense, but you have no clout. You keep name dropping Tom. Make a name for yourself first... Build a quality product, and then maybe... You'll get chip ins.

Since you have so much clout...

Why don't you do it? I mean, I build sites and do marketing... what is this talk about "quality products"? Having a "quality product" is the barrier to entry in grassroots activism? Nobody is forcing you to chip-in, but it bothers you for some reason that someone would ask for donations in exchange for their time, specialized knowledge, and skills? Anyways, I've noticed how most of your comments are troll-like in nature, so I assume you can't control it. Asperger's maybe? No offense.


You sound like a scammer to me... But it doesn't matter, I know DPers will be smart enough to research b4 giving $ to some random on the Internet who says he can build websites and market. I've had 3 posts on the front page this last week... So...yeah, I'm a troll. Lol

So cute...

We're all impressed, bro. But a rich man doesn't have to tell you he's rich. 3 posts on the front page!? WOW! You're like 2 Legit 2 Quit. That must be why you get all the chicks. You're the Top Dawg. Can I be your BFF? Scram.


Nice job on the Chip in... ;)


But I haven't really launched it yet. Nice job on getting so many downvotes on the majority of your posts... ;)