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Mitt Romney Responds To Supreme Court Ruling On ObamaCare

I find it nauseating to here him using Liberty inspires buzz words as if he's actually Liberty Minded.


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Can someone sum it up please,

Can someone sum it up please, I'm not giving that video any more views..

The perfect McRomney.

The perfect McRomney. Wouldn't it be funny if they resurrected Palin to be the VP? Or maybe they tweak it a bit and throw in Crazy Eyes.

fyi: here =/= hear

The sad part is, people will lap it up

And explain why he couldn't fix it when he doesn't. Not that I think he stands a chance of actually getting elected.

He can't do anything on his

He can't do anything on his own.

You mean Romneycare, right?

Give credit to the one who thunk it up and tell the world it is Romneycare.

On TV news coverage last night

I noticed a placard below Romney at the mic printed:
"Repeal & Replace." You can see it in this video a the very beginning: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58vTWxhEhYw&feature=related

I found that disturbing.... Repeal ObamaCare, Replace with RomneyCare?

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That's it exactly.

He obviously is for federal intervention in health care.
I think we diminish our chances of swaying anyone by not making that distinction.

Undo what Wilson did

Can someone embed the video please :)


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