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Napolitano: Obamacare Ruling Will Drive Libertarians To Romney - Has the Judge lost his mind?

Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, June 29, 2012

Judge Andrew Napolitano told Fox News that small government libertarians who have so far refused to throw their support behind Mitt Romney will now do so as a result of yesterday’s Supreme Court decision to uphold Obamacare.


What's your opinion DP?

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Can we PLEASE, get rid of

Can we PLEASE, get rid of this propaganda?! Not once did Judge say Libertarians in that clip, the word is "Conservatives". Only the title and the text along with the article imply that.

This is my problem with Alex Jones and those that work with him at his site, they believe so much in the "Means to an end" mentality that when they mess up, they harm everything they supposedly stand for. What good is it to get away from the 'Statist' sided MSM that lies to us to get, instead an individual who will lie to us. There's no PRINCIPLE guiding him that says "you know, maybe I should just try and stay honest".

You are correct, not ONCE did the Judge say Libertarians...

He said Republicans and Conservatives. The term small government does not make them Libertarians. The Judge is correct, the ruling will drive the Republicans/Conservatives to Romney... my sister is a perfect example of that. Can't we at least stay intellectually honest? Change the title to this post.

Not this libertarian

I have turned on the GOP in my state.

a dollar to a donut

he's having 2nd and 3rd thoughts about overloaden his mouth fer his brain clicked in

4th of July Freedom Money Bomb!!

Please help out and make a donation to the liberty candidate running against St Charles, MO caucus hijacker Eugene Dokes!!!


I don't think REAL libertarians

will suppport Romney, but some fringe RP supporters will vote for MR thinking he will overturn Obamacare

You really screwed this one up Nap


Oh no. They must have

Oh no. They must have reprogrammed him. The real Judge Nap knows better than that.

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

Not only "No!" but "Hell No!"

Chief Justice Roberts is actual proof as to why having a GOP liberal or Democrat liberal in the White House makes no difference.

I am sorry to hear this. If the Judge were being totally straightforward, he would admit that electing anyone but a Constitutionalist as POTUS will result in widespread civil uprising with violent results for the US government, as a lot of people would just as soon take a few of these SOBs with them if they are contemplating suicide.

So much the "cavalry to the rescue" stuff from Drake and Cobra.

I heard the Judge speaking on faux Thursday

let's just say I was seriously disappointed. He seemed to be siding with Roberts. Perhaps I didn't listen for long enough, but I can only take so much.

The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Well, I haven't heard that

Well, I haven't heard that one yet, but in the video in the link, he doesn't even say Libertarians once. The title is misleading, but apparently many of us are still falling for it, :(.

Charles K is in on it. That's the psyop until convention.

"Nobody cares about RomneyCare" it's what Mitt Promises on the campaign trail that is most important. Nonsense.

Republicans who elect Mitt will have buyers regret. Especially after Mitt cancels the Second Amendment, because people are up in arms over the Un Affordable Health Care Act.

Free includes debt-free!


I heard someone say this on the Fox propaganda network. More wishful thinking from the neocons. The problems with this are multifold:

1. Romney is just as bad or even worse than Obama on civil liberties and property rights.
2. Romney will not succeed in repealing Obamacare and might not even try.
3. By the time President Romney takes office the economy will be in such disastrous condition that affordable medical care will cease to be a key issue. They will be fighting over other things and, and usual, fail to come to any resolution.
4. Romney is a liar like the majority of modern day American politicians.
5. Libertarians are not idiotic single issue voters who trust career politicians.
6. We are going to - at the very least - embarrass the Republicon party and their empty suit candidate at the convention...and we will enjoy it.

I cannot even believe that people on this site would even consider voting for a corporate shill fascist like Romney. There is no practical consideration that could possibly lead a Libertarian to vote for Romney even if he were to repeal Obamacare which, quite frankly, is barely the icing on the giant cake of totalitarianism.

I agree

"I cannot even believe that people on this site would even consider voting for a corporate shill fascist like Romney."

which is why the Tampa convention, with the Benton campaign telling delegates to vote for Romney, is turning into a sad farce. Add Rand Paul's endorsement to the mix and you have a Greek tragedy.


i couldnt agree more

I'll probably get voted down for this

But I'm tired of the Obama bashing on here. He's nothing more than the Status Quo. I know, he's the one in office, and this is his plan. But it was also Romney's plan. It was also Nixon's plan. It was also Newt's alternative to Clinton's plan. What was McCain's plan? He wanted to make you're employer's insurance plan to be considered taxable as income and give you a tax credit that wouldn't come close to covering the costs. There is no plan alternative plan, and costs keep going up. Bush's health care "plan" was to give free unpaid prescriptions to medicare participants. Republican's cheer the idea of letting a cancer patient die. Seriously, what is the plan other than competition? Letting people buy health care across state lines. Is that the only answer? What do you do with the 8% unemployed (probably 14%). We need to get them jobs. Does Mitt have a plan? If he does, I haven't heard it. We need to get back focused on the cause of liberty. Yes we can continue to bash the president, but let's not pretend that he is the root of all evil. He is the status quo, and the (D) is no worse than the (R). We need a change, we need a Revolution. We need to get back on point.

Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.
John Adams

Get them jobs?

How about economic liberty? Sound money that isn't worthless paper backed by guns aimed at us? The freedom to keep the fruits of our labor and to associate or not associate and deal with whomever we please? Get the political class off our backs and the jobs will come. No one has to make anyone jobs.

jaseed's picture

Obama bashing

is just their way of dumbing down America. As if the general populace can be dumbed down much more. Just watch more sports, DWTS & Jerry Springer.

Thanks for your points, goldstock.
And you need people wanting to work, not taxed/regulated to death.

“The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time: the hand of force may destroy, but cannot disjoin them.”

– Thomas Jefferson

reedr3v's picture

I guess I hate him more than Romney

at this point because O. already is the Murderer-In-Chief and Romney so far is just a wannabe murderer. Naturally I never vote for any of these monsters, just sayin'

Judge may be right, but I hope to hell he's WRONG on this one.

I want the GOP to lose so the r3VOLution is back in business come 2016. A win for Romney means we wait until 2020. I can't wait that long.


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Why is the R3volution dependent on success or failure of beauty

Why is the R3volution dependent on success or failure of beauty contests.

It's a R3volution of individuals. This one is moving like no other in history. Instead of moving as armies, or mobs or even as protesters, this one moves in millions of different ways, but always moving towards liberty for all. The Internet helped us learn that freedom is popular. We have to take it from here.

An idea whose time has come, cannot be stopped. Truth and liberty are the great equalizers.

Free includes debt-free!

LKY's picture

Good question.

But, the society that has generations of sheep won't move to the side of R3volution till the pressure of tyranny grows on the other side. A stronger pressure from Obama can create a stronger resistance for next four years.

I am not able to predict the lesser of morons.

And even less able to predict the people's reactions to government actions.

Government is the problem. It threatens my life, it inhibits my liberties and it takes the fruits of my pursuits of happiness. I do not consent.

When government honors the contract they swore to uphold, then they will no longer be in breach.

Congressmen, by breaching the Constitution as contract have violated their oath of office. There are 470 seats available in this election. Each of us will vote for Presidential ticket, and an Congressmen and some will vote for Senator.

How many, who have broken their oath of office, will be re-elected?

How many will will at least face a healthy opposition?

Free includes debt-free!

i think you have a good point

but i will add that the internet is only a tool!

LKY's picture

I believe Romney is going to be worse to American

than another four years of Obama.

If Romney won the election in November, anything he does over the next four years will be cried by liberal as not been left enough. And the GOP will confirm with Romney that we should all try to compromise for all the American people.

If Obama won in November, he will then try to push the country to the left as far as he can and as fast as he want to. The GOP will then speaker louder as the opposition voice, which is usually meaningless anyway. But, the best outcome will be individual states revolution, the 10th Amendments comes alive! This actually gives me more hope for the future.

Looks like the Judge is the

Looks like the Judge is the traitor of the week... Just when I thought it was safe to go on the DP...


Well, as far as I can tell,

Well, as far as I can tell, it's just Infowars getting worked up over nothing. Watch the actual clip, the judge does NOT say Libertarians, he says Conservatives(remember, Alex Jones is a self-proclaimed Paleo-Conservative, which is fine, but he seems to be overly defensive of the term 'conservative' at times)

He clearly says Republicans that are conservatives.

He didn't even use the word 'libertarian' once. Good googa mooga! Some people...

You'd think those of us in

You'd think those of us in the 'Revolution' we'd be more wary of things like this, but it seems there are still plenty of people with their own loyalties or lack of desire to actually find the truth...

Sounds like the Judge is bought and paid for

I guess Fox took his show away, and told him he can stay on the channel as long as he play by their rules. Libertarians voting for Romney? Has the Judge lost his fu(king mind???

Romneycare was the blueprint for Obamacare, so why the fu(k would ANYBODY vote for Romney???? Some of you have lost your minds!!