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CAMPING at Paulfest clarified

I just bought my tickets -- including an on-campus campsite -- for Paulfest. This is going to be fun.

The Paulfest website does not make this clear, but you only have to buy ONE expensive 3-day combo ticket ($175) to secure a campsite. The other members of your party can buy the cheap single tickets ($77 for the weekend if purchased by June 30).

The website also does not make it clear that the camping is primitive tent camping, much as you'd find at music festivals. But it is right near all the action. This is where all the Ronvoys will be set up, which will make it a particularly fun spot.

RV camp sites are also available. Maybe someone else can weigh in on how to secure one. It also is not clear on the website.

The website is going to be corrected shortly, but I confirmed the info above with Susan Wolf of the team running Paulfest who is charge of coordinating Ronvoys and camping.

Because the price is about to go up July 1, you should not wait for the site to be fixed to buy your tickets.

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