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EVERYONE start calling ObamaCare by its real name

We need to spread the word that Obamacare IS Romneycare, i want to see the word Obamacare removed from society, it will be called Romneycare from now on, in every instance.

Lets get it into everyones heads EXACTLY where the biggest tax hike in the history of the United States came from.

Thank you Presidential Candidate Romney for bringing more tax into the economy than anyone before you, before you were even a POTUS.

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O-Romney Care. Call it what it is!

They set it all up so well, so carefullyThe plan to destroy the middle class. Notice - the focus is on the job creator. Small businesses in 2nd year can be penalized $2000/worker who chooses to be subsidized- despite the employer offering insurance. They tried to bankrupt the states as well, taking a half a billion of their medicaid away. But they also made a serious mistake - adopting the senate version, the tax version. Taxes can't originate in the senate. Ben Swann- for cabinet position in RonPaul's administration!




Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

That's the official name of the Act if you don't want to be cutesy, partisan, and divisive all the time.

that makes even less sense

the act does not address patient protection nor affordable care.

thats like calling the "patriot act" the "patriot act". it makes no sense.

I didn't name the thing, that's the official name.

If you ever want to talk with someone that disagrees with you on the issue, calling it "Obamacare" or any other cutesy and divisive name will get you absolutely nowhere.

Or you can stay in the echo chamber and travel the same distance.



"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Why is the plan bad, other

Why is the plan bad, other than the individual mandate? The rest seems good to me.

"Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear." - Benjamin Franklin

Other than the extorted theft called MANDATE

it seems good? There is no other than, it immoral its bad and it makes us once again into subserviant slaves to must bow who dictators. EVERYTHING ABOUT IT IS BAD. My final answer is still NO!


Obamacare / Romneycare is bad because

it is the worst of all possible worlds. It isn't public, with the government calling the shots to control costs and ensure access, but it isn't private and voluntary, either. Obamacare / Romneycare is a scheme to enrich private corporations by forcing taxpayers to buy what they have to sell. In such a healthcare model there is no incentive for health insurance companies to do their best for customers in providing comprehensive health coverage because customers are forced to buy what you have to sell whether they want it or not. It is worse than that though: there is every incentive to save money in production of the product they sell: to whit, the less healthcare they give you for your dollars, the more dollars they and their shareholders pocket as profit. Private corporations are more accountable to the shareholders than to the patients, as well - a corrupt and loathsome healthcare model; a form of corporatism verging on fascism, as Ron Paul so astutely puts it.

Does it make sense to

sanction extorted theft. Immoral submission to theives leads to what. More extortion and more theft then one day you awaken in a work prison. But still you can say look it dont seem so bad a roof over my head they take care of me and feed me and protect me. Is slavery ok to you, you being the slave of course.


Why is the plan bad?

A direct taxation paid directly to the foriegn bankers who are the insurance companies. Taxation w/o representation is tyranny. If you like the plan why live in America? America wasn't built on fear.


For starters, the law cannot function without the individual mandate in place (and, as Peter Schiff pointed out, the penalty tax penalty-tax or whatever you wish to call it is too low to be effective, so the law will not work anyway).

The law simply gets the government more entrenched in the healthcare system (and, by extension, the insurance companies will also become more entrenched). This will not low healthcare costs as the democrats say, but will only cause them to increase.

The "good" parts of RombamaCare (TM) force insurance companies to accept people with pre-existing conditions at a low price, and to accept adults up to 26 on their parents' insurance. These regulations may seem good at face value, but they are delivering more power into the hands of insurance companies. Meanwhile, the costs to insurance companies of taking on more customers who use a lot of medical care will require them to bring in more revenue from healthy people, thus the need for an individual mandate.

A truly free market system would result in lower costs for everyone, as Dr. Paul points out, while RombamaCare raises costs and does not function without the immoral individual mandate (and with the mandate as in its current form it does not work at all).

I predict Romney (the Father of Romneycare, and the...

Grandfather of Obamacare) will flip-flop (as always)..and will support his grandchild, Obamacare (IF ever, after he gets to be POTUS).

Now if people really wise up and would vote for Ron Paul for POTUS...no doubt, TOTAL REPEAL!!! The End. No questions.

Whats great about Ron Paul is

Whats great about Ron Paul is that he will work far beyond RobamneyOmneyFeFiFoFomney Care (TM), and may make a full fledged effort to save health care from all of the previous govt disasters. That means going back to before congress got involved in the 1970s with the creations of HMOs and other govt created market manipulations in health care.

A Ron Paul presidency could end up with the lowest health care costs in a lifetime, and the insurance companies will absolutely hate it.

you're right

In 1973 taking a kid into see the doctor - $ 35.00. The insurance companies are the problem. Now it's just a mess. We need medical care to be humane not predatory.


I'm perfectly happy calling it Obamney-care and giving credit to both of them.

Supreme court already re-named it:

Obama-TAX !

A patriot must always be prepared to defend his country from his government.


I refuse to give a pass to the sorry piece of shit in the oval office. This is Obamacare. I don't care how bad Romney is I will not place the blame for Obamacare on anyone but Obama where it belongs. I don't understand why you are so willing to help Obama after all he has done.

Obama better than Rummy

Obama is in office until maximum 2016. If Willard is elected, we won't have a chance at the GOP nomination until 2020. However, I don't think we should give Obama a free pass, which is why I suggest: RombamaCare, which has the additional benefit of suggesting there is no difference between the two.

wejustcareabouthowmuchofyourmoneywecantake plan.


O-Care, R-Care as if either cared for anything but power.

And pressing their totalitarian agendas on the people.

Free includes debt-free!