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Tea Party Quiet... Too Quiet

The Tea Party has all but disappeared, but an expert urges us not to think they won't be back.


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Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.

The Tea Party

is a hoax....just like the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and the Peace Dividend.

Screw the TeoCons and the ass they rode in on.


No they are not quiet

They are mad as can be and are revving up the engines to defeat this and all who voted for it in Nov.
THE SLEEPING GIANT HAS AWOKEN AGAIN. THE PEEPS ARE COMING OUT OF THE WOOD WORK. They have been stirred by the Marxists and are awake!

The battle is just begining and SOROS will pee his pants when he sees how big the Tea Party will grow because of this commie deathtax bill.

Keepin' it real.

I'm disgusted with these "children" who have no connection

that they're sending their children off to die. Moral cowards. Idiots. Assholes. They'll be waving their chinese made American flags on Wednesday. What for? They're not even free.

I hear reports that Freedom Works (Dick Armies fake TP)...

...is doing away with local organizations in an attempt to centralize the power and force local news and local members to contact the national organization.

Again what started out being sold as grassroots is apparently now being converted into an elitist centralized power base working in opposition to those that joined under false pretenses.

There will be a vacuum in the states where this is strong but pulling out.

Consider how you yourself might fill that vacuum.


Well it won't work

Because there are different factions of the Tea Party. The Tea Party Express Hijacked the grass roots for $ and the grass roots is doing just fine thank you. There are many different groups of the Tea party. Stop slamming and bashing the TeaParty in a blanket statement.

Keepin' it real.

Top 10 Tea Party Crashers:

Excellent source

I guess the "Tea Party" is beginning to wonder why they back Romney when he wrote O-Romney care. And is falling in line with the likes of Sean Hannity at the same time. 1984.

In all honesty...

Screw the Tea Party. It was a bunch of pissed Republicans that came running to our platform.. and tried to take our movement from us. Period.

Dick Armey can eat a bag of d*cks. We got hijacked.



and here:


I cant stand the modern Tea Party. They have no idea why it was even started, and if they do, they diss Ron Paul.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul


Thx.. Screw Romney. Im just sitting out this time. Unless by some miracle Paul is nominated.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

me too...


I stay in touch with ours

The last protest they had was on a Ron paul legislation.. when I pointed out it was Ron Paul's and they didn't give him credit, they shut up.