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What does a free market healthcare system look like?

What does a free market healthcare system look like?


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There'd be alot of variety.

I would expect a pay as you go system would develop in and around what is now, which would hopefully include neighborhood GP clinics where you can get a cut finger stitched without forking over $1000+ at ER (insurance beneficiaries don't bother paying attention to those assinine costs). Innovations to meet market demand would be endless, and costs would come down dramatically.

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I would say that BJ Lawson's

I would say that BJ Lawson's organization is one of the closest things to free market healthcare today. Check it out. THIS is the way to go, IMO.


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You cannot have free market healthcare

as long as there are insurance companies that pay the bill. I don't understand why so many supposed "Libertarians" are so supportive of socialism through health insurance.

Why the hell can't you people see what has gotten us to where we are at?

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You cannot have a free market if insurance companies

are either banned or subsidized (controled).
If people want to pool their resources as insurance, that's their business. It only becomes a problem when they attempt to impose their choice on everyone.
Having said that, I fully agree that an insurance system encourages abuse, fraud, and excessive pricing. But I disagree that insurance per se has gotten us into the state we are in. I believe gubmnt interference is the main culprit.

Undo what Wilson did

You obviously did not read

You obviously did not read the article. The Free Market did not get us into this mess you twat.

What are you talking about.

TWAT are you talking about? I didn't need to read past the first paragraph to accurately respond as I did.

Health insurance is voluntary socialism. So if you believe in health insurance then you believe in socialism. It's that simple. And now we are being force into health insurance which is forced socialism. What do you not understand about that?

You claim you want free markets then your first paragraph advocates socialism. You apparently are a socialist at heart which is worse than being a "twat".

Insurance is not socialism.

You have a very warped view of socialism. Under your definition, my friends and I are socialists any time we pitch in for a pizza.

If there is no government involvement, there is no socialism. It is a forceful, violent, and anti-individualist ideology. Individuals freely pooling their resources into a private company is not socialism.

The problem is when the government forces individuals to purchase insurance. THAT is socialism. It robs us of our free will.

Would insurance even be necessary without government involvement in the industry? Who knows. I'm sure some would still buy it. But as long as they buy insurance of their own free will and not because of government mandates or taxes, it is not socialist.

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Your pizza analogy is wrong

That is nothing like insurance. IF you and your buddies hired someone to decide what size and toppings pizza EACH one of you can have and then OKed the orders and negotiated how much would be paid. That would be a more accurate analogy. That is voluntary socialism and when your pizza broker corporation gets so big then it interferes with the pizza market and thus the free market is manipulated and no longer meets the definition of a free market.

Whether it is government who interferes in the market or some huge corporation doesn't matter cause when the market is manipulated it is no longer "free". Now you are eating way more pizza than you paid for and your buddies rates go up to cover the cost that you have incurred and since anchovies aren't covered I can't even get them any more even though I'm not in your group. :)

Health insurance is socialism because you are giving your money and decision making power to a higher authority. That is as plain as I can put it. Now I am indebted to the insurance company from cradle to grave because this nation is now a socialist nation and it is insurance that has made it possible.

It's the only way out.

It's the only way out.