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♠ There are more elections than just the Primaries. Find out who else you should be voting for and when. OPEN Thread

Every now and then I try to put out a list of liberty candidates that I suggest Paul supporters research and if they fit your personal criteria of "liberty candidate" then please vote for them.

The rEVOLution didn't stop in '08 and will continue past '12, but the only way to do that is to keep electing pro-liberty people to office. It's not just about the RNC. It's about changing the playing field.

Below are my suggestions, but please do your own research and follow your conscience. If there is anyone I should add to the list, please leave a comment (name, district and when to vote for them would help). Re-tweet, thumbs up and share this anyway you can. This is an ongoing project. If we don't make this effort then we are no better than the rest of the sheeple.

Upcoming elections:

Nebraska 7/13/12 5p-9:30p 7/14/12 7a-7p
State Convention (http://negopconvention-efbevent.eventbrite.com/) Riverside Golf Club 2820 Riverside Dr. Grand Island, NE 68801

North Carolina 7/17/12
Vote For:
[] Dan Forrest Lt. Govenor
[] Richard Alexander Sup. Pub. Instr
[] Mike Causey Ins. Comm
[] Scott Keadle House Rep Dist 8
[] Matthew Ridenhour Mecklenburg district 5 comm

Georgia 7/31/12
Vote For:
[] Martin L Hawley State Rep Dist. 46
[] Charles A. Gregory State Rep Dist. 34
[] Carter Kessler State Rep. Dist. 118
[] Nick Johnson House Rep Dist 45
[] Paul C. Broun Rep Dist 10 (93% Constitutional voting record)

Texas: 7/31/12
Vote For:
[] Dale Brueggemann House Rep Dist 15
[] Jessica Bradshaw House Rep Dist 34
[] Steve Stockman House Rep Dist 36 (Sponsored Federal bill Megan's Law which Texas has tried to nullify (Ron Paul voted against it also) under state's rights because 95% of the funding goes to 5% of the problem, but he's good in most everything else)
[] Wes Riddle House Rep Dist 25

Washington State: 8/2/12
Vote For:
[] Eli Olson House Rep. Dist. 2

Tennessee: 8/2/12
Vote For:
[] Thom Gray House Rep Dist 4
[] Tonya Miller House Rep Dist 53
[] Daniel Lewis House Rep. Dist 52
[] Shaun Crowell Senate (Independent)
[] Zach Poskevich Senate (Republican)

Michigan: 8/7/12
Vote For:
[] Ray Kirkus Berrien County Commissioner Dist. 9
[] Kerry L. Bentivolio House Rep. CD 11
[] Tom Wassa House Rep Dist 5
[] Randall Easterling Blackman Twp Delegate
[] Donald Biddinger Blackman Twp Delegate

Missouri: 8/7/12
Vote For:
[] Cynthia L. Davis Lieutenant Governor (Constitution Party)
[] Mike Carter Lieutenant Governor (Republican)
[] Robyn Hamlin House Rep. Dist. 1
[] Jason Greene House Rep. Dist 5
[] Tyler Holyfield House Rep Dist 70 (against Eugene Dokes)

Washington State: 8/7/12
Vote For:
[] Sam Wilson State House Rep. Dist. 38
[] Richard Sanders state supreme court position 9

Hawaii: 8/11/12
Vote For:
[] Simon Russell House Rep. Dist. 13

Wisconsin: 8/14/12
Vote For:
[] Brandi Lefeber State Rep. Dist. 3

Florida: 8/14/12
Vote For:
[] Don Stephenson Pasco County School Board Dist. 2
[] Dan Tucker State Committeeman Pinellas County
[] Dan Stojadinovic Senate
[] Calen Fretts House Rep Dist 1
[] Darren Ayres House Rep Dist 13
[] Strother Hammond House Rep Dist 37
[] Steve Simon - Pasco County State Committeeman
[] Paul Fosse - Hillsborough County State Committeeman
[] Susanne "Lea" Rashka - Hillsborough County State Committeewoman

New Hampshire: 9/11/12
Vote For:
[] Frank W. Szabo Sheriff of Hillsborough County
[] Dennis Lamare House Rep. Dist. 2
[] Jenn Coffey House Rep. Merrimack 1
[] Norman Tregenza House Rep Carroll 7

November 6th General Election:
[] Ron Paul
[] Joseph McCray, Sr. House Rep Dist 6
[] Virginia Fuller House Rep Dist 11
[] John Dennis House Rep Dist 12
[] Gary G. Miller House Rep Dist 42
[] Tom McClintock House Rep Dist 4 (93% Constitutional voting Record)
[] Tisha Casida House Rep Dist 3 (Independent)
[] Thomas Massie House Rep Dist 4
[] Jeff Landry House Rep Dist 3 (90% Constitutional voting record)
[] Aaron Libby House Rep. Dist 139
[] Beth O'Connor House Rep Dist 135
[] David Johnson House Rep Dist 20
[] Heather Sirocki House Rep Dist 128
[] Jeffery Gifford House Rep Dist 12
[] Lance Harvell House Rep Dist 89
[] Larry Dunphy House Rep 88
[] Michael McClellan House Rep 103
[] Michael Willette House Rep Dist 5
[] Paul Waterhouse House Rep Dist 98
[] R. Ryan Harmon House Rep Dist 45
[] Faith Loudon House Rep Dist 4
[] Roscoe Bartlett House Rep Dist 6
[] Eric Knowles House Rep Dist 3
[] Kurt Bills U.S. Senate
[] Ben Blomgren House Rep. Dist. 66B
[] Danny Bedwell House Rep Dist 1
[] Paul Curtman House Rep. Dist. 105
[] Todd Akin House Rep Dist 2 (90% Constitutional voting record)
[] Justin Amash House Rep Dist. 3
[] Michael Firsching House Rep. Dist. 13
[] Richard L. Grabowski House Rep Dist 3
[] Angela Michael House Rep Dist 15 (Democrat)
[] Doug Marks Senate Dist 33
North Carolina:
[] Walter Jones, Jr. House Rep. Dist. 3
[] John Featherman House Rep Dist 1
[] Hans F. Lessmann House Rep Dist 14
[] Monty J. Pearce House Rep. Dist. 9
[] Lenore Barrett House Rep. Dist. 35B
[] Monty Pearce Senate Dist. 9
[] Pete Nielsen House Rep. Dist. 22B
[] Phil Hart House Rep. Dist. 3B
[] Shirley McKague Senate Dist. 20
[] Vito Barbieri House Rep. Dist. 3A
[] Raul Labrador House Rep Dist 1 (93% Constitutional voting record)
[] David Simpson House Rep. Dist. 7
[] Sterling Russell House Rep. Dist. 15 (Libertarian)
[] Ed Kless Senate Dist. 8
[] Michael Cole House Rep. Dist. 36
[] Patrick Hisel House Rep. Dist. 28 (Libertarian
[] William Hayward House Rep Dist 28 (Republican)
[] Steve Mueller House Rep. Dist 9
[] Zach Grady House Rep Dist 14
[] Steve Susman House Rep Dist 22
[] Nick Tanner House Rep Dist 47
New Hampshire:
[] Jim Forsythe Senate Dist. 4
[] Andy Sanborn Senate Dist. 7
[] Ann Cartwright Senate Cheshire Dist. 2
[] Andrew Manuse House Rep Rockingham 5
[] Cam DeJong House Rep Hillsborough 9
[] Carol Vita House Rep Strafford 3
[] Lou Vita House Rep Strafford 3
[] Donna Mauro House Rep Rockingham 4
[] George Lambert House Rep Hillsborough 27
[] Jennifer Coffey House Rep Merrimack 6
[] Keith Murphy House Rep Hillsborough 18
[] Kyle Jones House Rep Strafford 1
[] Laura Jones House Rep Strafford 1
[] Mark Warden House Rep Hillsborough 7
[] Paul Mirski House Rep Grafton 10
[] Tammy Simmons House Rep Hillsborough 17
[] Timothy Comerford House Rep Rockingham 9
New York:
[] Dan Halloran House Rep Dist 6
[] Rick Witt House Rep Dist 1
New Mexico:
[] Jon Barrie Senate
[] Robert Cain House Rep Dist 17
South Dakota:
[] Dan Kaiser House Rep. Dist. 3
[] Jon Hansen House Rep. Dist. 25
[] Brian Liss House Rep. Dist. 13
[] Jason Schultz House Rep. Dist 55
[] Kim Pearson House Rep. Dist. 42
[] Glen Massie House Rep Dist 74
[] Steve McCoy House Rep Dist 26
New Jersey:
[] Michael Doherty Senate Dist. 23
[] Ken Kaplan Senate
[] John Ordille House Rep Dist 2
[] Len Flynn House Rep Dist 6
[] Patrick McKnight House Rep Dist 7
[] Mick Erickson House Rep Dist 10
[] Charles Key House Rep. Dist. 90 (Fish Sisters Seal of Approval)
[] John Sullivan House Rep Dist 1
[] Nathan Dahm Senate Dist 33 (Fish Sisters Seal of Approval)
[] R.J. Harris House Rep Dist 4
[] Art Robinson House Rep Dist 4
Rhode Island:
[] Nicholas Kettle Senate Dist. 21
South Carolina:
[] Lee Bright Senate Dist 12
[] Kevin Bryant Senate Dist 3
[] Tom Davis Senate Dist 46
[] Danny Verdin Senate Dist 9
[] Jeff Duncan House Rep Dist 3 (93% Constitutional Voting record)
[] Thom Gray House Rep Dist 4
[] Kay Christofferson House Rep Dist 56
[] Brian Greene House Rep Dist 57
[] Adam B. Howard House Rep. Lamoille 4
[] Tom Burditt House Rep. Rutland 1-2
[] Cary Condotta House Rep Dist 12A
[] Jason Overstreet House Rep Dist 42A
[] Matthew Shea House Rep Dist 4b
[] Kendell Kroeker House Rep. Dist. 35
[] Lyle Williams Senate Dist 14
Do you know a candidate running for office? Have them fill out this form: http://libertycandidates.com/liberty-questions/
Pro-Constitution voting record calculated at jbs.org during the 112th Congress. Example: jbs.org lists Justin Amash having a 93% Constitutional voting record, Ron Paul has 100%)

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Tisha Casida

U.S. House of Representatives Colorado District 3


Thank you for compiling this list, sovereignjanice!

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

You're very welcome. I just

You're very welcome. I just hope people use it

Ron Paul endorses Curt Bills on his FaceBook page

"Ron Paul shared a link.
4 hours ago
We have just a few more hours to help Kurt Bills before the quarter ends. Please consider chipping in with a small contribution right now!"


Ron Paul ... forever.

If you are on a central committee

You can vet liberty candidates nad get them ballot acess, and stop the others in your party from having ballot access.

Why not be on a central committee giving voters the cadndiates YOU want for them to have?

kinda sad that this isn't

kinda sad that this isn't more popular

reedr3v's picture

bump to offset sadness


awww, thank you :)

awww, thank you :)