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Paul Festival Plans for Sunday

As most of you know, Dr. Paul announced his venue for his event today. What we would like to do is, on Sunday morning, open up at 8:00 am and have our Sunday worship service and then "Ronvoy" our masses over to his event. Imagine a convoy of Ron Paul supporters going through Tampa Sunday morning! It'll be great! Meanwhile at the festival, we'll continue with musical acts, the children's activity center, etc. and we're currently working on having Ron's event simulcast at our event on a jumbotron for those folks staying back. His event will be shown on the internet so it shouldn't be an issue arranging it. Then, after Ron's event, the "Ronvoy" will bring everyone back, and we'll have a Grand Finale!

We're still waiting to hear back as to when he will speak at our event. In the meantime, we'll continue our planning and promoting. The movement wants and needs this, and it is up to us to make it happen. I'm sure Dr. Paul is counting on us to bring everyone to Tampa. And people aren't coming just for a 4 hour Sunday event - they want to travel together, camp together, and celebrate what we've accomplished over the last 5 years together - and we're just the people to make that happen. We will converge on Tampa and show the world our numbers as we celebrate and unify! We are the fastest growing political movement in America and there's no stopping us!

Let's do this!

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I was Told...

By one of the organizers that there was "plenty of room" for my band to perform. That was two months ago. I offered to do it for free, not because we suck but because I wanted to contribute. My band is ranked #50 in the rock category on reverbnation and tours nationally.

I have 1 house just outside of Tampa and another in gainesville florida. I offered to volunteer, to help out if anyone needed a place to rest. I was ignored. I finally wanted an answer and OMLY after numerous e-mails did I get a response "Oh there were hundereds of Bands...bla bla bla."

I don't mind not being able to play, WHAT BOTHERS ME IS A HAVE RESOURCES THAT WERE IGNORED. Now I know what the delegates feel like. These organizers seem to care nothing about unity and resource management. Any delegates who HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS SHAM, LET ME KNOW AND I'LL HELP.

Label Jars, Not People!

What is the name of your

What is the name of your band?

I watch these Ron Paul grassroots music events pretty closely. I comment on all of them over on RPF.

I'd like to listen to the top 50 reverbnation rock category act that Paulfest apparently turned down.

Overall, I'd say they're doing a pretty good job, but there's quite a few "why are these acts on this bill" acts.

I'd like to say over at RPF, "why are there so many bands from California with really thin resumes playing, when (Band X #50 on reverbnation) offered to play.

You are not alone

The festival also lost it's "Top Sponsor" and has had several organizers leave due to unhappiness with the way the board of directors is doing things.

If I do go to Tampa it will be to go the the official event only, it's free! Paul "Johnson" Fest costs money and Ron Paul won't even be there!

I am!

Ron Paul to blow off Paul Festival for GOP delegates rally


"July 7, 2012. Tampa. On August 26, 2012, the city of Tampa, Florida will simultaneously host two separate Ron Paul rallies. One will be a three-day music and political festival organized by Ron Paul supporters with plenty of organized activities for the whole family. The other event…will have Ron Paul. In a surprising announcement, the popular Republican Presidential candidate made it clear he would not be speaking at Paul Festival, leaving his die-hard supporters feeling betrayed for the second time in as many months.

For quite a while, Ron Paul’s now legendary supporters have been planning a ‘thank you’ rally for their beloved Presidential candidate Ron Paul. With a line-up of speakers that promises to be thee political rally of the summer, Paul Festival as they’ve called it, will only be missing one thing – the guest of honor himself, Ron Paul.

Ron Paul announcement

In an email to supporters yesterday, the Texas Congressman made it abundantly clear that he was holding his own political rally on the same exact day as Paul Festival, in the same exact city – Tampa.

Both events are timed to coincide with the start of the Republican National Convention being held in the same city. The candidate also makes it clear that he will not be joining the long list of speakers at Paul Fest and insists, “This event on Sunday, August 26th, at the University of South Florida’s Sun Dome, will be the ONLY pre-Convention event at which I’ll be speaking, so I hope to see you’ll be able to make it.” Ron Paul doesn’t say if he will make any sort of personal appearance at Paul Festival, only that he will not be speaking there."

I call troll.

This poster is a troll who keeps pasting the same comment over and over, just trying to cause trouble. Probably either a Romneybot or one of Gary "bankrupt" Johnson's bunch.

Delegates are being retroactively stolen, it's NOT working.

I understand those with cognitive dissonance, who think they are winning, are so blind, they can't realize that if they are stealing delegates in MA, what is going to stop them from stealing in Nebraska. O by the way, I did say that any and all Republican Party rules e.g., Rule 40 can be changed as fast as a motion is raised, and seconded. O wait, you want to tell it's because Paul Festival is a PAC, which they do say on their website "Paul Festival is a fundraising project of the Liberty Unleashed PAC." So what now?


Ron Paul has a plan and is working it.
He will not be co opted by forces that plan on taking over these unauthorized "Ron Paul" rallys. oo They were neither authorized nor unauthorized. Paul believes in freedom. but never asked for these rallys nor will he grab on to them. Too much exposure for him.

Paul needs a venue he can control and after all it IS HIS DAMN NAME he has to protect. Paul is not stupid, and everyone can see why he needs his own venue.
One slip on his part will bring in the feds for campaign abnormalities.
Many here were disgusted with him because he did not call the tea party his own. He has held his tea party cards close and dont look now, It was co opted. So, now you know why he didnt join TP in name and singing a song.
Dont be so quick to underestimate Dr. Paul. To speak at these rallys would be a HUGE MISTAKE.

He is smarter then anyone I know.
No one comes close. He is a conservative constitutionalist mizer.
He is opening the door to a conservative/constitutional revolution and he is holding it open for all of us to walk on through.
Dont kick him in the shins as you pass by him, because you are a dumb-a$$ and dont know what he has planned or understand HIS BRILLIANT strategy.
To watch Paul is like watching a wild fox at night with predators all around.
The fox usually slips away unscathed~leaving the predators bewildered and confused, but sometimes the fox gets caught.
Dont be the dumba$$ that g.ets him caught.
You can trust Ron Paul to do the right thing.
Maybe by not going to his own event will bring him the boost in media he needs to say WE'RE STILL HERE!
He's the only fox we've got.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

Delegates are being retroactively stolen, it's NOT working.

Delegates are being retroactively stolen!(e.g. MA) These delegates were won fair and square by the RP camp, and they were stolen by the Romney camp. So your wrong, the plan is NOT working. What makes you think they won't do the same in Nebraska? As to using any "Rules" in the Republican Party, e.g., Rule 40, can be changed as fast as motion is raised, and seconded. O wait, so your one of those "I'll write-in his name no matter what it's about principle rhetoric", there are at least 8 states which DO NOT ALLOW write-ins: MS, LA, AR, OK, SD, NM, HI, and NV.

If this is true

then Dr. Paul's "handlers" are GOP shills, I simply find it impossible to believe that Dr. Paul would put the GOP before the blood, sweet and tears we, his freedom fighters, have shed for liberty...many of us for over 5 years, some since '88. After so many years of standing up himself, even to the likes of very powerful men, including Greenspan and Bernancke, heads of state, teaching all the while and bringing a realization of the decline in our culture and the checks and balances which keep us free...nope, something else has to be going on, imo.


Time will tell.

The campaign vs grassroots?

What's this, Mr Benton?

How many people will the fairgrounds hold for a

speaking rally? Dr. Paul had 8000 or so show up in CA so how in the world is the place he selected in Tampa which holds about 11000 going to fly? If the fairgrounds can handle this type of crowd isn't it conceivable that he may be asking for permission to move the venue to the fairgrounds, thus killing two birds with one stone? I think this may be what he has had in mind all along.


I think this is a PERFECT idea

I cannot thank you all enough for all of your hard work in planning and coordinating this event, the transportation and lodging issues, etc. As a former small meeting planner I can tell you that this type of project is being organized EXCEPTIONALLY well, and we all owe you a debt of gratitude.

Some of the less experienced here seem to be stuck in the "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to" mode, having turned Ron Paul into a false god, and missing the MESSAGE of individual liberty that will go on with lots of hard work and commitment long after Dr. Paul has left the stage. But pay them no mind. YOU GUYS ARE TERRIFIC.

THANK YOU for making this "coordination" between Dr. Paul's event and the Paul Festival. It is a PERFECT BEGINNING to the Liberty movement's continuation in the future.

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

"Paul" Festival, the sham of shams...

I'm so sick of this event, the shameless and relentless promoting of it, and (most of all) the distraction it is creating.

You should NOT be offering bus service to Dr. Paul's event. You SHOULD be cancelling your event on that day or at very least scheduling your event around his. No bands, no speakers, and no open doors at the fairgrounds should be coming between anyone and attending President Paul's "We Are the Future" address.

Once again "Johnson Festival" is at odds with Dr. Paul, competing for the attention, attendance, and money from his supporters.

My favorite part is watching you guys post a message about "Johnson Fest" and then one by one chime in, "bumping" your own threads trying to keep them active. It's a virtual "high five" you give one another, and you actually believe we don't see it...

A 3 day festival, with volunteers for security and medical? Your insurance company is gonna have a field day with you...

You do have insurance for this event, right?

ytc's picture

Kudos to the resilience and the unstoppable LOVE for RonP

demonstrated by the RonPaul Festival organizers!

RP Convoy to SunDome event and the simulcast of Ron's events on a jumbotron are great solutions!

See you in Tampa!

Ron Paul WILL NOT speak at PaulFest!

I do not know how many times Ron Paul's campaign has to tell Paul Festival that he will NOT be speaking at their event for them to get it. This is NOT a true statement. Jesse Benton even had to make an announcement on this 3 times now....so Paul Fest...PLEASE stop misleading people and making them think that Ron is going to be speaking at your event, because it is VERIFIABLY not true!!!

This is EXACTLY why I cannot with a clear conscience promote this event. From the beginning they have mis-lead people and blatantly LIED to us.

So do some research fellow Paul supporters! Don't buy the hype.

The LibertyAvenger


Wait just a minute!

There are no lies in my thread. We are in contact with Ron himself and if/when he tells us he won't be there, then we'll say so. Not taking anyone else's word for it. Sorry if you don't like that.

Ron Paul's Message TODAY 7.6.2012

and I quote "This event on Sunday, August 26th, at the University of South Florida's Sundome, will be the ONLY pre-Convention event at which I'll be speaking, so I hope to see you'll be able to make it."

Again is emphasizes that this will be the ONLY event he will be speaking at BEFORE the convention, so is that enough for you Paul Festers to believe that we are being sold a bunch of goods????

Like I said, they have been mis-leading people from the beginning. I was actually WORKING with them and quit due to this kind of mis-information. Shame on you!

The LibertyAvenger


oh okay

this is about sour grapes. Now I get it. We haven't been misleading anyone about anything. We have been waiting patiently for a definitive answer. That doesn't make us liars, it makes us hopeful.

We have been planning an event for many months in Dr. Paul's honor, and our intentions have always been honorable. So you had better be careful about your accusations, and you had better be able to back them up with evidence.

I think...

...Everyone should know if the event is a 501-c3? That means (not for profit). To accomplish the objective's of Ron Paul, it should be a free event!

Label Jars, Not People!

I'll see your honorable

And raise you a very questionable phone app.

I am!


I ask, did Paul give you authorization for his name to be used?
Who gave permission to use his name?? did you even have the courtesy to ask Dr. Paul if he could work THREE rallys into his presidential bid?

It seems Paul will not be speaking at Paulfest.
I think it was immature and premature to assume Dr. Paul should cancel his PRESIDENTIAL BID strategy to make time for events he did not plan in advance, to attend. Waiting for an answer?
What is he going to tell you? NO?
Wouldnt "NO ANSWER" of given you a hint?

Oh well, you now have Gary Johnson.
Call it "Gary fest", theres still time to change the name.
Since Paul will not be speaking there and you did not get his authorization, you should change the name of the fest or move the date to suit Dr. Paul.
DO IT out of respect, and unattach his name.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016



Ron Paul festival


this is so great

this is so great


Perfect! Not sure I can make

Perfect! Not sure I can make it to Tampa, but look forward to the internet broadcast if I can't.

Blessings )o(


A really INEXPENSIVE way to get to Tampa for the Festival!! You can even camp down there for almost next to nothing for the whole event!!!



:) I am really happy to be a part of this amazing event for freedom and liberty! HOW MUCH FUN IS THIS GOING TO BE!!?!?!?!!?

<3 Tracy Diaz