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50+ Year Old Crowd: Thanks for Having Open Minds

I know you're here. We have all seen videos of the conventions and there are plenty of this age group who are showing up for liberty. What is funny is that Ron Paul himself is 50+.

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What a funny heading!

Why would 50+ people have minds that are not open? We have parents that have lived through wars and depressions, where going without really, really meant going without, not just temporarily misplacing the ipod or blackberry. Our parents have the benefit of history behind them, and are able to see the repeat patterns...and so do we, us over 50s. Our minds are open because we recognise bad government and shifty deals, crony capitalism, and can see that world wide, Governments have very few statesmen at the helm and are instead being run by business people who have only the shareholders interests at heart.
As the famous quote goes "Youth is wasted on the young".

The smart ones do.