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Supreme Court Issues Another Anti-Veteran Decision

Supreme Court Issues Another Anti-Veteran Decision

Military heroes were dealt a devastating blow for the second time in as many years on Thursday when the Supreme Court, in United States v. Alvarez, struck down the Stolen Valor Act, which made it a crime to falsely claim oneself as a recipient of military honors.

After passing both houses of Congress by wide margins, the act was signed into law by President George W. Bush in December 2006. It extended Congress’s efforts to protect the integrity of military decorations and the honor of those to whom they are issued by penalizing imposters who wear stolen medals or those who manufacture knock-offs. The practice of punishing false claims of military valor dates back to George Washington’s tenure as commander of the Continental Army. Anybody who falsely claimed a citation for heroism, Washington warned, would regret it.

Were he here today, Washington would be appalled at the number of Americans who’ve publicly lived out fantasies of their time as one of the few, the proud. There are thousands of cases of individuals who’ve posed as recipients of the Purple Heart, Bronze Star, Silver Star or even the Medal of Honor.

False claims of heroism can result from barroom bravado or pathetic attempts to “get the girl.” Some lie about having received military citations to improve their social status. They falsely claim medals to impress a potential employer or the admissions committee of a school or prestigious club.

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