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US Saudi Gulf Islamist Al Qaeda Axis in Syria & Libya: Who benefits?

The US Saudi Gulf Islamist Al Qaeda Axis in Syria & Libya: Who benefits ?


Why will Islamist States collapse:

Published on Jun 28, 2012 by JeffersonianAlliance

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A. US Saudi Gulf Axis :

As State Actors emerge who practice stricter Islam
Who Benefits?

Why is the US Backing Islamists In Syria, Lebanon & Egypt ?

Libya is basically run by remnants of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group

That waged a bitter war with the Libyan State "guided" by Gadaffi, who maintained he resigned from Government to be a Brother Leader. So the US knows the only trained fighters in Libya are the LIFG and the Berber.

In Syria we have an ethnic conflict between the minority of Christians Allawites and people not wishing to live in a Libya like situation -- total insecurity bombings lynchings rape hostile practices towards Blacks Females former Government workers -- almost 1/3 of all working age adults Tribes that benefited under Gadaffi regions that benefited under Gadaffi.

A Gulf State, Qatar supplying Islamic Jihaadists was the
Why will Islamist States collapse: Because they are largely incompatible with Global Super Capitalism.

Corporations Must Grow. When markets become stagnant, the follow on rebuilding of countries that we destabilize and overthrow
It was perfect timing to put the massacre of Syrian Satellite TV. The same action was conducted against Libya -- the TV station was bombed by NATO unapologetically.

Meanwhile our rights are stripped at home. The Lapdog Supreme Court does whatever the wealthy ask --becoming high minded on less important issues with political significance. The corporations seek profit through government policy -- and health care expansion is v profitable. The risk is eliminated because the taxpayer foots the bill. Also true in invasion capitalism.

Converting Libya Iraq Syria into countries needing rebuilding by extracting resources and again the taxpayer footing the other half of the bill increases Western Business Growth in many key industries -- arms, consultants, construction, vendors, oil industry, media.

While maintaining a forward base in Central Asia called Afghanistan -- a perfect platform from which to attack Russia Pakistan India and China -- all of which are difficult to get to from our current bases.
This requires these countries to spend resources guarding this frontier. Which helps the Arms Industry in their countries and globally.

The whole thing is a bitter farce

The whole thing suits Obama fine. He has called Bush on Steroids, the statement meant to warn humanity and Democrats, but this gets a ignorant population of pro US domination likely to vote for him on national security, which he outpolls Romney in. He attempts to shore up his progressive base through a temporary amnesty that could add a million votes, considering that amnesty would be possibly halted by a Romney Johnson administration.

An important additional connection is that Qatari Arms in Libya were attempted to be smuggled into Syria via Lebanon but were intercepted there by the Lebanese.
Churchill said "Hitlers method, I remind you, is one at a time." It is really Russia we are damaging the national interests of in addition to the unfortunate Syrians and Libyans and Iraqis. 3 out of 4 remaining Arab Socialist states.
Socialism tends to restrict access to Nations for Global Super Capitalism.

The newly empowered Islamists will bide their time, consolidating treating the West as a ally -- as it creates a conjunction with their friendly relations in Saudi Arabia and strict Islamists in the Gulf States. These conservative states support Sunni Muslims who are the core of the opposition. Saudi Arabian Wahabi Islam -- is the Islam practiced by the LIFG and the Muslim Brotherhood, although in North Africa it is called Salafi-ism a But surely this step has been anticipated.

Do the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia provide full access and investment security to Western Companies? Yes they do. Do they permit US bases to operate yes they do. Do we criticize them ? Now we don't.

Syria has been marked for destabilization.
The Western and Monarchist Oil States are flooding it with arms and pressure.
Syria's population is 74% Sunni Muslim(includes Turks and most Kurds), and 16% other Muslim groups, including the Alawi, Shi'a, and Druze, and 10% Christian, with a Syrian Jewish community of a few dozen.

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