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Where have all the flowers gone...When will they ever learn, When will they ever learn?

My young teenage son asked me yesterday, after we got the news about Obamacare, "Mom, why doesn't everyone just stop? Just stop." Huh?

He said, "just stop filing. just stop reporting income. if everyone would just stop, the government couldn't come after everyone.." It reminded me of Ron Paul's answer when asked about the troops overseas--"just bring 'em home." I explained that unfortunately, everyone is scared to do that. After all, the government may just come after them. But, says he, "they're gonna end up coming after all of us anyway."

And ya know what, HE'S RIGHT!!! Just like in Hitler's Germany, most Jews were so afraid of what the government was going to do next, they followed the Nazis all the way to the death camps, thinking they would be able to preserve their lives if they just followed this little rule and that little rule. Why can't humanity seem to learn from history?

I feel like weeping. Anybody with me?

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Tyrants have no power but what we give them.

Refuse to obey.