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Ron Paul's FB page hit 1M & today has 1,014,011 likes - about 60K joined in the last weeks!

Am I correct? Sometimes in the last 2 weeks the page reached 1M !


This would make sense, as Ron Paul media visibility seems on the rise and I think will stay rising. We can check the Ron Paul's FB LIKEs rise on these DP threads:

995,497 people like Ron Paul.
We're SOOOOO close to 1 Million Likes on Ron Paul's Facebook!
986,988 people like Ron Paul.
Facebook like counts - we have a lot of work to do
Submitted by voteronpaul20124me on Sat, 06/16/2012 - 04:57

Ron Paul 2012

IF YOU HAVE NOT LIKE, THEN BE PART OF THE 1st ONE MILLION LIKES!!!!! ONLY 5,128 to go before Ron Paul's facebook has over one million likes."

The comment by Tesla on June 16 does confirm my look back impressions about the RP numbers on FB:

"That is cool!
Submitted by NikolaTesla on Sat, 06/16/2012 - 18:36. Permalink

I wonder why the number seems to be going up so quickly all of a sudden? Wasn't it at like 960,000 the other day?"
It would add about 35K to 15 in the last 2 weeks.

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July 6 1,017,612 likes

1,017,612 July 6
1,014,011 July 2

3,601 new followers since July 2d in the evening. So it's almost 4 days, including the Holiday.

Ron Paul ... forever.

July 2 Ron Paul FB page 1,014,011 likes

1,014,011 likes 6:45pm PST
1,012,425 07.01 10:40am PST yesterday

1,586 new people in more or less 20 hours. Welcome! - We should say this on the page. The comments could use input from DPers. I understand if you do not like FB. But there is a lot of fresh material there.

Ron Paul ... forever.

July 1, Ron Paul FB 1,012,425 likes · 35,129 talking about this

1,012,425 07.01 10:40am PST
1,011,505 likes EARLIER yesterday

920 new followers in 24 hours.

At this rate there will be only 60,000 more by Tampa. We should do some action on FB. It worked so well for the Time's 100 - Ron placed 9 in the popular vote.

Ron Paul ... forever.

Ron Paul fb 1,011,747 likes 2:33 PM pst

1,011,505 likes EARLIER today

So 242 people joined in the last 4 hours. I am checking this as some people wondered whether these numbers are real, is there any cheating... They seem steady. But it would be nice if they got bigger faster,

1,010,896 yesterday

Ron Paul ... forever.

June 30 2012 - 1,011,505 likes

1,011,505 likes today
1,010,896 yesterday

609 people joined since yesterday evening! I think this is good. FB people are regular Americans. Last two weeks saw an average 1,000 people joining per day. So we shall see how it is at 16:00 PST.

I believe some small % of the newest LIKEers are new trolls to talk about the Obamacare.

Ron Paul ... forever.

"My son Rand" did this and that...

...makes half of the posts on FB in June. Sorry, DPers, I really think this is RP speaking, knowing that Carol reads the page. He would not let his staffers use "my son". He for instance dissociated himself from L4RP - without any judgement.

I realize now I have missed about a month of visiting there - otherwise I would know much earlier what Ron Paul message about his son Rand Paul is to us. I made a thread on DP right away then:


...and you can see there that I was accused of trying to read in secret tongues. I WAS right. There is no need for Ron Paul making an official statement about Rand's move which some people here are still awaiting.

Just go on the FB page (which Carol Paul does read) and see the statement of support for Rand there.

Ron Paul ... forever.


Rmoney cant even get 1k supporters to a rally of his, at a HS gym.
and obama is no better.
Ron Paul was pulling in the thousands at rallys, before he went stealth.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

Ron Paul is not stealth anymore...

...and the media must be realizing that he is the only one interesting to have on a show or to talk about.

Or just maybe it is Summer and the MSM tyrants are on a vacation and the news workers violate the taboo with a gusto.

Ron Paul ... forever.

Any Studies Done

I wonder if there are any studies done to evaluate the authenticity of Mitt Romney's site and Barack Obama. Usually, Paul followers are engaged and active. Romney has been known to employ chicanery when it comes to creating social wealth. I also would like to know if their sites are stagnant. Ron Paul just keeps growing.

Let's Fight the Good Fight

16,024 liked Ron Paul FB page in the last two weeks

I do FB, but mostly from DP now, I wonder if the page celebrated?

Ron Paul ... forever.