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Starting in 2013 New Medical Premiums Begin at $2000 a month

Now that their policies are officially recognized as a "tax" Aetna, Blue Cross, and HealthShield have all announced a new "flat tax" coverage plan which will provide complete costs to families for $2000 a month. "This is much lower than many families are currently paying for coverage. We see the industry consolidation as a good thing. We will also be offering a personal plan for health insurance for only $1,200 a month"

The great thing is that you don't have to elect coverage, the IRS simply deducts it from your checking account directly. This new system is more efficient and president Obama has promised us more "simple direct taxes" in the future.

Illegal Aliens and those earning 133% of the poverty line are exempt of course, as they will now receive Medicare for free and no deductibles either. This covers 95% of America's black and Hispanic population. Paid for with the new windfall from the health tax, there is now plenty of money to cover the reimburst costs the federal government sends to hospitals for covering illegal aliens care.

Hugo Ramirez, a dialysis patient who's care costs over 300,000 a year, came to America from Mexico last year. "We all come here. Dialysis, Heart Transplants, America is a great country because everything is free." Also many of the patients who end up in hospital beds do not have families and homes to be discharged to so they sit in hospital beds and are able to recuperate for several years. Although the costs are extravagant - upwards of five million dollars a year - the federal government also reimburses the hospitals for anyone who wishes to remain living there.

"It's a fair system. America's hard workers pay for those who have just come here and are trying to begin a better life. Eventually these people will become the new workers and pay the social security taxes to support the existing workers"

Except it hasn't quite worked out that way. In fact, many of the blacks and hispanics immediately go on "disability" once they qualify and simply TAKE from the social security system never paying in a dime.

"Obama care is a step in the right direction. Now that medical care is free for us, we will all push to re-elect Obama" said Juan Rodriguez president for the Azatlan now chapter of San Dimas. "He's a great American. We love Obama"

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