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Where's Elektable?

Did it get posponed again?

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I'm just curious. Was this

I'm just curious. Was this guy asking for donations to help make this film? Something does not seem right to me.


he never asked for donations and he spent a ton of time and his own resources for this. Clearly, something unexpected has happened, but he seems like a good dude. PR fail yes, bad intentions nah.

Even though something unexpected happened

He should at least keep us updated. He said on Thursday he would have it done Friday. I've heard nothing since.

Believe me

I 100% agree but at this point I guess I figure there is no need to add anymore stress to this situation. I just saw on twitter that it will be out at 10pm tonight, Saturday June, 30. No time zone was specified unfortunately. Please understand I am just relaying this info and do not hold any guarantees on this!

Update: 10pm Central based on the recently posted "5 hours away at 10pm" graphic.


what's up with this???

why would Obamney Care matter with releasing something that is dramatically opposed to that shi+ ..... liberty.

get the thing out - so people can spread it around.

time is of the affliction.

It's finally out and it is

It's finally out and it is great!



waiting sucks..


I try to change people every day. Do You?


.... Longest...release.......ever

Krazy that robomakare took Elektable's spotlight!

Kan't wait to see this flik.


"The film is rendering right now everyone. We had all kinds of errors this morning with our server. So I have an egg on my face right now but I'm working diligently to get the film uploaded. I will see this through, no matter what it takes!!!"

Should of never

Postponed in the first place..oh well

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ok it's 9:49...think it's

ok it's 9:49...think it's still going to be tonight ?

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