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McDonald's Exempt From The Healthcare Mandate - WHY?

Burger King, McDonald's, Taco Bell, etc. Almost all of your trash food corporate giants are exempt. Jack in The Box too....

Some of Nancy Pelosi's favorite dining establishments are exempt as well. They don't have to pay for their employees health insurance costs because they're special. There is a double standard when it comes to Robomneycare.

Meanwhile, the owner of Joe's Crab Shack (that employs 60 people) will now be forced to pay for all of his employees health insurance costs.


If You employ 50 or more people you will face a major choice beginning in 2014:

■Sponsor a health plan for 100% of your workers (even those signed up for government-subsidized health insurance).


■Pay $750 per worker in penalties to the federal government.

------------full article in link above

So what is Joe going to do? He's going to get out his calculator and multiply 60 employees X $750 per worker because the fine is cheaper than the insurance coverage.

That's $45,000 out of Joe's pocket per year, at minimum.

So a guy like Joe that works 70 hours a week and takes home $100,000 a year after taxes will now be left with $55,000 a year in salary.

NOT WORTH IT. So what's Joe going to do? He's going to cut his hours back, and fire 11 employees to get under the magic number of 50. But that is not the worst of it...

A local cheesecake factory employs 120 people. They are VERY busy, and demand for their product is VERY HIGH. But the owners even said, "We have to let people go to get under 50 employees, because we can not afford to pay for their health insurance. I'd be working 65 hours a week to make $30,000...that's not going to happen."

So what DOES happen? INFLATION. Joe's Crab Shack and the cheesecake factory will have to raise their prices because they will still have the same - if not more DEMAND, but their SUPPLY of labor will be reduced, and limited.

A company can not make a product that is in high demand without the necessary labor to create it. And in order to prevent their business from being overwhelmed with orders they can not make, prices will go up to thin out rising demand.

Robomneycare destroys the will to work and be productive. Why hire more employees to make less money? Why work 75 hours a week with no incentive to do so? Why work more? Why expand? Why should I attempt to get bigger to make less?

The American economy is going to slow down to a grinding halt if the RNC delegates in Tampa Bay don't do something about it.

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I wrote this in another thread too.

Darden is exempt also. They own Olive Garden, Long Horns, Red Lobster and Bahama Breeze.

Solution ???

Just walk away ... refuse to buy any more junk ... grow your own food ... buy silver ... no new cars ... no new anything ... make the whole system collapse and start over ... simple.

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I think

They are exempt because if you work at one of those places you would be on the medical exchange anyways. The income would fall in the poor status.

I don't know about all of

I don't know about all of them but isn't McDonald's owned mostly by General Electric? And last I heard, Taco Bell was a big supporter of Obama.

Members of the Federal Reserve are exempt.

How do they bypass the law? Did Congress exempt them in 1913?

Free includes debt-free!

Rumor has it...

Fast foods will soon be outsourced to China.

It will all be pre-frozen. The ingredients will be exported to China and the meals will be assembled there and shipped back. LOL

In addition to cutting costs, fast food outlets will no longer offer seating, it will be standing room only with counters and/or troughs. This will increase customer turnover and allow for more patrons in the building ;)


Not really.

Pay $750 per worker in penalties to the federal government.

Nope. I just heard in the news it's $2,000
10 workers will cost 20,000 in Taxes fines. 50 workers will cost $100,000 in Taxes fines.

It looks like the economy isn't getting a boost at all from this.
Quite the opposite as companies will be foreced to shutter their doors.

This is a sad bill.

And Mickey D's is a gov owned corp in a round about way. See the Mickey D's stocks being traded by insiders on wall street and congress?
The food is soooooooo putrid. What the heck is it? Even the angus taste like saw dust.

Keepin' it real.

I'm not positive

but I thought Walmart was too, and there are also State that are exempt.

McDonalds also took bailout money.