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Paul Festival DISCOUNTS for qualified individuals with valid proof!

In honor of the men and women of uniform... those that risk their lives to fight for our freedom and liberty... to the future generation of America that the torch of Liberty will be passed on to... we offer a small token of our appreciation for your incredible achievements and acts of valor to come. We salute you!

15% discount to all qualified individuals!

Ticket holders must provide valid proof of ID/badge at the gate, or they will have to pay the difference for the full AT-THE-DOOR price for admittance.

Discount ticket qualifications:
- Oath Keepers - show membership card and photo ID.
- Military, students, and first responders - show badge or ID at the door.
- Veterans - show proof of service (discharge papers along w/ photo ID, past photo of self in uniform, etc.).


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If they had not turned this into a giant Gary "I'm a closet globalist" Johnson rally, everyone would be flocking to come with or without the discount.

It's a shame they decided to use Ron's name for such a scheme. Even Johnson is sending out emails saying that he will targeting Ron Paul supporters at the event.

I hope most of us are smart enough to skip this sham and attend Dr. Paul's official rally.

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!


Not going to that garyfest.
'Going to the other fests. Don't need no discount.

Keepin' it real.