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Which is worse, one trillion for health care or one trillion for war with iraq?

Although both are beyond the scope of government authorized by the constitution, I would rather my tax dollars be spent on health care for americans than to blow up buildings and bridges in other countries and then rebuild them again. A lot of people are upset with obamacare right now, but I would like them to think about something. The money spent on the iraq war was a much bigger waste than obamacare will be. If romney is elected he will start a war with Syria and then Iran and spend another trillion dollars on war. As far as I am concerned romney will be worse than obama if he is elected. Money spent on health care is still better than money spent on war. Ron Paul is our only hope but if he is not the nominee and our only choices are obama, romney, and Johnson then I say vote for Johnson.Do not let the issue of obamacare sway you to vote for romney. Romney must be defeated at all costs.

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agreed seems those who love so called Health care

Must think that doctors actually cure illness. What a lie. Doctors are the drug pushers for Pharma corps. They only put a poison bandade upon the symptoms it seems.


I agree that most doctors

I agree that most doctors overprescribe medicine. In their defense most people want medicine when they go to the doctor and would be angry if they didn't get some. By the way, are you claiming that syphlis can not be cured by antibiotics?

Yah most slaves want a master so it may seem

But when faced with no other solution most will go along with the system thats why the system is what it is.

Lets use your example syphlis cured by antibiotics. But instead of ending syphlis we prefer to manufacture mor eantibiotics untill the strain of syphlis becomes resistant to the antibiotics. So even in your cure example (which there are not nearly the cures as there are the treatment of symptoms.) You can see the long term cure for syphlis is not a cure at all but just pushing the can down the road. Instead of a cure its once again a treatment for the symptoms of syphlis.

I think you are taking it to an extreme.


I can't say

about Ron Paul in particular. They claim he "delivered" 4000 babies but let me give you a clue, those babies would have been born whether Ron Paul was there or not. And I have no information on how many babies were injured or killed by Dr Paul's medical practice because that information isn't available.

But the fact is that the healthcare industry is evil. They kill people who shouldn't die and keep alive people who should die. They play god and are the number one cause of death whether accidental or purposefully.

And where you are WRONG is in your brainwashed belief that you NEED to submit to the healthcare industry when you are sick and that thinking is why we are being forced into socialism. So let me say this once more.


Evidently you have had a bad

Evidently you have had a bad experience with the health care industry. It is far from perfect but it is not evil. You are not living in reality.

Nah its evil

as evil as the pharma corporations owned by Rothschild and as evil as those so called Universities that teach pure lies and propaganda. If you look at the cures put forth by medicine you see very few and far in between becaue health care is not about cures it is about finding a pill to perpetual treat a symptom kinda like holding the patient hostage to a pill rather than finding or atempting a cure. Yah keep thinking health care profitable industry is not to evil. Ill bet your not to ill or perhaps not to old. Surly not to informed.


No, you are wrong again amc1953

I am informed about our healthcare system and I suggest you do the same. Well actually you are somewhat correct but not me just everyone I know has had bad experiences with doctors, pharmacy and the socialist health insurance that pays for it all.

hey anothernobody, I am glad

hey anothernobody, I am glad we have the freedom to discuss these issues even though we do not see eye to eye on health care we did not get mad and start calling each other names. I hope we can agree not to vote for mitt romney.


yes thanks but I hope you don't totally disregard what is said here and keep it filed in the back of your mind for future reference.

it's not an either/or choice

if the case was universal healthcare paid by the savings made ending all wars then it would be something to consider but what will happen is more wars and more healthcare (well not more healthcare but more spent on healthcare)

Even Ron Paul says he would

Even Ron Paul says he would use the money saved from ending the wars to help save medicare which is government funded health care for old people.

The Iraq War is over. Kudos

The Iraq War is over. Kudos to Barry!

Yeah - We are still spending billions of dollars

to rebuild the country, to train police and and military. We are still spending billions on CONTRACT guys (not real military but mercenaries) as well as advisors. And are still doing patrols. And are still giving billions more.

We still have very active military bases. And are spending billions more on equipment.

So HOW is it that the war over again?

Because its covenient to SAY its over as an excuse for our continued military involvement in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Somolia, Uganda and Columbia?

Oh yeah then - I guess the war in Iraq is over.

The US is and has been the de

The US is and has been the de facto world government for more than a decade. If we pulled our military out of most of the world, it would collapse.

There's no going back, there's no pulling out. We're the world's policeman and will probably be from here on out. We have no choice. Deal with it and move on.

You are more than 100% wrong.

But its nice to know that you buy into the Imperialistic CRAP.

The world got along for MILLIONS of years before the USA. Human beings got along for thousands of years before the USA. And guess what? They can and are more than willing to do it again without us.


The Earth is only 6,000 years old!!!

Why was I expecting any intelligence from you?

I'm not completely sure you aren't being facetious, but given your comment about the US being the de facto world police - I tend to think you really think the world is 6,000 years old.

A Ron Paultard who isn't also

A Ron Paultard who isn't also a young earth creationist? What are the odds?

A funny thing happened apparently on your way to this forum.


What is a misguided cretin like you doing posting here anyway?

Isn't there a Fascist worshipping website for your hero Obama or Romney (same thing, just different color) out there for you to go and howl for?

That guys only purpose

seems to be to irritate people.

But for arguments sake regarding what the other guy said, the bible doesn't teach that the earth is 6000 years old as most "believers" think. And I am a believer. Just thought I would clear that misconception up. Thanks

Actually the bible teaches

Actually the bible teaches 5,000 years.

No it doesn't

But I am not getting into a biblical discussion with you because your only purpose is to agitate. With the exception of warlord you name suits you. Good day to you "evil king of trolls". :)

The bible very explicitly and

The bible very explicitly and unequivocally states: "Five Thousand Years Ago: The Beginning THE FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER created the universe and a bunch of planets, including Earth."

This is irrefutable. Either you agree with his WORD, or you're a godless atheist.

yea but romney is ready to

yea but romney is ready to start the next war with iran. I think obama will just drop bombs for a couple of months. Romney will have another 10 year war.

So what you're saying is I

So what you're saying is I should invest in defense industries?



We have plenty of room in the back and there are doughnuts and coffee in the side room.


I want obama out of office. I

I want obama out of office. I am just saying romney is even worse. He is even more pro war and he designed obamacare.

Look, here is the issue. The

Look, here is the issue.

The government can go to war. And they can tax to go to war. That has ALWAYS been a power of theirs, since day one. And while Congress may not have declared war, there is absolutely no question that Bush invaded with the authority of Congress; they funded the war for many years as well.

So if the people think a war is a bad war, they need to vote it down. It becomes a majority-rules opinion...if you disagree with the war, don't try and override the opinions of the (vast) majority by appealing to the Constitution; try and get in office people who also think the war is bad.

That is how we need to end this war. We need to put people in power who will get us out of the wars we are in. And this isn't just Ron Paul. If Ron Paul decides to end funding for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, overriding a senate veto, he would be in the clear wrong. We need to get Congressmen with the same pro-peace beliefs.

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:

Overview: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2010/09/12/my-plan-for-reducin...

Specific cuts; defense spending: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/more-detailed-look-a

congress authorized the war

congress authorized the war in iraq after the cia lied to them and said iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that the terrorists were in iraq.