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Which is worse, one trillion for health care or one trillion for war with iraq?

Although both are beyond the scope of government authorized by the constitution, I would rather my tax dollars be spent on health care for americans than to blow up buildings and bridges in other countries and then rebuild them again. A lot of people are upset with obamacare right now, but I would like them to think about something. The money spent on the iraq war was a much bigger waste than obamacare will be. If romney is elected he will start a war with Syria and then Iran and spend another trillion dollars on war. As far as I am concerned romney will be worse than obama if he is elected. Money spent on health care is still better than money spent on war. Ron Paul is our only hope but if he is not the nominee and our only choices are obama, romney, and Johnson then I say vote for Johnson.Do not let the issue of obamacare sway you to vote for romney. Romney must be defeated at all costs.

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Which is worse?

A silver bullet to the head or to the heart?


I try to change people every day. Do You?

Which weighs more: a ton of bricks or a ton of feathers?


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if the government said they

if the government said they were going to take my life savings and in exchange I had a choice between a semi load of bricks or a semi load of feathers, I would choose the bricks. At least I could put them to good use and build something with them. I would still be unhappy and want a new government.


you're missing the point. Which weighs more? They both weigh the same.

If the government says they're taking my life savings, I say no.

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Good answer. Thats what I was saying also.

Its a trick question. It makes you chose between spending a trillion for health car or spending a trillion for war. It makes you decide between war or health care which is a no brainier. That's a distraction from the real question which is are you okay with them spending a trillion dollars period? and it doesn't even mention that the government has no money it has to take it from someone else to spend it. So rephrase the question this way. "Which is worse, stealing a dollar from a rich man or stealing a dollar from a poor man. the answer is: The stealing part is worse than being either rich or poor just like spending (stolen money) is worse than health care or war. There is such a thing as just war.

These are important questions.

All of the hardcore libertarians and constitutional conservatives will be tempted to make fun of your question---but very few in the general public understand the philosophy behind why...

Both are equally bad or bad in different ways.

They both hurt the poor. Subsidizing health insurance or student loans---all of this intervention ends up hurting the poor.

Now, we need to care for each other in our churches and communities...
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The health care definitely.

Reason: War is evil and everyone knows it.

'National Healthcare' is evil also, but is easily sold as good.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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So which of the many current wars of the existing "Nobel Peace Prize Winning Serial Mass-Murderer-in-Chief" do you like?

Sometimes you people really crack me up!

I am not in favor of any war.

I am not in favor of any war. That is the point. War is evil and a total waste of lives and money. What I am saying is that romney is even more ready to go to war than obama.

I can buy much of what you say regarding health care....

But I cannot for a moment buy your argument that Obama is less of a war monger than Romney is.

The interesting phenomenon is that Obama seems to be able to avoid the attention in the media and the actual street-type protests that Bushh seemed to have. And I have no doubt that those protests and that media attetnion will pick up if Romney is elected, but here is just a PARTIAL list of where we are currently involved militarily.

Iraq (still), Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Uganda, Libya and Columbia.

MOST of those places we have severly INCREASED activity under Obama.

I (like you) think that war is a total waste. But I can't see Romney as being "even more ready to go to war than obama."

You mean

you are "guessing that" even though you have proof that Obama is the biggest warmonger this planet has ever seen.
Even worse than Bush.
You're worry about what Romney 'might' do in the future, while it's clear that Obama is already doing it today, and has proven himself to be a global mass-murderer. He's killing people right now as we speak.
You like him better?

And you want to support Obama, based on this "speculation" about Romney being worse?
I find that comical.
Which is "worse", strychnine or arsenic?

You need to read my post

You need to read my post again. I said first choice Ron Paul, second choice Gary Johnson. Nowhere did I say vote for obama. I just said don't let the obamacare issue sway you to vote for romney. He is even more pro war than obama and he is the one who designed obamacare.

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No Romney supporter here, but the question

is stupid. A vote for the lesser evil(Obamacare) is still evil.

My first choice is Ron Paul.

My first choice is Ron Paul. My second choice is Gary Johnson. Neither is in favor of obamacare. All I am saying is don't vote for romney to protest obamacare. He is the one who designed it.

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Better to kill ourselves here than kill overseas innocents

Unless Congress has the cinchonas to repeal this monster in two weeks, we are stuck with it. If Congress can repeal this bill, then next should be to defund all undeclared wars.



Which is worse, one trillion for health care or one trillion for war with iraq?

[one trillion for] They are the same!

does this mean that spending

does this mean that spending your whole paycheck on health care for your family is the same as puting your check in a shredder? Your paycheck is gone either way.

It Depends

Did you earn your paycheck from your labor ... or did you steal the money from your neighbor