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Civil Disobedience: Trade In Gold And Silver!

Hey guys,

Ron Paul and other liberty minded thinkers have discussed the value of civil disobedience and it's importance in a free society.

As a result, I have this idea/question:

Why can't we make a movement and push small business owners to start doing transactions in silver and gold? I know it has been tried minimally, but what if this large powerful movement gets behind it?

The Fed loses its power and the government loses it's ability to borrow money.

Ron Paul has always said the best way to deal with the fed is to legalize competing currencies. Since that isn't happening anytime soon, why can't we show civil disobedience by buying and selling in gold and silver and pushing small businesses to accept it as a means of currency??

In the 1960's a few liberty minded people sat in in Greensboro at Woolworth's


Why can't we do the same by pushing people to be civilly disobedient and use gold and silver?


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Liberty dollar

Bernard Nuthouse is in jail for this.

My solution

Just walk away ... refuse to buy any more junk ... grow your own food ... buy silver ... no new cars ... no new anything ... make the whole system collapse and start over ... simple.

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