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Obama-Care Drama: Evidence Suggest Last Minute Back-Stab By Roberts

Proof that Supreme Court Justice Roberts was going to vote Obama-Care down! WTH man.... http://www.deathandtaxesm...

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It's time to start exposing the radio-cons

BS ruckshot for the right, that this is about Socialism! The empirical facts prove Obama, Bush, Reagan, Clinton and the rest of those revolving through the District of Criminals, are Fascists! The radio-cons and Faux News hacks push the Obama is a Socialist, Communist, and/or Marxists, but this is just 'cover' to prevent the masses from seeing the collusion between the Corporate world and the Government. Obama might have Marxist ideologies, but his actions are Fascist. If Obamatax is Socialism, the government would be the insurer, and we would go to government controlled hospitals. The facts are there are no government hospitals, except VA hospitals, they are all corporate owned. The insurance companies and Big Pharma are the ones who wrote the bill Congress passed. The only socialist part is the tax/fee we must pay if we don't buy insurance, but it will still go to an insurance pool to pay the corporate hospitals.

We need to start interjecting this empirical fact, as the majority of bills in Congress, not just Obamacare are Fascist collusions to benefit the Corporations. In Socialism/Communism, the government controls the companies, but in America the Corporations control our government, where laws are written to benefit the Corporations. It's not about left vs right, liberal vs conservatism, as they are collectivists playing charades to fund their 'special interest' corporations. The NWO isn't about government controlling everything, it's about Totalitarianism, where the corporations own everything and the puppet governments run the police state to control the slaves. All you need to read is the Protocols of Zion http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/przion1.htm
Then look at what has been leaked about the Trans Pacific Partnership to see the real objectives http://beforeitsnews.com/story/2301/858/New_World_Order_Blue...


"majority" right there in english/

The Larger drama is clearly that O-care was a Senate bill...

Like Ben Swann said; Obombacare was a Senate bill but all Tax bills must be made in the house, not the senate... So now that Robert's says the penalty is a Tax, then clearly it's unconstitutional again.

Seems to me that Roberts was pressured into voting for Obombacare and he chose this outcome very carefully to screw over obomba.

Assuming that the Chicago-style persuasion is scary stuff, we may own a huge round of thanks to Justice Roberts.


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I hope you're right.

If this thing stands, we are officially no longer a free people.

Undo what Wilson did

True, but we haven't been since 1913 by my count.

The Fed+IRS crap they pulled on us in 1913 were the real travesties to the constitution... Before that time it was the LAW... Ever since it's just been a suggestion.


My friend just asked me " so

My friend just asked me " so the supreme court justices are corrupt too?" lmao... Duh! It makes me so sick, because I actually thought the country was waking up! Not just the average American citizen, but politicians too. I guess I was wrong! Sorry y'all.

juan maldonado

No, there was never any doubt which way he was going to vote.

He was vetted before appointed, count on it. He just had to figure out how he was going to put lipstick on this pig. (Oh yes, I know, I'll just say it is a tax). I hope if anything, this helps people realize that there is no real substantive difference between the two major parties.

The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Actually I think the guy is

Actually I think the guy is wrong Ginsberg wrote a separate DISSENTING opinion, but she still agreed with majority on most things. I think that is what the 4 dissenting judges referred to.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

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A little Chicago-style "persuasion,"


So what happens now? That's

So what happens now? That's the law of the land? If I don't get it, I'm going to jail?

juan maldonado

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I'm sitting tight with no insurance and no

registration in any government program. If they actually get this monstrosity installed with enforcement, then I'll consider any options. Meanwhile I'm busy working to get rid of all tyranny.

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I wonder what the black market health system will be like.

Psst! Say doc, can you sqeeze me in after hours?

Undo what Wilson did

Maybe like the gambling "cruise to nowhere"

Sail to international waters, have your "illegal" treatment or procedure on the floating hospital, sail right back. Medical tourism to other countries already exists.

For those who are landlocked, I'm sure other options will be available.

Anyone who wanted a drink during Prohibition didn't have to work to hard to find one.

Roberts was just

following orders. Sieg Heil.It's over. The US is now a fascist police state. Better learn to bow to our betters. NOT!

Live Free Or Die

This bum should be tried for

This bum should be tried for treason y'all... How do they get away with this stuff? You know Obama called his scared a$$ and told him to vote it down! Y'all know it!

juan maldonado

Obama couldn't scare anybody.

Obama couldn't scare anybody.

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:

Overview: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2010/09/12/my-plan-for-reducin...

Specific cuts; defense spending: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/more-detailed-look-a

Tell that....

to Ghaddafi



juan maldonado

Oh I will... Lol

Oh I will... Lol

juan maldonado