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Texas Woman Arrested for Warning Drivers About Speed Trap

A Houston woman's attempt to save drivers from a speeding ticket landed her something worse: 12 hours in jail.

As she rode her bicycle home from a grocery store last week near downtown Houston, Natalie Plummer noticed police officers pulling over speeders. After she parked her bike and turned one of her grocery bags into a makeshift sign warning drivers about the "speed trap" ahead, an officer drove up and arrested her.


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This Proves

That speed traps are not about SAFETY, they are about REVENUE.

If the cops were really interested in vehicle safety, they would be commending Natalie Plummer for getting drivers to slow down on that stretch of road.

Maybe her bag should have read "There MAY or MAY NOT be a SPEED TRAP AHEAD. Your choice." That way she has plausible deniability.

The state wants us to be criminals.

The Reason She Got Arrested Was Because:

The STATE of TEXAS is under the presumption this woman is an employee of theirs, because of her "Certificate of Live Birth" she was issued when born.

The STATE of TEXAS is a Corporation; the STATE of TEXAS (if that's where she was born) created a dead fictitious entity/a new Estate in the name of NATALIE PLUMMER which is a corporate person(s).

The STATE of and the UNITED STATES is under the presumption that everyone in this country is an employee of their because of the "Certificate of Live Birth". Since a corporation cannot do business with and contract with a living-breathing human being, they had to create a 'corporate you' ... Look at your drivers license, you name is spelled in all CAPITAL letters; that's the other "YOU", not the real You.

So, NATALIE PLUMMER is an employee of the STATE of TEXAS, and as an employee of that STATE, there are certain statutory rules, regulations and codes that employees must adhere to, or they will be fined and jailed.

One of those statutory corporate codes is "You cannot warn other employees of speed traps". She broke a corporate statutory rule/regulation and she paid the price.

The "Certificate of Live Birth" is the DEAD ESTATE the STATE OF *** created and sent to you in the mail in hopes that you'd grow up and use that document as your identity, so they could presume you are one of their employees, so they can enforce statutory rules, regulations, fines, imprisonment and taxes upon you.

I've wrote about it here:


And here:


The "Certificate of Live Birth" aka "Death Certificate" has a STATE Seal and a Registrar's Signature on it for crying out loud.

This is why they 'presume' to have authority over you.

Knowledge, get some!

This site is a nice addition

This site is a nice addition to your post:


classes for citizens?

Are there classes citizens can take to learn how to deal with the law?

might be an idea to send cops on them too


The legality seems to depend on what time of the month it is

my guess is that it's 'illegal' to provide this service to your community in these rough economic times during the police end of the month 'quota week'. You just need to steer clear of the police when it's their time of the month is all.

The new quotas run 24 hours a

The new quotas run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Have you taken a look out there recently? I narrowly missed at least 5 to 10 opportunities to get traffic tickets this past week, if I had not been exceedingly lucky or exceedingly cautious I'd be looking at hundreds of dollars in new problems. I find myself more and more reticent to even go out these days.

People who infringe on the

People who infringe on the rights of others should face severe penalties, perhaps even more so when they do so under color of authority.

Felony obstruction charges for telling people about a speed trap. This is what you people get for not supporting people like Ron Paul.

It's federal law. "Violating

It's federal law. "Violating one's Constitutional rights under color of law", and the penalties are severe!

But just try to get a federal prosecutor to take it up. They know they're all on the same side. Selective enforcement all the way.

Rat Bastards!

Thou shalt not mess

with the revenue stream.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Reminds me of the guy who

Reminds me of the guy who runs http://speedtrapahead.org and got arrested because his sign(that was an orange triangle) resembled an official traffic control device' (i.e. putting up a fake stop sign or speed limit sign). He defeated it on first amendment grounds I believe, but was also harassed and demanded to show ID when Texas law only requires name, address and dob, and ONLY on a LAWFUL arrest, which he DID provide name/address/dob. He asked the police why they had an issue with doing a public service, if catching speeders is about public safety and slowing them down, and not revenue, then how is he doing anything wrong if he effectively slows drivers down which is the goal of issuing a citation in the first place?

http://www.facebook.com/RonPaulExploding - RON PAUL IS EXPLODING!

Public safety is the last

Public safety is the last thing on their minds. They are trying to keep their bloated salaries and retirement packages from disappearing.

Yes of course in America we

Yes of course in America we have freedom of speech. Just as long as that speech doesn't offend agents of the government.

Don't Steal

The Government Hates Competition.

Let's face it, she was stealing their revenue.

She wasn't arrested for the sign

She was arrested for obstructing justice and causing a danger to herself and others.

So, is it an obstruction of justice to warn people of impending prosecution if they are breaking the law?

And she should challenge them to proof that she was causing any danger. Do they have video of her standing in the road?

Yep. She was not smart to stand there alone. It's her word against the system. But at least the TV station got behind her!

It is my understanding that

It is my understanding that the felony obstruction charge was dropped and replaced with a misdemeanor of some kind having to do with being in the street obstructing traffic. Of course it's as bogus as the obstruction charge because she was on the sidewalk not in the street. She has a great civil right violation case against that city and I hope she goes for it.
Same thing happened in Florida to a guy flashing his high beams to warn oncoming traffic. The court ruled that it was Constitutionally protected free speech and he won his case. I think he was asking for 15K in damages too. This girl spend a night in jail and should go for 100K.

Turn off the TV Propaganda.
Find out what's really going on!
"Your portal to reality!"

What is the government's

What is the government's priority, getting people to drive safely or giving out tickets? This clearly shows what the REAL priority is.

the government constantly warns you of speed traps

Speed limit signs

Want advice about avoiding the chops...STOP BREAKING THE LAW!!!


But arresting this citizen wasn't exactly in keeping with the law either, right?

The 'law' is only for us peasants...

The enforcers don't have to worry about skirting it. Just look at this case. Will anything happen to the officer that assaulted and kidnapped this individual? Nope because there are no police for the police. They do what they want and we are forced to pay for it.

You are right. What we need

You are right. What we need is the ability to subject them to the demands of the market. Give up on the monopoly of force model, and go for true decentralization. It's called market anarchism. If you believe that the state is a necessary evil, then you've bought into the worst propaganda of all.

'The Anarchists are simply unterrified Jeffersonian Democrats. They believe that “the best government is that which governs least,” and that which governs least is no government at all.'
-Benjamin Tucker

What Law?

Speeding laws are very selectively enforced. Cops only give tickets for the purpose of raising revenue. Have you ever seen cops enforcing speed limits in a snow or rain storm?

"My country is the world, and my religion is to do good."
Thomas Paine

Hell, you ever see that

Hell, you ever see that maniac that whips past you doing a hundred a twenty? 9 times out of ten that is a cop going to or from work. Even when they are in their official police cars and no on emergency call they speed and and violate more traffic laws than anyone else.
In my town they had the lights set so you could drive from ocean to bay without hitting one light if you did the speed limit or slightly above. It was like that for 40 years, then without any apparent reason they changed the sync on the lights so now you either have to crawl a 20 or speed at 50 to catch all the green lights. The only difference is that now they set up speed traps because they know people are trying to drive efficiently and avoid the red lights, and in order to do that they must speed. It's all about the money and the cops are hypocrites cause they do the same thing all the time.

Turn off the TV Propaganda.
Find out what's really going on!
"Your portal to reality!"

Motorcyclist do it all the time.

I wonder if they would arrest motorcyclist for taping their heads. Motorcyclist give heads up all the time.

Everyone should carry a sign in there trunk put it out marking

the check points few blocks ahead of it on each side.

Funny Story

I was just telling my neighbor about tis story, so he told me about his incident some years ago when he had a CB. Someone warned him there was a "full grown bear" coming up. Not knowing the lingo, he sped up because he wanted to see the bear. LOL!

Freedom of speech...except

Freedom of speech...except when you warn people to slow down...except when you film the police...except when you have a few choice words or gestures for the police...except when you open carry in front of the police. It appears that our freedoms are taken away by the very people who have sworn to protect them!


If ALL Americans would stand up like this liberty loving woman then maybe we would live in a free society. I have personally flashed my headlights to notify other drivers of speed traps and danger ahead. Cops even admit that they park on the highway sometimes just to slow drivers down. What's the difference??

Cops now

are nothing but cold blooded murderers from the military who lose their mind and conscious and are not even human anymore that take jobs as police officers because these sick demented people would never be accepted to any other job out there. these are the terrorists in America not Muslims or anything like that.

How quickly people degenerate

How quickly people degenerate into the us vs them mentality and place people into groups. Don't ignore the fact that there are many "cops" out there that support liberty and Paul's message. I am one myself and have yet to speak with a fellow officer that supports what this bonehead, this individual did. Try looking at life via your username. We are all individuals.