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The future social network, A new kind of social network that is liberty and freedom minded!

I've been a dedicated supporter of Ron Paul for a long time! The community is great and you guys have always responded so well! Id like to invite you to a website in the making that will be true to liberty and freedom!

ConnectUp is a social network but thought out better for the sake of the user and his or her interests. You can say it's sort of like a mash up of Twitter, Facebook, RSS, and Stumble Upon.

In the near future with your help we can create this into your nonstop source for your news, your interests, and a learning tool to gather more knowledge to connect with the world that you want to know!

Explore and express yourself like no other means can provide to you today until ConnectUp is created!

We are unique in the sense that we will take pride in hearing the opinions of our users with our forums we will be able to hear people out and listen and deliver what they want about a social network. Our site will be ever changing and growing as people do within their lives.

We will have a system unlike Facebook, Twitter and others that will move away from the boring old linear status feed, making it so hard to find the things you like with some many posts coming at you at once. we will give you the freedom to put in different panels (as we call them)with your different interests and friends which you can fully customize.

Help us make the Social Network of the future! Spread the word. Like our page also! thank you so much guys! https://www.facebook.com/connectupofficial and donate here every little bit counts!: http://igg.me/p/153702?a=800249 I know i can count on you guys to spread the word!

For Liberty and Ron Paul 2012!

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