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Ron Paul Enthusiasm Bomb - Tampa USF Street Rally, and Multicam Reconstruction of the "Lost Speech"

Amazing Sign Wave Rally for Ron Paul in Tampa Jan 2012
Multi-Cam Reconstruction of Ron Paul's Copper Top Pub Speech

Here's something for you to relax with.

Ron Paul Enthusiasm Bomb - Tampa, Jan 23 2012 - 6 parts, 55 minutes total
Part 1 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNk47egSoQo

YouTube playlist with all 6 parts - http://goo.gl/uPfHz

Local Tampa Bay supporters created an epic welcoming committee for Dr. Paul as he arrived at the NBC GOP Debate at the University of South Florida in Tampa on January 23, 2012.

Just after the debate, he made an unscheduled stop at a small local pub to thank supporters.

We took the "lost speech" from that day, and reconstructed it with the multi-cam footage available from everyone's hand held cameras. That's in part 5.

Hope you enjoy it.

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