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The Shocking Insider Truth About Obamacare

This is a recording of Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, speaking at the University of California, Berkley on September 26th, 2007...


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Something tells me that this guy would not want this for himself

or his family. It would be just for everyone else.

Remember that Dick Cheney recently got a heart, Mr. Reich.
He got his and all of the drugs and intervention that goes with it, and you will no doubt get yours when your time comes, but we cannot get ours because of your selective implementation of Agenda 21.

wouldn't this backfire on them

because older people are their folks that really vote for them and are very gullible while younger folks are more attentive to what is going and with the old folks gone this would strengthen certain movements like perhaps the liberty movement. when the baby boomers are gone its a whole new different generation that will take control.

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Not generational. It goes to the core of human nature...

fear of dying
the key to keeping us on the plantation

Undo what Wilson did

Robert "Sieg Heil" Reich and I agree on one thing

We do spend sick amounts of money on often useless and death producing medical procedures in our last months of life.

I've personally experienced about 25 friends and relatives in the last eight years who have passed away.

There were two categories;

Those who sealed their fate by opting for expensive surgical procedures that killed them within days...

and those who just allowed life to proceed more naturally.

It's been a real education to watch my 89 year old mother-in-law pursue the daily discipline of prevention vs many of her friends and relatives who tried to 'save' their lives with expensive often useless medical care.

We have medical professionals in the family who have encouraged procedures out of obligation or habit, only to speed up the eventual death -- or cause more suffering post surgery.

Then there is my wife who will go to extreme limits to help an elder live as normal as possible, at home with just common sense care and nurturing.

Health insurance has in many ways brought us to where we are because of the that attitude that says "I'm not paying for it --It's covered."

If we had avoided all that and people treated their health like the care of their cars, they would save and invest for those expenses and maintain their bodies -- or like me just accepted the fact that nobody gets out of this life alive.

People who are fearful of death spend their money and the money of others (in the medical insurance casino) trying to fight the obvious near the end.

Like Your Wife, I too Care for my 90 Year Old Mother - 7 Years

ago she was in and out of a nursing home 3 times within 9 months. Since I rescued her, from my brother and sister who insisted she needed 24 hour care and therefore belonged in a nursing home, she has been living a normal and happy life in my home. Not once has she had to go to a nursing home. She was so unhappy that she even threaten to commit suicide while in the nursing home. I had to get an attorney and another one for my mother as we both fought my brother and sister from seeking guardianship. In the end, thank God, the judge said she could leave the nursing home and go live with me on March 21, 2006.


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Thank you.

I've done it, so I know...

Undo what Wilson did

The Canadian Medical-Pharmo System.

If you work the government takes the premium from your income every month, and because hospital-medical costs are so high you also pay at tax time $800 or more to help the FAILING system. If you are over 65 and hospitalized more than 60 days, and labelled as chronic, you will start paying your own way to the tune of about $1600-$2000 a month which they take out of your bank account.

Those who do NOT work, those who live off government handout, get it all for free, including alternative therapies that the plan for working people does not cover. About 20% of the population use up 80% of the medical resources. These would be the people who do not work, usually smoke, drink, drug, and do nothing to contribute to the system. The hospitals are full of that 20% of the population. This is what it has come to in Canada after many years.

In the hospitals, doctors are so busy they follow protocol pages that specify the treatment and, all important, DRUGS to give. It comes down to prescribing a pill for every symptom. Once you are diagnosed by someone, the protocols are followed, and seldom questioned, even if the diagnosis is wrong. Hospital caused death becomes more common. Doctors must follow the medical-pharmo written protocols, and any resourceful thinking may lead to a Dr. losing the license to practice medicine.

I do not know the answer, except to look after your own health. Eat wisely, avoid: pharmo pills, sweeteners including sugar, smokes, booze, rec drugs. Live natural and close to the land. Become vegetarian. If I break my leg I will go get it fixed. Anything else I will use a cleansing homemade vegetable juice diet until my body heals itself, or I will die if is my time to leave. I plan to die on my land, and not in any hospital.

Good luck America. Love you guys and love the American spirit. Keep fighting for what is honorable and right, because that is what you are known for.

Check out this 4 page sheet on the Healthcare Bill...

The false information being presented by the Obama Administration...


"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win!"

"The belief is worthless if the fear of social and physical punishment overrides the belief."

And the commie people

like Reich are gonna be "let" to die too.

But they might not like the way it happens to them. And they might not be very old when it happens either.

Look after your own health

as much as possible and stay away from the medical-pharmo system. It will not save your life and will probably shorten your life. I have paid a lifetime into the system and only used it a few times when hurt. Don't get ill by eating and drinking yourself to death, because that is the main cause of most illness today, like diabetes, cardiac, stroke, cancer.

It's true

the health care law is a way to implement social darwinism.

I love Robert Reich

His last name is so fitting. The left has necroed him as their new explainer of how things work in Liberal-land. I loved when he said that government is the source of all prosperity.

May the LORD bless you and keep you
May the LORD make His face shed light upon you and be gracious unto you
May the LORD lift up His face unto you and give you peace
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Nice quote-mining attempt.

Nice quote-mining attempt.



For The Power of The Republic!

Oh hell yeah! I'm attending

Oh hell yeah! I'm attending the FEMA Camp in Ron Paul's district, and it's got some really nice trails for the $4 million worth of pork he brought in from Washington.

hey evil troll

glad to see you've finally come out of the closet and embraced your trollness.
i hope ron was able to recoup most of money the federal government stole from his district. we know he did everything he could to keep the feds from wasting it on fema camps and the like.

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LOL thanks to congress

LOL thanks to congress critters like him, Texas has a nice standard of living financed by the feds, where other states have to do things like levying an income tax.


yeah ron paul and congress are responsible for California's debt crisis.

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Actually they are, on

Actually they are, on multiple levels:

Demand for illegal drugs has skyrocketed, yet your Congress, Republicans specifically, continue to fight this ill-fated "war" on drugs, which has turned Mexico into a failed state with millions of economic and political refugees, then after creating that problem, don't bother to secure the borders, then on top of it all, not bothering with any amnesty or attempts to otherwise legitimize these people, creating a class of people who have no civil rights or protection from the laws, but yet are still entitled to services from California.

Yes, California is a mess; they've taken progressivism and gone way too far with it, their government has grown far too large, and those in office don't represent the people when it comes to negotiating with labor unions (a serious conflict of interest), resulting in an out of control budget.

That debt crisis is shared by both state and federal governments. Ron Paul is a member of Congress, and as a member of Congress, he shares in the blame, especially with his hands-off scorched earth approach to government.