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Heros for Liberty: Pacific Legal Foundation

You may have heard about the Sacketts, who bought a vacant lot for $23,000 across the street from Priest Lake in Idaho. They planned to build a home. Before building, they obtained knowledge of their lot and pertinent permits. This included finding out whether their lot was in a "wetlands" area. It was not.

As they were building, EPA came along and told the Sacketts they had to return the land to it's status as it was "wetlands". Sacketts had already investigated before building and the land was NOT wetlands.

However, EPA started fining them thousands: $30,000 and ultimately $75,000 PER DAY!

The Sacketts went to court and lost and were told they could not sue EPA, an agency of the government. EPA would not even listen to the Sacketts argument that the land was never in a wetlands area. Ultimately, the SCOTUS ruled in their favor.

Paciic Legal handled the case. Here's the story:


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Yes, and not to mention that this is still just the beginning

for them. All they won with the Supremes was the right to a court hearing with the EPA. They stll have to go through that. Meanwhile, I think the fines are still climbing. Last I knew the fines were already at over $400,000.


The real story is how many

The real story is how many similar cases didn't get picked up by a powerful legal foundation? How many couples simply lost their money due to bureacratic tyranny?

This is why I'll never buy a house in America.

Very Good News

Congratulations to The Sacketts. Good site. Thank you.