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We used to be free

When I was a kid, growing up around great uncles who all served in WWII, I was so proud of them and my Country. They never talked about the war, but their pride was amazing and contagious. We were taught about the evils of socialism, communism, and told we live in the freest country in the world. I missed the Vietnam draft by 1 year, and was really disturbed by how it divided the our country. A lot has changed since then. The good news, since I left high school, there are twice as many "free" countries on this planet.

The bad news - we are not number one, we just slipped to number 10 as of 2011 because of the loss of economic freedom and government growth. I imagine once the perils of ObamaCare are calculated, we will fall again.
Take a look at the countries that are moving ahead of us (see link below).

I am not the "typical" Ron Paul supporter. I am 55 yrs old, married, father of 2, a retired pharmacist who left because the government cronyism with insurance companies drove a wedge between the patient and the provider (Dr., RPh, RN,..) ObamaCare will completely sever it! I became a Financial Planner so I could still help people with out so much goverment intervention. Then came Sarbanes-Oxley, Dodd-Frank, and more corruption supported by the Fed. I heard Ron Paul in 2007, and he caught my attention. At the time, I considered myself a Reagan Conservative, and I didn't agree with Dr. Paul on everything, but kept an open mind - read all of his books, and realized my awakening. I got involved, in 2012 ran for Delegate and lost, but won a seat with the local GOP representing my area. I believe, as of now, our best chance is to "re-right" the GOP in our tradition of true republicanism. If that does not work, perhaps I will be looking at one of the top 5 countries on the list?

I hope my personal rant here is not boring. I guess I am writing this because I love my country, and more than that, I love liberty. I know the only way to fix this is to encourage everyone to get involved, while we still have an opportunity to turn this great ship back on course. We are a great people that fell asleep at the helm. We must all do everything we can to educate and awaken someone every day.


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You sound a lot like Fred

You sound a lot like Fred Reed who writes great columns and lives in Mexico now:


Your personal rant was not boring but kind of sad because you being older know what it's like to live in a free country in a way that many of us never have. Although to be fair, even when you were a kid America had already become a socialist country and was inevitably headed in the direction of empire and Romneycare.

When the government assigns you a number at birth, keeps track of you your whole life and forces you into a government mandated retirement plan then you live in a socialist country. Most Americans just didn't want to call it that because of all the grade school propaganda about how we are the frrest country in the world and all that. Don't give up brother, fight for your kids and grandkids!

Thanks Austro

You are correct! I am not sure how it happened, but maybe a combination of FDR maniIpulating the economy, playing the class envy game, all while the people were focused on the war? It's amazing what governments can get away with when people are scared!