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Hypoallergenic Liquid Multivitamin for autistic kids and celiacs

I stumbled across this yesterday while searching for a hypoallergenic, liquid multi.


I called the company which is north of me in the Valley, and spoke with the owner, Kevin. He is very proud of this product and was very informative. I ordered a bottle to try. Agape was formulated for children with autism, but it is also recommended for children and adults with celiac disease and other food sensitivities.

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Interview with Dr. Joel

Interview with Dr. Joel Wallach


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Nothing Special about the ingredients..

The multivitamins are all synthetic base, better to put your money to organic foods that are grown by your farmer. Take organic beets and slice and put into water with whey and you have a miracle supplement right their to drink.

What's special is that it is gluten, soy, dairy and corn free...

What's special is that it is gluten, soy, dairy and corn free, and designed for maximum absorption by those with compromised or weak digestive systems.

No doubt a proper diet is of utmost importance, but unfortunately, most of us can not get enough nutrients from food alone. Just look at the average American and you'll see someone who is either slowly or rapidly dying from nutritional deficiencies.

Add NOW colloidal minerals to this and you have a hypoallergenic, fairly full range multivitamin, multi-mineral supplement.

Your beet and whey drink might be nice for many, but it would be a simply awful idea for autistic children and many celiacs who cross-react with dairy.

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Sorry, not trying to hurt your feelings, but these are

synthetic ingredients in which man can't assimilate. Take a look at just one ingredient, Natural Flavoring.


Also read some of Dr. Bayloc's books about MSG.

Dangers of Synthetic Vitamins.

Your reference to corn free is not true, as all ascorbic acid is made from corn processing as many other items.


A lot of Autism is related to the MMR and heavy metals. Our neighbors son, developed it right after the shot was given and it also relates to antibiotics given during birth in the hospital. Research that on Dr. Mercola website. If you are going to eat grain products and pasteurized milk yes you are going to get celiacs disease. We drink real milk thats untreated and have seen others with this problem not have any problems.


But we live in a free country where you have the choice in what you purchase. I am just pointing out the fact to stick to wholesome foods direct from your farmers! However, if you want to spend $99 for a bottle that's your rights until codex is fully implemented in the US. So its better to be prepared to find a source for real food as soon everything will be synthetic. There are many studies just with rats feed wholesome foods live a lot longer then synthetic foods. They actually did one study with a 3 groups of rats one feed their normal diet, one feed fortified cereal, and one feed the carton box. The ones feed the cereal box lived longer then the cereal feed.

My father had thyroid cancer and we were open up to the idea of wholesome foods and like the Dr. Budwig diet of CC/Flax oil and fermented foods,etc We were amazed at what this type of diet going back to the basics was able to do.

Remember one thing, we don't have to agree on everything, the only thing we need to agree is that we need to be free!

Have a good day.

You might be interested in

You might be interested in the book 'Dead Doctors Don't Lie' by Dr. Joel Wallach.

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Nah, you didn't hurt my feelings

Nah, you didn't hurt my feelings. Just seemed you were missing the point that this is a specialized supplement for certain people, and maybe you do not know as much as you think you do.

First off, not all ascorbic acid is made from corn. Most of it is, which is why it is damn near impossible to find a multivitamin that is corn free. Ascorbic acid can be made from many sources, with one of the more popular non-corn sources being cassava.

I discussed the natural flavorings, xanthan gum and ascorbic acid with owner of the company. The natural flavorings are from fruit, not MSG kind of stuff which would set off autistic patients in a flash. But I do think they should specify them individually. The xanthan gum and ascorbic are from sources other than corn, wheat, soy etc. as is most common. He said each batch of this is fully tested by several independent laboratories for purity as some individuals can get ill from even if the slightest traces of allergenic substances. This same company makes several products for heavy metal chelation. A multivitamin is not intended to be used in lieu of other therapies and specialized diet.

Your post seems to imply that I think a supplement such of this is for use in lieu of a wholesome diet, which is incorrect. It's a "supplement" to a healthy diet. I'm with you 100% on eating a wholesome, and additive free diet as possible, and I do so every day. And I'm very up on Dr. Blaylock, have been for years.

It has been known that the world's soils are deplete in essential minerals since at least as far back as the 1930's. Most fruits and vegetables only require 3 minerals to grow, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium - NPK. So even your lovely looking organic fruits and veggies could be devoid of all other minerals except for NPK. So you could stuff yourself on them, and even juice them, drinking quarts of juice per day and it's possible that you would only be getting NPK. This is why it is essential to supplement with the other minerals to keep from getting deficiency diseases. And for many individuals, it is necessary to supplement with vitamins and amino acids etc. as well, in addition to a wholesome diet.

I'm also with you that the packages that most processed foods come in are probably more nutritional than the stuff inside them.

I agree that we don't have to agree, but we should try to understand. Yes, be free! ;-)

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reedr3v's picture

Have you checked out the GAPS diet

protocol? I think they are having good successes with autistic and celiac people.

Yes I have.

Yes I have. The GAPS diet is a must.

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