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Chemtrails Admitted by Weather People- Everything's Ok though

Are we living in the TWILIGHT ZONE? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ij5eBmFm_BY

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Why in the World are they Spraying

... movie needs your support: http://www.whyangels.info/

see also: http://www.whatintheworldaretheyspraying.info/

Take photos whenever these crimes are clearly visible over your head - then post them and contact your representatives and demand action. These are felony crimes happening in plain sight.


Like everything else...if we were just told the truth

we could use that information to make logical decisions and to determine if what our Government is doing is rational. But, everything is top secret because of "national security".

We are lied to about so much so often that I'm more likely to beleive any explaination OTHER than what the Government says.



Seems we're a bit confused here

Chemtrails are believed to be barium and aluminium oxide.

What is being discussed here is chaff, a countermeasure used by war planes.

Thus we have no admission of chemtrails at all. The fact that this youtube conflates this "admission" with chemtrails has no significance in context.

A bit more critical thinking is in order folks!

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

Critical thinking is always good, but

sometimes thinking out loud and getting some feedback is good, too. That the military would be USING "chaff" here doesn't make sense to me (based on the explanation below) - and particularly when this phenomenon is well beyond the area they've apparently "admitted" to. Also, there seems to be a connection between "chaff" and what is believed to be in "chemtrails" (from measuring substances in rainwater). From Wikipedia: "Chaff... is a radar countermeasure in which aircraft or other targets spread a cloud of small, thin pieces of aluminium, metallized glass fibre or plastic, which either appears as a cluster of secondary targets on radar screens or swamps the screen with multiple returns. Modern armed forces use chaff (in naval applications, for instance, using short-range SRBOC rockets) to distract radar-guided missiles from their targets. Most military aircraft and warships have chaff dispensing systems for self-defence. An intercontinental ballistic missile may release in its midcourse phase several independent warheads, a large number of decoys, and chaff." They're not telling us the truth. All we can do is share info we find on the subject. I, for one, would like to not be the last to know - given the negative health consequences.

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Oh boy...First off- The

Oh boy...

First off- The military still hasn't admitted formally that they are spraying anything. The military (as I'm sure you know) doesn't tell us one iota ever.

What we are seeing is- there is a huge public outcry, and people are freaking out and angry. People are daily calling into police and fire lines reporting what could be terrorism in the sky.

Believe it or not, the number of people reporting this reached critical mass- to the point that many local news stations had to cover it (national won't touch it).

So, the military releases a story about "chaff" they are spraying. However, this is not the truth of the matter- as the military never really tells you the truth on any matter.

Interesting this "chaff" to protect our airplanes from "dopplar based surface to air missiles based in the USA" is also being sprayed deep into Mexico.. it's as if the borders do not exist. This is further proof that this is an international mission- probably NATO/UN ordered.

What we have here is rogue military who is following orders directly from the U.N. We are seeing Barium and Aluminum, Strontium and other metals show up in the rain water across the country. Until there was this huge amount of public outcry, the military acted like nothing was even happening! So, now you trust their official word that this is Chaff? How naive are you?

The only thing that caused them to finally admit they are spraying is getting calls daily by concerned citizens and local news people.

Even if it's just "chaff" (which it is not) the explanation is "ground based doppler surface to air missiles".. This explanation is total B.S. and is a terrible excuse to spray micro-particulates over San Diego!

"Smudge" do you really buy that? That this is all chaff being sprayed all over our airspace and Mexico, to confuse potential surface to air missiles based in the US? Sorry, but you're gullible.

Even if it was "just chaff".. you don't have a problem with our air being sprayed daily with small particulates? You wouldn't care if you son/daughter was breathing that in daily?

America the Beautiful

It looks like stage lighting in our spacious skies...

Heat wave.

Interesting Chemtrails have been brought up. I have my coffee on the patio every morning watching 4 planes go back and forth across the bright blue sky. Every day since early spring the sky becomes pale blue with Chem clouds spreading with the upper wind. Have said a few choice words aloud as to where they could stick those planes.
Two weeks ago, no planes. None. The temperatures soared into the 100's staying there. It's been well over 2 weeks, no planes, very high temperatures. Have been wondering.....coincidence or is there a connection? A bit scary if the later. Would the high temps have happened if they had continued spraying? Since they now, after all this time, admitted they exist, why not tell us WHY they exist.
Shoot, couldn't believe what they said anyway could we.
Anyone seeing the planes who ARE having temps in the 100's??
Oh, in addition to the aluminum, there's also Borium [sp?] Not good to breathe.


Just because you don't see

Just because you don't see chemtrails in your sky, doesn't mean your local weather isn't being influenced by something they're doing in another part of the country.

Here in California, it's usually pretty cool, and some days with a lot of spray there is this "artificial heat" feeling. There isn't much UV coming through the fake spray-clouds, yet there is this "radiant heat" coming from the sky.

The jet-stream can be manipulated hundreds or thousands of miles away from where you are, and if the jet stream isn't pulling cool air from the Pacific you're going to get really really hot.

If you can just move the jet-stream North or South, and keep a lot of air over the central part of the country not moving as much.. it will heat and you could have modified the weather, without need for chemtrails directly overhead.


I think you meant Barium. Aluminum and Barium seem to be the most common components. There are other components at other times. It's confusing because there seem to be multiple "uses". After the most common ideas of uses, some well known transhumanists also appear to have an interest in this.

We are having 100's here in Wyoming, and expecting

more of the same for a week. No rain in sight and fires are everywhere. In fact, I am packed and waiting for that dreaded call from the sheriff to evacuate. Those trails sure weren't for rain. We have had 1 1/2 inch of rain from January till now .

debunking Chemtrails....


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Its all on record

Here is the patent for the chemtrails filed in 1974


More about the patent


The 107th Congress defined chemtrails as exotic weapons


Blessings )o(

Ya jus' gotta love it

Cointelpro pretending to infiltrate cointelpro.


Did you not watch the video?

The military admitted spraying stuff into the air.

So now you believe the military.....

Heads I win, tails you lose. Is that a fair way to argue?

In otherwords, on the one hand you disagree when the military says there is nothing neferious going on called chemtrails, but you agree when they talk about chafts?

Stay skeptical my liberty loving friends... make the chemtrails people prove the positive, prove the case. They may be on to something. But just what would constitute proof?

And further, if you live in Atlanta Georgia, one of the biggest international hubs like Dallas Fortworth or LAx, would you not expect lots of contrails?

Moreover, if you live in a 'fly over city' like say Phoenix Arizona, or St. Louis Mo. and Oklahoma City, would you not expect lots of contrails? In Phoenix, AZ we have lots of east/west contrails.

And most of all, for the people who do personal youtubes showing the sky, would it kill you to state the date, time, and PLACE where you are taking that video of the sky?

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Linda Cross's picture

these reporters are so clueless

Why would the US military have any need to avoid radar when flying over the USA?

If you see something, say something, the government is listening.
Silence isn't golden, it's yellow.

They're doing the same thing

they did with the bilderberg meetings.
Deny they exist, then years later, claim they've known about them all along.
But everyone is still alive, so they must be OK.
Now go back to sleep.

I am really glad some news

I am really glad some news stations at least mentioned this. Once, when the "net" was drawn over my area, I called the air traffic controller and they had no record of any flight plans filed that would have accounted for this. I asked who could fly without flight plans, since there were 4 planes doing the spraying, and he said that the government was the only one who did not have to file any. A couple of years ago I drove from AR to NC, and the entire way, the whole sky had these lines being made. I think it is horrific, but has become much less since the disaster in Japan, and I do not know why.

They're so cheery about it !

These people are pretty stupid. It's not chaff. It's powdered aluminum. It's in all nato countries, daily over all populated areas. What I wonder about the pilots doing this. Some are drone planes. Radio control planes have been been around forever. But not all can be radio control. Are the pilots all really stupid enough to think they're an "elite" force secretly combating global warming?
Not ALL pilots could be that stupid. Although, that works really well with pilot types. That they're "elite". Pilots are about as elite as the first car drivers in their dusseldorfs in 1904. They thought they were elite too. In their big goggles.


as in those silver balloons? I know when I was a child I tried to breathe the helium in from one of those and it hurt like crazy, tasted terrible, and i couldn't breathe. it was totally different from when inhaling from a normal balloon. even "bits of plastic" would be very dangerous! wake up world!

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