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Tea Party "Not Sure About Romney?" ...Duh

My response to this horrible story...

"Not one mention of the Godfather of the Tea Party? The one true conservative elected to office as a Tea Party Republican 12 times? The one candidate that has served this country in war and who wants to return this country to fiscal sanity. The one candidate that pulls votes from all three demographics. The only candidate who worked in the medical field for over 40 years. I feel sorry for Americans. Ignorant people are a politicians warm blanket. Uneducated, dumbed down public. No ambition or drive and believe whatever the black box in their living room tells them. Tea Party? We handed them the most qualified person to run for POTUS in the last 100 years and what do they do? They do what the are told to do.. dismiss him. Sheep to the information trough. Im so tired of telling people to wake up. There is not a glass of water cold enough. The collapse of this nation is the only thing loud enough to bring them to consciousness. I hope Romney wins so America might finally realize nobody is really on their side. Wishful thinking...

Ron Paul 2012. Your children are watching you..."


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Bachmann endorsement lol

Carter 2012

As bad as Carter was he was better than the two running now. :O


Tea Party can go straight to Hell.

I supported them at first and then . . . . The Tea Party Patriots supported anyone and everyone BUT . . . Ron Paul.
This article, from the link says; “Romney is the candidate”.
Romney is “a” Candidate but, NOT the Nominee!!!
I've already told them (Tea Party Patriots) on the phone in the past that because they don't support the true Conservative, the true Patriotic Candidate "Ron Paul" that, they will NEVER receive anymore money or support from me and for them to stop calling me or sending me their desperation letters for donations.
And still, they call and send the letters. Except now, all the calls are is, just recordings - no way to speak to a person to tell them off.
IMO, “The Tea Party Patriots” are sell-outs and only want our money to help Romney and as far as I'm concerned, Romney can go straight to hell with The Tea Party Patriots, right along with obama.
RomneyCare is obamaCare which is a Mandate/Dictatorship and we don't have to get obamaCare because no matter how they word it, it's Still UnConstitutional, Period.
And, as I've said before, I will write Ron Paul’s name in and if, for any reason I can't, I will Not Vote at all!!!!!

If you do not

like Obama & Romney, don't you think boosting the 3rd party (Libertarian Party) and weakening the two-party monopoly is more effective than writing RP in?

And by the way, Libertarian Party supports most of RP ideas (much more than our Blue Republicans or Alex Jones' populists.)

RP supporters are hesitant about action, and more about talk.

that is many rp supporters, not all. hence, supporting the lib party or 3rd party would be too much action for them and a detachment from obameny/establishment, hence they will not go for it.

hence, you get downvoted for mentioning support for any party other than dnc/gop.

yes, one side of their mouth they speak of not liking obamney and weakening the monopoly, but on the other side of the mouth they viciously bash breaking the monopoly citing what media told them against it like, '3rd party is a waste of time.' what they mean is that freedom and anti-tyranny and anti-romney are a waste of time. and what they mean is that sure people can talk all they want now, but at the end they must not resist the estab forces.

sad, but true.


Ron Paul is the only

Ron Paul is the only qualified candidate. I will not vote 3rd party because Gary Johnson is not a viable alternative. The problems we face as a nation would not be fixed by him.

The two party system is horrible... so is a three party system. There should not even be any parties.

I'm voting for Ron Paul.

End The Fed!
BTC: 1A3JAJwLVG2pz8GLfdgWhcePMtc3ozgWtz

Ron Paul is not a viable candidate,

bec he simply does not want to run in the general election. the problems this nation would be better off when you challenge the status quo in the general election.

however, your true fear is in having estab challenged and standing up to them in a meaninful way.

there is no vote for ron paul. what you mean is you want to write in ron paul to dilute liberty and enhance obamney votes.

at your core, you are a romney-paul supporter, but think you can better defend neocons/estab by pretending to be against them and weakening liberty efforts.


I'm sorry, but you are

just full of shit. What an appalling nuisance you've been from the moment you arrived, with no purpose whatsoever, but to agitate.

truth agitates those in denial.

you were told about the campaign and many other disappointments, but that kind of stuff makes you agitated. hence, you think the truth is a nuisance and has no purpose, and instead everyone must march to the same beat as media-campaign-obamaney.


If we ourselves

woke up just few years ago, why to apply very high standards to others?

We pushed on them (people unprepared for Libertarian idea) simple slogans against the FED, wars and rant against Illuminati, Zionists, Bilderberg, etc.

1) The thought of gays having the same rights made them wonder - if reason is consistent, then polygamy is more fair and logical since it was legally around for so long.

2) The thought of places of Jesus ruled by Sharia law to please "peaceniks", anti-Semites, Eastern Orthodox church and muslim students did not sound appealing to them either. There is no liberty in Sharia law.

True - there is no liberty in sharia law/islam.

however, many rp supporters do not see it that way. they see islam as victimized by christians who want to defend themselves against all aggressors, including those who do it in the name of their religion islam.

churches burning in the middle east is not much of a concern, but what is a concern is anyone who resists islam and hence many supporters become petty and call them 'gop fear mongering.' though even bill maher has come out on his show saying he fears an islam takeover of the us.


An Islam takeover scares me no more than a Christian takeover

The religion is not the problem...it's the people who use and manipulate it, let's not forget that Christians have been little better throughout history.

If you look at it on a timeline basis....when the Christian faith was the same time along as Islam(1,400 years), they were burning heretics at the stake.

You are pro-islam and anti-christian/ and part of chrislam movem

start speaking truth of christianity - its history is far better than islam on any scale. during the crusade period, christians were defending themselves from an islamic invasion. and bec people like to defend themselves against criminals like islamists, you hate that.

you protect islam and islamsits by speaking lies about history.

you should never dare to say christian is the same as islam. they are entirely different and have no similarities. christians do not burn hereitcs at the stake. the jews put jesus at the stake, not christians.

the lies you make up in support of islam is shocking. you truly do want an islam takeover.

in your whole email, you do nothing but blast christianity. how about speaking about the 'islam timeine, etc... but no, you don't want to speak of islam, but only your convuladed lies about christianity, in the name of being for the anti-christ.

you are part of the chrislam movement, where you want to merge christianity into islam. check out paster warren, whom obama requested for his inauguration. what is your biff with obama anyway? you should love obama dearly bec he has been protecting islam and having christians in the middle east killed, and that kind of news makes you happy and fulfilled.


I'm areligious, but

I'm areligious, but Christianity and Islam are just about the same thing. Islam doesn't recognize Jesus as the Christ -- although they consider him a prophet. Muhammad and all that he taught is pretty damn similar to what Jesus taught. They do have different ways of worshiping though (as Christians have the holy sacrament, etc).

Cultural blinders are pretty much never going to go away, but maybe instead of you telling people to never lie about Christianity, how about you read the Quran to know what Islam truly is about?

Christianity has its roots in the Catholic church, whether you want to believe it or not, and thus carries all of the baggage from that. Catholicism = a form of Christianity. Look up the Inquisition.

Personally, I believe that more intelligent people are tolerating of other peoples' world views, religions and customs. They realize that the world and the way people perceive it is different with different cultures, and don't demonize other sides.

However, one needs to be strong to not lose their own world interpretation, as it's what gives ourselves and children our own identities, be it Christianity or Islam (or others, like Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.)


Interesting how, in that entire article full of horse ----, not a mention of Ron Paul. They even mentioned Michelle Bachmann, but not a mention of the founder of the tea party. That's why I don't ever even look at the mainstream news. Trash.

Show them this....

DNA vs The Book of Mormon


It proves that the Mormon religion is based on a lie.

Tolerance is the virtue of the man who no longer has anything to believe in....

Yawn. No, it doesn't.

Read this:


And this:


But that is beside the point.

Mitt Romney's religion is not an important issue. His political positions are.

Irrelevant. The candidate did not tell the lie.


Free includes debt-free!

It is 1980 all over again

The economy is bad. The middle east is a mess. At the end of his first term Obama is bout as popular as Jimmy Carter was at the end of his. It's like 1980 all over again and the GOP is intent on fielding a 1976 formation with Gerald Ford as quarterback. lol

yes yes yes yes yes

This is exactly like 1980-1981/
I can smell it, taste it, see it, feel it, hear it. It's desperation times and I thought I'd never see 1980-1981 be repeated again. Problem is that anyone who graduates during these times loses the head start they need to be a success because there are no jobs. Thus the lost momentum for their careers will affect them the rest of their lives.

Mass fighting with middle east. Lack of national security. All this with carter and nobama.....and more problems.....I'd say the peanut farmer and the phony black man are twins. No matter how you slice it they are sickening. They twist words to make everything sound kosher when it not. Carter is nobama's mentor......pigs

Keepin' it real.

what if Carter were reelected?

If anyone has ever wondered what the world would be like today had Carter been re-elected, nominate Mitt Romney and after Obamas 2nd term we'll know.

I posted a short Ron Paul note that he is running and has

much delegate support and that everyone is invited to Paul Festival.
They won't post it.


Tea Party

Started with Ron Paul.
Only Supports Ron Paul.
Any Tea Party member who says otherwise...
Isn't a Tea Party member, period.

Great comment, so great

I tweeted it out and gave you credit.

"Fairy tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten."
— G.K. Chesterton


more than half of the Tea Party are neocons who took the movement over. You're right, any Tea Party member who doesn't support Paul (who is an embodiment of conservative ideas), isn't a real Tea Party member.

the containers were mislabled

what should have been TEA was really KOOL-AID

Let em keep drankin the swill
when sitting in FEMA camps spread far and wide
they'll wish they'da sent it back!

I have become hateful. It's

I have become hateful. It's not good. What was once a passion to inform has turned into a resentment of these "Americans"

I need a vacation...

"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do." -Benjamin Franklin

Little Elm, Tx



Just remember its the

Just remember its the rEVOLution (LOVE). We were all just as ignorant as some point. I resent my former self for not seeing the truth sooner, although I'm proud that I embraced instead of rejected Dr. Paul and his message when I found out about him, unlike those that are so self-righteous that they won't even entertain the notion. What we have on our side is the truth - when people truly see it, they do not turn from it. Too many people think of politics as a game or some form of entertainment (it makes me sick when I hear people say they "don't like politics"). It's not supposed to be a hobby. Liberty is so delicate, and without it noone gets to have any hobbies. The media doesn't help either. They treat politics like an intense sports rivalry where people hate the other "team" for reasons much more out of passion than logic. We must follow Dr. Paul's way of enlightening people through kindness and understanding.


Boy, isn't that the truth. I

Boy, isn't that the truth. I got into a discussion just a few days ago with a hoarde of socialists on Facebook and it was disgusting. You can't reason with unreasonable people. I simply wrote "force is not freedom" in response to a pro-healthcare comment and the onslaught came. They attacked me from every direction...cursing, judging, and making assumptions about me when they have no idea. You want to inform and it just makes you feel hateful because these "Americans" cannot allow a dissenting opinion of any kind. I let a veteran read the long thread of spitefulness towards me and 15 minutes later, he told me it made him sick. I asked why and he said because he couldn't believe American soldiers had died for the attitudes of these kind of people.

reedr3v's picture

It is easy to slide into blamefulness when

there is so much injustice and sadness in the world. It helps that I'm old and see most people as rather shallow children who've been led astray, starting in non-values at home and evil taught at school from Kindergarten on. Compassion is the only ingredient that helps; remember Dr. Paul's grandfatherly tolerance and kindness. He patiently shares his virtuous and wise philosophy, and it has made a real dent in the prevailing authoritarian cult-ure.